高一英语新课标必修 4 单词拼写练习
unit 1
  1. With her great efforts, she has a everything she wanted to do.
  2. Our school is trying its best to improve our studying and working c.
  3. Her research shows the c between human beings and chimps.
  4. “Have you taken part in either of my last two c?” The officer asked the so ldier.
  5. If you want to help the poor, you can e such activities.
  6. He is an agricultural s, who d all his life to the research into agr iculture.
  7. The little boy’s bad b at the party made his parents upset.
  8. It is w to spend the whole day in the forest, o how the chimps live.
  9. He is such a great man that all of us show our r to him.
  10. The couple living next door always a with each other about some family proble ms.
  11. Iby the teacher’s words, he is d to study harder than before.
  12. He has to work hard to earn more money, because he has a large family to s.
  13. Last night when I got home, the clock was s ten.
  14. In our school, every teach is asked to write one or two a about teaching ever y year.
  15. You’d better e to the teacher the reason for your being late, otherwise, the teacher will be angry with you.
  16. The teachers in our school will have a m examination once every year.
  17. Everything taken into c, he has done a good job this time.
  18. The famous doctor has d hundreds of babies during her life.
  19. It is c of you not to make any noise while the others are having a rest. Unit 2
  1. In the old days, many children suffered from h because of no food.
  2. If you keep staying in the sun for a long time, you’ll get s.
  3. Though he is young, he is s to support a large family.
  4. As is known to all, when heated, things will e.
  5. He wants to c his knowledge all over the world.
  6. Each classroom in our school is e with a computer, which is helpful to our s tudy.
  6. Every year, we will e much oil from the other countries.
  7. In my opinion, he is quite s for this job.
  8. You’d better finish your homework without r to your notes.
  9. The twins are so alike that I always c them with each other.
  10. The method of r the teaching cost has been discussed at the meeting.
  11. The flooded area was s with enough food and clothing by the government.
  12. After your reading, can you give the s of this passage? join the o, which usually has som

  13. Before going abroad, you must e your money for some dollars.
  14. It is quite c that he will be successful in the final match. Unit 3
  1.It’s wrong for the visitors to be c to the animals in the zoo.
  2.It seems that he is quite c with what he has got.
  3.We were all a at the a news he told us just now.
  4.It’s hard for her to decide what to buy because she is quite p about the thing s she buys.
  5.Whoever comes, my mother will e him the best food of our family.
  6. In no time, the exciting news spread t the whole country.
  7. Because of the terrible earthquake, many children became h.
  8. It’s hard to imagine that such a millionaire wears a w coat.
  9. Many of us know the famous saying “F is the mother of success.”
  10. With the boy leading the way, we had no d in finding his house.
  11. He was determined to o the difficulties he met in his study.
  12. I was f to catch the train at the last minute.
  13. He was caught in a s when he was travelling in the mountains.
  14. She s in the film d by Zhang Yimou.
  15.His hometown is in a m area, which is surrounded by a lot of mountains.
  16.He w to me the news that he had won a thousand yuan from the lottery he bought. Unit 4
  1. I m in English when learning in university.
  2. When visiting a place, usually the visitors will buy some l things.
  3. Children are always cto know the things they have never seen.
  4. When i to the strangers, I felt a bit shy.
  5. When athe house, they found something unusual, so they stopped to have a loo k.
  6. His words made all the students t.
  7. The foreigners e their satisfaction with what they saw in China.
  8. He is l to come, but I’m not sure.
  9. In g, men are usual taller than women.
  10. Be careful to a making the same mistake.
  11. Speak clearly, or you’ll make your m.
  12. This question is s to that, so we can solve it easily.
  13. F expressions can have a lot of meanings.
  14. Some deaf people make themselves understood by g.
  15. He was pby his parents for telling lies. Unit 5
  1. There is a v of goods in the supermarket.
  2. The man who repaired bikes c me five yuan for repairing my bike.
  3. There’s no a for children under there.

  4. They made a great p by developing the new product.
  5. Usually, we will buy a lot of s when visiting a place of interest.
  6. BMW is a famous car b.
  7. The e for teaching in our school is very a.
  8. Once a week, we’ll do an e in the lab.
  9. In some culture theme parks, you can have pictures taken in the clothing of m p eople.
  10. There are usually some a competitions in a sports theme park.
  11. He likes to a his friends with some jokes.
  12. You are likely to get lost while travelling in the j.
  13. He is skilled in the t of describing nature.
  14. This kind of shirt is made of a special kind of c.
  15. My wish is to be a t in the future, so I must learn English hard now. Answers: Unit 1
  1. achieved
  6. specialist
  9. respect
  13. striking
  18. delivered Unit 2
  1. hunger
  6. equipped
  11. reducing Unit 3
  1. cruel
  11. overcome
  15. mountainous Unit 4
  1. majored
  6. touched
  2. local
  7. expressed
  3. curious
  8. likely
  4. introduced
  9. general
  5. approaching
  10. avoid
  15. punished
  2. content
  3. astonished astonishing
  9. Failure
  14. started
  4. particular directed
  5. entertain
  6. throughout
  7. homeless
  12. fortunate
  16. whispered
  8. worn-out
  13. snowstorm
  10. difficulty
  2. sunburnt
  7. exported
  12. supplied
  3. struggling
  8. suitable
  13. summary
  4. expand
  9. referring
  14. exchange
  5. circulate
  10. confuse
  15. certain
  2. conditions devotes
  10. argue
  14. articles
  19. considerate
  3. connections
  7. behaviours
  11. Inspired
  15. explain
  8. worthwhile determined
  16. medical
  5. organization observing

  12. support
  17. consideration

  11. misunderstood Unit 5
  1. variety
  6. brand
  10. athlete

  12. similar

  13. Facial

  14. gestures

  2. charged
  7. equipment
  11. amuse

  3. admission advanced
  12. jungle

  4. profit
  8. experiment
  13. techniques

  5. souvenirs
  9. minority
  14. cloth
  15. translator



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