模块 1?2 参考答案
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  10. 9
  1】 】 I. 单词填空:concerned 单词填空: II . 单项填空 单项填空: 1?10 III . 完形填空 1?10 完形填空: IV . 阅读理解 1?5 阅读理解: V. 阅读写作: 阅读写作:
  1. Study and have fun together.
  2. When I’m happy or popular.
  3. Best friends. advice
Unit 1 Friendship
ignored DBCBD BABBA suffered calm share DCCBA ABAAD BCBBA BAADB CCCAB 11?20 11?20 ADCDA CDAAB
6?10 DBCCA
11?14 ACDC

  4. Friends come in many flavours. / There are different kinds of friends.
  5. Two best friends. VI. 书面表达 书面表达: (A) It was 7:00pm last Saturday. Mary was waiting anxiously for her friend Jane at the gate of the cinema because the movie would start soon. But Jane didn’t turn up. Mary felt very upset and yet she was worried about her friend. She didn’t see the movie on her own. Instead, she went to Jane’s home quickly because she wondered what happened to her best friend. (B) Dear Wang Fei, The new term begins and I’m getting along quite well here. Now let me introduce my new friend, Li Hua, to you. He is good at many things especially at drawing and computer. He also speaks and writes English excellently. In his spare time, he likes playing table tennis. He doesn’t talk much but he works hard and is a careful person. He is also very creative. We are good friends now. How is everything with you? Please write back soon to tell me your news. Yours, *** VI. 翻译单句 翻译单句:
  1. He asked me if you wanted to join in the activity.
  2. He said you didn’t need to worry about your weight.
  3. He asked (me) if you were getting along well with each other.
  4. She said today’s homework was to make a list of the phrases in this unit.
  1】 】 I. 单词填空:recognize 单词填空: II. 单项填空 单项填空: III. 完形填空 完形填空: IV. 阅读理解 阅读理解: V. 阅读写作: 阅读写作:
  1. In 17
  2. In 18
Unit 2
1?10 1?10 1?5
English around the world
vocabulary DBCDB modern 11?20 11?20 DABCC polite ABCBA AABCD 11?14 official DCDDA BABCD ADBD
frequently BCBAD

  3. To make American English different from British English.
  4. How the differences came about.
  5. British English and American English VI. 书面表达 书面表达: (A) This summer I went to Beidaihe to spend my holiday with my friends. It was really a lovely place so we enjoyed ourselves very much. In the daytime, we played on the sand, swam in the sea and had a lot of seafood. In the evening we sat around a campfire, singing and dancing. We took many photos there. We were tired but we were very happy. It is one of the best holidays we’ve had. (B) Sunday September 16, 2007 Rainy
Today is my birthday. I invited some of my friends to my birthday party this evening. It was raining all day long, but they all came and each of them gave me a birthday present. I was deeply moved not by their presents but by their coming. After dinner we ate birthday cake, danced and sang together. We took many photos. The party didn’t come to an end until 10:
  30. We all had a wonderful time!
VII. 翻译单句
  1. Our teacher told us to communicate with our parents more often.
  2. The doctor asked me not to eat much sweet foods such as chocolate.
  3. The moon came up slowly over the trees.
  4. Parents play an important role in their child’s learning.
  1】 】 I. 单词填空 transport 单词填空: II. 单项填空 1?10 单项填空: III. 完形填空 1?10 完形填空: IV. 阅读理解 1?5 阅读理解: V. 阅读写作: 阅读写作:
Unit 3 Travel journal
insist DDBBA CDBAD DBBAA determined BDCCC BCACD 6?10 journey 11?20 attitude BBCBA persuaded BBDAB ABDCA CADC
11?20 BBADC 11?14

  1. Because adventure travel can give travelers an unusual experience.
  2. It can get people close to nature and give them good exercise.
  3. Good shoes, clothes and a backpack.
  4. Don’t hike alone; bring water and a good map.
  5. Hiking. VI. 书面表达: 面表达 (A) Last year my family paid a visit to Australia. We stayed there for two weeks. We bathed in the sea and dived to a depth of 20 meters. It was really exciting and wonderful. We had a perfect time there. Although it’s very interesting, we are not expecting another visit to Australia in the coming year. Instead, we intend to visit some European countries. Of course we shall take a lot of pictures to show to our friends. (B) Saturday, May 4, 2010 Cloudy
Li Ming and I took part in a wilderness survival program yesterday, and it has been one of the most unforgettable experiences since high school. Early in the morning, we set out. Li Ming was carrying a compass and a tent in his backpack, and in mine there was a flashlight, a map, a knife, a first-aid kit, some matches, candles, food, and clothing.On the way to the campsite, we climbed a hill. And them we swam across a river, pushing the backpacks on a large piece of wood we had found by the river.As we got into a forest, we lost our way. Luckily, we found the right direction with the compass.By the time we arrived at the campsite, it had already been dark. Li Ming then put up the tent, and I made a fire and started cooking. The two of us spent the night in the forest. We learned to use knowledge gained in classroom training to solve problems. It was quite an experience for us both, which I will never forget for the rest of my life. VII. 翻译单句 翻译单句:
  1. The plane is taking off at 5:
  2. Although her father is stubborn, he was fond of her and cared about her.
  3. According to the weather forecast, it is a bad weather, which is no good for our outing.
  4. The news is from a reliable source and it is time for us to make up our mind.
  5. She prefers telling the truth to lying
  1】 】 I. 单项填空 单项填空: II. 单项填空 单项填空: III. 完形填空 完形填空: IV. 阅读理解 阅读理解: V. 阅读写作: 阅读写作:
  1. Two.
  2. The 1906 earthquake. shook 1?10
Unit 4 Earthquake
rescue destroyed burst organized disaster(s) DCBCA ADBDC 11?20 CCABC 11?20 AABCB DDCCA CDADD
6?10 CDDAA
11?13 BCD

  3. Because it did not happen in the centre of town.
  4. The movement of plates.
  5. Scientists are afraid of the future earthquake and its damage. VI. 书面表达 (A) Yesterday I went to the hospital to see my grandparent. She has heart trouble, but luckily it is not serious. I was worried about her so much that I stayed there the whole afternoon, which made her very happy. Grandma cannot see well, so I read newspapers for her. We spent a nice afternoon together. I love my grandma very much. She is a warm-hearted woman and gets on well with people around her. I hope my grandma will get better soon. (B) I’m writing to tell you something about Wenchuan Earthquake.? On May the 12th,2008,a powerful earthquake struck Wenchuan,Sichuan Province,causing great destruction to a large area of Sichuan and neighboring provinces.Many houses fell down and the traffic was cut off.Millions of people were injured and many people even lost their lives.? Luckily,our government responded to it quickly.A large number of soldiers and medical workers were sent to rescue those who were trapped by the earthquake.What moved us deeply is that Premier Wen Jiabao went to the disaster area and directed to fight against the quake.? People from all over the country donated money and many necessary things to the disaster area and we are sure we can overcome any disaster,however terrible it is.?? Yours,? Li Hua VII. 翻译单句
  1. The little girl who was standing over there burst into tears when she saw her mother.
  2. Survivors felt as if the world was at an end.
  3. Let’s play cards instead of watching TV.
  4. His parents are proud of his success.
  5. The city that was destroyed in an earthquake has been well rebuilt now.
  1】 】 I. 单词填空 continued 单词填空: II. 单项填空 单项填空: III. 完形填空 完形填空: IV. 阅读理解 阅读理解: V. 阅读写作
Unit 5
Nelson Mandela-a modern hero
sentenced educated active advise
1?10 ABBDC 1?5 DAADB

  1. Whitcomb L. Judson.
  2. Because it didn’t stay closed very well.
  3. Many hooks, two strips and a fastener.
  4. Two people gave us a wonderful invention, the zipper.
  5. How Dr. Sundback solved the problem of the first zipper. VI. 书面表达 (A) My cousin Mingming is nine years old and he is in the fourth grade. Last Saturday he did homework in the morning and took an English lesson in the afternoon. On Sunday he went to the Maths school in the morning and practiced playing the piano in the afternoon. Mingming didn’t enjoy his weekend at all. In my opinion, primary school students should go to the countryside to have a sight-seeing with their parents at the weekend. It’s good for them. (B) 作文: Sample 1: Thomas Edison
Born in America. Thomas Edison was a great scientist and inventor. He was once thought to be a boy who was not worth educating. In fact, he was a man full of imagination. I admire Edison a lot because of his great contribution to the world. He had more than 1000 inventions, In his life time, he was always eager to know how things worked, which helped him to have the nickname “the Wizard of Melo Park”, He was also so diligent that he worked day and night. And this explained why he had so many great inventions. What impresses me most is his famous saying. “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. Probably I cannot be an Edison myself, but I can be a hardworking teamer. From him, I realize the secret to success is not when or where you were born. but what you are doing and how you do it in your life.
Sample 2:
Helen Keller
Every time I read “…..if I had the power of sight for three days”, I cannot help being moved by its author Helen Keller. an ordinary but great American woman. I admire Helen because she is optimistic about life. She became deaf and blind when she was 19 months old. Since then she lived in a world of darkness and silence, and communication seemed only a dream for her, But she never gave up and struggled to lead an active life. Under the guidance of her teacher, Ms. Sulliven, Helen learned to read and write and became a famous writer. For a disabled person like her, this was really a wonder! Helen has set an excellent example to all of us. Her story tells us that we should value what we have, and try our best go overcome any difficulty in life. Sample 3: William Shakespeare
Do you know Hamlet? Have you read The Merchant of Venice? These two great works are both written by William Shakespeare, my favorite English writer and the man of all ages! Shakespeare, a son from a poor family, a man of little education, wrote plays and poems that are read all over the world, I like him because his comedies and tragedies bring me into a fantastic world; I love him because his poems let me enjoy the beauty of the English language; I admire him because his keen sights set me thinking and teach me how to lead a meaningful life! Since “Life is a stage”, we are actually all actors and actresses. On this stage, everyone had his own role to play. and I will try my best to play my role well. VII. 翻译单句
  1. The doctor who gave him the physical examination advised him to eat more fruit and take more exercise.
  2. Are you willing to join the club which we’ve just set up?
  3. As a matter of fact, parents hope their children won’t be in trouble.
  4. No matter how many times you fail, you should never lose heart.
  2】 】 I. 单词填空 单词填空: opinion heated II. 单项填空 1?10 单项填空: III. 完形填空 1?10 完形填空: IV. 阅读理解 阅读理解: V. 阅读写作
  1. The pyramids in Egypt.
  2. About 5000 years old.
  3. Twenty years.
  4. To steal the treasures.
  5. Nobody knows. VI. 书面表达: 书面表达
Unit 1
Culture relics
remained 11?20 11?20 doubt survived BDDBA CDABB 11?12 DB CCADB ADCBA
belongs DCABD
6?10 ADCBD
(A) My classmates and I felt tired after studying a whole afternoon in class. After class we went to the playground. Some of us played basketball and others played football. We had a very good time there. I think after-class activities are interesting and helpful. They can keep us healthy and strong enough to deal with all difficulties. (B) Oct. 20, Saturday snowy
It was cold this morning. It was snowing. Mingming, Dongdong and I went to skate on the lake and we enjoyed ourselves. Suddenly the ice broke and Dongdong fell into the water. Mingming and I were afraid and called out, “Help! Help!” Luckily a policeman was near the lake. He took off his clothes quickly, jumped into the cold water and pushed Dongdong out of the lake. But they were too cold to walk. We went to the police station with Dongdong’s parents to give him a letter of thanks this afternoon. VII. 翻译单句 翻译单句:
  1. I don’t know the person whom the bicycle belongs to.
  2. John mentioned some people, whom he didn’t think highly of.
  3. She gave us food and clothes and asked for nothing in return, which moved us deeply.
  4. There is no doubt that the search for thos



   英语学习目标与计划 09 商英 2w 09131510 吴贞 在多年的英语学习中,我已经了解到我在英语方面的薄弱之处,特别是经 过一个学期的学习中,更是觉得要有些措施帮助我挺过去。 问题一: 问题一:听力 作为一个 English major,能听是十分重要的,但是以我现在的水平,听得 流利还是有一些困难的。问题是对于连读,弱读的地方无法辨认出来,有时还会 和一些单词搞混在一起。这从一方面也体现出我词汇量的不足。 所以制定了以下计划。 "每天早上收听 BBC 或是 VOA。 (注:BBC.V ...


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   英语人称代词和物主代词 一、人称代词 表示“我”、“你”、“他”、“她”、“它”、“我们”、“你们”、“他们”的词,叫做人称代词。人称代词 有人称、数和格的变化,见下表: 人称 第一人称 第二人称 第三人称 单数 主格 I you he she it 宾格 me you him her it they them 主格 we you 复数 宾格 us you 人称代词主格:作主语,表示谁怎么样了、干什么了。 I am a teacher. You are student. He is a st ...


   小学英语课文阅读教学 瓦房店市教师进修学校 高仕霞 课程评价标准对读的要求: 课程评价标准对读的要求: 小学阶段的“ 小学阶段的“读”有很多含义, 有很多含义, 包括认读、拼读、朗读、阅读。目前, 包括认读、拼读、朗读、阅读。目前, 小学阶段对学生“读”的要求相当于国 小学阶段对学生“ 家英语课程标准一、二级的要求。 家英语课程标准一、二级的要求。《英 语课程标准》中一二级对“ 语课程标准》中一二级对“读”这一语 言技能都提出了明确的要求。 言技能都提出了明确的要求。 一级对“ 一级对“读” ...

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   屡战屡败为何因 眼下,四级考不到 425(很多学校规定的可以考六级的分数线,类似于原来的及格线) 的师弟师妹多以捆记 bundle of people)。 (a 面对残酷的分数, 他们中有的人对英语深恶痛绝, 如果不是考试逼得紧, 从此就不想再学英语了。 有的在失败面前还保持着高度的无产阶级革 命乐观主义精神,看完分数,二话不说,又投入了考四级的大战中。那么,究竟四级通不过 的症结何在,他们为何屡战屡败? 一曰急躁浮躁。不少人一考完四级,就让四级书、甚至英语书休息了。直到四级考试前 一两个月 ...