(A) Miss Gogers taught physics in a New York school.Last month she explained to one of her classes about sound, and she decided to test them to see how successful she had been in her explanation. She said to them,“Now I have a brother in Los Angeles.If I was calling him on the phone and at the same time you were 75 feet away, listening to me from across the street, which of you would hear what I said earlier, my brother or you and for what reason?” Tom at once answered,“Your brother. Because electricity travels faster than sound waves.”“That’s every good,”Miss Gogers answered; but then one of the girls raised her hand, and Miss Gogers said.“Yes, Kate.” “I disagree,”Kate said.“Your brother would hear you earlier because when it’s 11 o’clock here it’s only 8 o’clock in Los Angeles.”
  1.Miss Gogers was teaching her class. A.how to telephone sound
  2.Miss Gogers raised this question because she wanted to know whether. A.it was easy to phone to Los Angeles B.her student could hear her from 75 feet away C.her students had grasped her lesson D.sound waves were slower than electricity
  3.Tom thought that electricity was . A.slower than sound waves B.faster than sound waves C.not so fast as sound waves D.as fast as sound waves
  4.Kate thought Tom was wrong because . A.clocks in Los Angeles showed a different time from those in New York B.electricity was slower than sound waves C.Tom was not good at physics at all D.Tom’s answer had nothing to do with sound waves
  5.Whose answer do you think is correct according to the law of physics? A.Tom’s (
  2) It was Monday. Mrs Smith’s dog was hungry, but there was not any meat in the house. Considering that there was no better way. Mrs Smith took a piece of paper, and wrote the following words on it:“Give my dog half a pound of meat.”Then she gave the paper to her dog and said gently:“Take this to the butcher(*person whose job is selling meat). and he’s going to give you your lunch today.” Holding the piece of paper in its mouth, the dog ran to the butcher’s. It gave the paper to the butcher. The butcher read it carefully, recognized that it was really the lady’s handwriting B.Kate’s C.Bath A and B D.Neither A nor B B.about electricity C.about time zone(时区) D.about
and soon did it as he was asked to. The dog was very happy, and ate the meat up at once. At noon, the dog came to the shop again. It gave the butcher a piece of paper again. After reading it. he gave it half a pound of meat once more. The next day, the dog came again exactly at noon. And as usual, it brought a piece of paper in the mouth. This time, the butcher did not take a look at paper, and gave the dog its meat, for he had regarded the dog as one of his customers (*people who buy sth. from a shop). But, the dog came again at four o’clock. And the same thing happened once again. To the butcher’s more surprise, it came for the third time at six o’clock, and brought with it a third piece of paper. The butcher felt a bit puzzled. He said to himself,“This is a small dog. Why does Mrs Smith give it so much meat to eat today?” Looking at the piece of paper, he found that there were not any words on it!
  6.Mrs Smith treated her little dog quite. A.cruelly B.fairly C.kindly D.friendly
  7.It seemed that the dog knew well that the paper Mrs Smith gave it. A.might do it much harm B.could do it much good C.would help the butcher D.was worth many pounds
  8.The butcher did not give any meat to the dog . A.before he felt sure that the words were really written by Mrs Smith B.when he found that the words on the paper were not clear C.because he had sold out all the meat in his shop D.until he was paid enough by Mrs Smith
  9.From its experience, the dog found that . A.only the paper with Mrs Smith’s words in it could bring it meat B.the butcher would give the meat to it whenever he saw it C.Mrs Smith would pay for the meat it got from the butcher D.a piece of paper could bring it half a pound of meat
  10.At the end of the story, you’ll find that . A.the dog was clever enough to write on the paper B.the dog dared not go to the butcher’s any more C.the butcher was told not to give any meat to the dog D.the butcher found himself cheated(*act in a way that is not honest)by the clever animal (C) Started in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest of all the many colleges and universities in the United States. Yale,Princeton, Columbia and Dartmouth were opened soon after Harvard. In the early years, these school were much.alike(*similar).Only young men went to college. All the students studied the same subjects,and everyone learned Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Little was known about science then, and one kind of school could teach everything that was known about the world. When the students graduated(*毕业),most of them became ministers or teachers.
In 1782, Harvard started a medical school for young men who wanted to become doctors. Later, lawyers could receive their training(*训练)in Harvard’s law school. In 1825, besides Latin and Greek, Harvard began teaching modern languages, such as French and German. Soon it began teaching American history. As knowledge increased, Harvard and other colleges began to teach many new subjects. Students were allowed to choose the subjects that interested them. Today, there are many different kinds of colleges and universities. Most of them are made up of smaller schools that deal with(涉及)special fields of learning. There’s so much to learn that one kind of school can’t offer it all.
  11.The oldest university in the US is . A.Yale B.Harvard C.Princeton D.Columbia
  12.From the second paragraph, we can see that in the early years,. A.those colleges and universities were the same B.people, young or old, might study in the colleges C.students studied only some languages and science D.when the students finished their school, they became lawyers or teachers
  13.Modern languages the Harvard taught in 1825 were . A.Latin and Greek B.Latin, Green, French and German C.American history and German D.French and German
  14.As knowledge increased, colleges began to teach. A.everything that was known B.law and something about medicine C.many new subjects D.the subjects that interested students
  15.On the whole, the passage is about. A.how to start a university B.the world-famous colleges in America C.how colleges have changed D.what kind of lesson each college teaches 答案:



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   阅读理解 阅读障碍的形成多半是由于我们自己的知识储备不足而导致的。要想解决这一问题,有一点不得不提。那就 是,学英语首先得端正我们的学习态度。 要认识到英语跟汉语一样,是一门语言。多掌握一门语言,生活中就能获得更多的知识、找工作就能获得更 多掌握一门语言,生活中就能获得更多的知识、 多掌握一门语言 多的机会,出社会就能获得更多的尊重。总之,现在的社会,国际交流越来越广泛,学好英语对我们的人生或前 多的机会,出社会就能获得更多的尊重。总之,现在的社会,国际交流越来越广泛,学好英语对我们的人生或 ...


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