高一英语阅读理解试题(幽默类) 高一英语阅读理解试题(幽默类)
  1) George Bernard Shaw and Winston Churchill disliked each other. It is said that the playwright(剧作家) once sent Churchill two tickets for the opening night of one of his plays, together with a card, which said, “Bring a friend (if you have one).” Churchill, however, returned the tickets with a note, which said, “I shall be busy that evening. Please send me two tickets for the second night (if there is one).” There is no record of whether Shaw ever sent the tickets.
  1. What was Shaw trying to say to Churchill on his card? A. Churchill should not go to the play alone. B. Churchill should not bring too many people. C. Churchill may have to waste the two tickets. D. Churchill did not have any friend.
  2. Why didn’t Churchill want the tickets for the first night? A. He didn’t want to take Shaw’s insult(侮辱). B. The theatre would not be as crowded the second night. C. He was busy on the first night of the show. D. He couldn’t find a friend to go with him the first night. 【答案与解析】本文讲述了 Shaw 与 Churchill 相互挖苦、讽刺的幽默故事。
  1. D。推断题。根据文章的交代,他们两人相互讨厌对方,于是 Shaw 在所送的票上写 着 if you have one,言外之意 Churchill 没有朋友,从而可推知此题答案为 D。
  2. A。推断题。根据文章的语气 if there is one 可看出:Churchill 不甘 Shaw 的侮辱, 于是,反唇相讥,言外之意,你的戏不会有第 2 场,从而可推知此题答案为 A。
  2) A crowd gathered outside a hotel where a very famous millionaire had just been knocked down and killed. One young man in the crowd seemed particularly upset. “I understand how you feel,” said a rather sympathetic(同情) old man, “I suppose he was a relative of yours?” “That’s just the problem,” replied the young man, “he wasn’t.”

  1. The famous millionaire died probably because . A. he was too old C. he was shot down B. he had too much money D. he met an accident

  2. Which of the following best describes the young man’s feeling? A. He was sympathetic to the millionaire’s death. B. He was really sorry about the millionaire’s death. C. He wished he were the millionaire’s relative. D. He wished the millionaire had lost all his money. 【答案与解析】一个年轻人在看到一位被车撞死的富翁时表现出很不安的样子,一位老 人同情地问他死的富翁是不是他的亲人,年轻人却回答说:“问题是他不是!”
  1. D。细节题。根据 …had just been knocked down and killed (knock down:被车撞倒) 可知答案为 D。
  2. C。 推断题。 从原文最后两句话可知年轻人希望自己是那个出车祸而死的富翁的亲人, 这样他可以继承一大笔遗产,所以此题答案为 C。
  3) A: I once heard someone shout, “Look out.” I put my heard out of the window and a bucketful water fell on me. It seems that “Look out” may mean “Don’t look out”. B: I was once on a ship and heard the captain shout, “All hands on deck(甲板).” I put my hands on the deck and someone walked on them. C: I once called early on an English friend and the servant who came to the door said, “He’s not up yet. Come back in half an hour.” When I went again for him, she said, “He’s not down yet.” I said, “If he’s neither up nor down. Where is he?”
  1. In the dialogue the phrase “Look out” actually means “”. A. Don’t look out C. Be careful B. Look out for the water D. Look everywhere

  2. The underlined word “them” in the dialogue means . A. my feet B. my hands C. the ship D. the deck .

  3. “He is not up” and “He is not down” in the dialogue actually means A. He doesn’t stand up and doesn’t lie down
B. He doesn’t come up and doesn’t go down C. He hasn't turned up and hasn't turned down D. He hasn't got up and he hasn't come downstairs
  4. The best title for the dialogue may be . A. Look Out C. How Strange B. All Hands On Deck D. What A Language

  5. The writer writes the dialogue to tell us that . A. English is very interesting if you like it and keep on using it B. it is impossible to learn English very well in a short time C. languages keeps on developing and changing all the time D. words and phrases may have different meanings in different situations. 【答案与解析】本文讲的是 A、B、C 三人由于不明白英语中的一些习语的意思而闹出 的笑话。
  1. C。词义推断题。根据 A 听到有人喊 “Look out.”,就把头伸出窗外,结果是一桶
水泼了下来,由此推出泼水的人喊 “look out” 是在提醒别人当心一下,他要泼水了,因此 “look out” 是注意、当心的意思,所以此题答案为 C。
  2. B。细节判断题。“all hands on deck” 是“全体船员到甲板上集合”的意思,B 却误 解了这句话的含义,把双手放在了甲板上。因为船员要到甲板上集合,就有人踩到了他的双 手,由此可知 “them”是 “my hands” 的意思,所以答案为 B。
  3. D。词义推断题。根据 C 讲述的第 1 句中 “early” 的和仆人说的话 He’s not up yet. Come back in half an hour 可推出 He’s not up 是 He hasn’t got up 之意;根据 When I went again for him, she said, “He’s not down yet.” 可推知 He’s not down downstairs 之意。所以答案为 D。
  4. C。语义理解题。通读全文可知,A、B、C 三人因为没有理解这些习语的真正含义, 所以他们对别人的做法和说的话感到迷惑不解。由此可知 How strange 作为这篇文章的标 题最合适,所以答案为 C。
  5. D。主旨题。通读全文可知 “look out” “ all hands on deck” “ up” “down” 在特殊的语 境里都不再是字面的意思了, 由此可知作者是想告诉读者有些词或短语在不同的语境里有不 同的含义,所以答案为 D。 是 He hasn’t come
  4) A beautiful and very successful actress was the star of a new musical show. Her home was in the country, but she didn’t want to have to go back there every night. So she rented an expensive flat in the centre of the city, bought some beautiful furniture and hired a man to paint the rooms in new colours. It was very difficult to get tickets for her show, because everybody wanted to see it, so she decided to give the painter two of the best seats. She hoped that this would make him work better and more willingly for her. He took the tickets without saying anything, and she heard no more about them until the end of the month, when she got the painter’s bill. At the bottom of it were the words: “Four hours watching Miss Ball sing and dance: $3,” with this note: “After 5 p.m., I get fifteen shillings an hour instead of ten shillings.”
  1. In this article, “Miss Ball” was the name of . A. a place where people sang and danced C. an actress B. a dance party D. a ball

  2. The actress gave the painter two tickets, hoping . A. he would be pleased B. he would ask less money for his work C. he would charge more money for his work D. he would praise her musical show
  3. After the painter got the tickets from the actress, he . A. sold them for $3 C. paid $3 for them B. went to watch the musical show D. was very thankful to her
【答案与解析】 本文讲述了一个女演员为了调动给她做事的人的积极性, 给了他两张很 难买到看演出的门票,结果,这个做事的人曲解了这个女演员的用意,以为这也是在为她工 作,而向她收取工钱的幽默故事。
  1. C。推断题。从第 2 段第 1 句 It was very difficult to get tickets for her show 及工人的收 款单下面的字 Four hours watching Miss Ball sing and dance: $3 可知 Miss Ball 就是这个演员, 故此题答案为 C。
  2. A。 细节题。 根据第 2 段第 2 句 She hoped that this would make him work better and more willingly for her.可推知此题答案为 A。

  3. B。 推断题。 从工人的收款单下面的字 Four hours watching Miss Ball sing and dance: $3 可知:工人花了四小时的时间观看她的演出,故此题答案为 B。
  5) A great big fellow, weighing around 250 pounds, walked with slow heavy noisy footsteps up to the produce counter in the supermarket. “Give me half a head of cabbage,” he told the clerk. “All we have are whole heads,” came the cold reply. “I don't want a whole head,” the customer demanded, “Just half a head. Are you going to sell me half a head?” “Wait a minute, ” said the clerk nervously, “Let me ask the manager.” She went back where the manager was stamping prices on canned goods. “Hey,” she said, “there's a big, stupid ? looking buffalo(水牛) out front who wants me to sell him half a head of cabbage. Shall I tell the fool to…” She noticed the manager staring ? not at her, but behind her. Turning, the clerk saw that the big and tall customer had followed her and heard every word. Quickly, the clerk turned back to the manager, “And this gentleman, ” she said, “wants to buy the other half.”
  1. What is the best title for this passage? A. A Strange Customer C. A Nervous Customer B. A Friendly Customer D. A Polite Customer

  2. When talking to the manager, the clerk was referring to . A. two different customers B. the same customer C. more than two customers D. a stupid-looking customer and a gentleman
  3. What is your impression of the customer? A. Looking like an animal. C. Looking like a gentleman. B. Looking like a house wife. D. A man of strong build.
  1. A。推断题。这位顾客块头很大,而且只买半头洋白菜,故令人奇怪。也可根据文章 内容,采用排除法知答案为 A。

  2. B。推断题。从短文中我们可以知道女售货员实际上指的是同一个顾客。
  3. D。细节题。根据文章第 1 句 A great big fellow, weighing around 250 pounds 以及 big and tall customer 可推知此题答案为 D。
  6) It’s Pigs’ Hometown The story happened during the Second World War. An old man lived in a small town of Germany. He had three sons and they all worked in the same factory where he had worked. After the war had begun, his sons were all made to join the army one after another and they all died in the fights. The old man was very sad. He didn’t have enough food and was often hungry. And nobody helped him and he didn’t know how to go on living. It was a very cold winter night. The old man couldn’t go to sleep. He had been hungry for two days and it was so cold in his room that ice could be seen. He had to get up and began to run in the room until he lay down on the floor. The next morning he had to beg from door to door. He had been to a lot of cities and knew a lot. Once he came to a village, but the villagers were all poor and couldn’t give him anything. He was too hungry to go to another village. He thought hard and found a way. He came to a police station and called out, “Hitler is a foolish pig!” Out came an old policeman at once. He took the old man into a room, gave him some bread and a cup of tea. Then he said, “Don’t say so in our village, sir!” “I’m sorry, sir,” said the old man. “I don’t know it’s Hitler’s home town.” “No, no, sir,” the policeman said in a hurry. “It’s pigs’ hometown!”
  1. The old man’s sons joined the army because . A. they were all strong C. they wanted to be full B. they loved their country D. they had to do so

  2. The old man was sad because . A. his three sons had to join the army B. his three sons lost their lives during the war C. he lived in the small town alone D. he had neither food nor clothes

  3. The villagers didn’t give the old man any food because . A. they weren’t kind-hearted B. his sons were in the army C. they were also hungry
  4. Which of the following is true? A. The old policeman would send the old man into prison. B. The old policeman hated Hitler, too. C. The old policeman thought Hitler was better than pigs. D. The old man found a friend at the police station.
  5. The policeman thought . A. Hitler was more foolish than pigs B. the old man insulted(侮辱) their hometown C. the old man had to say sorry to him D. the old man had to fight with Hitler 【答案与解析】本文表面上看来是一个幽默,实际上是表现出了人们对希特勒的憎恶。
  1. D。推断题。根据 …his sons were all made to join the army 这里用了 made 说明 his sons 并不是自愿去的,因此应该选 D。
  2. B。细节题。根据 …his sons were all made to join the army one after another and they all died in the fights 可知应该选 B。
  3. C。细节题。根据第 3 段第 1 句 …but the villagers were all poor and couldn’t give him anything 可知答案为 C。
  4. B。判断题。根据 Then he said “Don’t say so in our village, sir!” 和 the policeman 后 面讲的话可知,他也不喜欢希特勒,因此选 B。
  5. A。 推断题。 根据文章内容, old man 说 I don’t know it’s Hitler’s home town, the the 而 policeman 急忙说 No, no, sir…It’s pi



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