高中二 高中二年级英语教案 Lesson 74
Step1:Introduction: The teacher may say: Today I’ll show you a great person. In the picture, he is delivering a great speech. The speech is well known all over the world immediately. Do you know the name of the speech? (I have a dream) Do you know the great black women who refused to give her seat to a black man? Remember her name, her name is Rosa Parks. Then she was taken away by the police and a group was formed to demand that the bus company should change its unfair practices. Do you know who is the leader of the group?(Martin Luthur King)King was on the march. And the lady next to him is his wife. He is in deep love of his children. He was murdered and his wife and children were in deep sorrow. That is Martin Luthur King, a great person who gave his love to the world, who is respected by the people all over the world. In this Unit, we will learn about him. But I hope you can know the great person as much as you can.
  2.Watch the video: Step3: Listen and answer: (Students listen carefully and pay attention to the language points.) Listen to paragraph 1 and answer:
  1. What happened to Martin Luthur King in 1964? (won the Nobel Peace Prize)
  2. What’s his political opinion towards the black people? (be treated, as well as, with complete respect.) Listen to paragraph 2 and answer:
  1. What is his father? (minisstr in the church.)
  2. How could he earn some money? (deliver a paper)
  3. What did he like and dislike?(like making friends ,dislike fighting in any form) Listen to paragraph 3 and answer: In his life, what did he believe right and necessary?(demand changes)

  2. In his opinion,how could he achieve the goal?(by peaceful revolution) Listen to paragraph 4 and answer:
  1. How did he deal with the prize?
  2. In 1965, what became law and from then on, all black people had the right to vote? Listen to paragraph 5 and answer:
  1. Once , what happened to his house?(bomb explode,destroy,)
  2. What is his influence on the American society?(people across the country) Step4: Reading
  1) fast reading: Read the whole passage and find out: Why was Martin Luthur King determined to struggle for the equal rights for the black people?

  2) Read in details :( Pay full attention to the language points) Ask the Ss to fill in blanks. The teacher can organize a competition as well. Martin Luther King, Jr., who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, was an important political leader in the USA. He fought for political rights for black people in the USA. By doing this he set an example to the rest of the world. The message he gave was that black people should not be separated but should be treated as well as other people, and with complete respect. Although slavery had been ended in the US in 1865, the southern states had passed their own laws to continue the separation of blacks and whites. Mixed race marriages were forbidden by law. There were separate sections for blacks in shops, restaurants, hospitals, buses and trains. Black children were educated in separate schools. All his life he believed that it was right and necessary to demand changes in society if people did not have their civil rights. He believed that they could achieve their goal by peaceful revolution, not by fighting and killing.
King had made many enemies because of his work in the black liberation movement. Once, a bomb exploded and destroyed his house. On April 4th, 1968, he was murdered. However, his struggle had already changed the whole of society in the USA. Within a few years of his death, black people across the country held important jobs in government. Step5:Writing: Chinese Version: 马丁。路德。金是美国黑人的政治领袖。当他年轻的时候,黑人 的处境很糟。白人与黑人不能通婚,在商店,饭馆,医院,公共汽车, 火车上都有专门的黑人区。黑人的孩子只能上黑人学校。他相信有必 要要求社会变革并且可通过和平方式达到目标。 他强烈要求黑人应该 被平等对待,应该得到完全的尊重。1964 年,他获得诺被 1968 年, 他被谋杀。 English Version: Martin Luthur King is the political leader of the American black people. When he was young, the black people were badly treated. Mixed race marriages were forbidden by law. There were separate sections for blacks in shops, restaurants, hospitals, buses and trains. Black children were educated in separate
schools.He demand changes in society and he believed that they could achieve their goal by peaceful revolution. He firmly demanded that the black people should be treated as well as other people, and with complete respect.In 1964, he won the Nobel Prize.In 1968, he was murdered.



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