Making a booklet about fitness
How much do you know about proper health and fitness?
Talk about the proverbs and decide how to keep healthy.
One apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Reading is to the mind while exercise to the body.
A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.
Fresh air impoverishes the doctor.使贫瘠 使丧失 使贫瘠,使丧失 使贫瘠
Eat right, exercise regularly.
Fast reading:
What suggestions are given in the passage about fitness?
healthy eating regular exercise a good amount of sleep
Second reading
T or F questions Only taking in the correct number of calories can make you keep fit. F It’s nothing serious that we skip some meals. F
If you want to get healthy hair, drinking enough water can help you. T The chemicals coming from your body when you are taking exercise can help you have a good sleep. T
If you want to control your weight, skip your meals.F You can lose your weight if you sleep less. F Adults are worried about teenagers’ life-style and diet. T
Listening :
Listen to the test again and try to find out the main idea of each paragraph.

  1. You can feel better, look better, and have more energy if you eat the right food and exercise regularly.
  2. Healthy eating alone with regular exercise is the only way to become fit.
  3. It is important to give your body the energy and water it needs.

  4. Teenagers should spend at least 30 minutes exercising, five times a week.
  5. Teenagers need 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night.
  6. Follow the suggestions above and you will feel better.

  1.the truth and Summarize good news about fitness the text
  2.suggestions for keeping fit
Main idea of the article:
Eating right food, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and having enough sleep will make a teenager feel and look better.
Detailed reading

  1. Calories needed Girls: about2,200 Boys: about2,800 healthy
  50% comes from rice, % eating bread, vegetables and fruit.
  2. Water needed every day 6 to 8 glasses
at least 30 regular minutes a day, exercise five times a week having 8 to 10 hours a good of sleep each sleep night
Introducing the project:
Making a booklet about fitness
Planning ?Get into groups(6-
  8). ?Decide which grade to survey. ?Clear assignments.
Clear assignments
?Each group picks a different grade and write your choice below. ?Our group is going to conduct our survey among students of: ?Class , Junior/ Senior High 1/2/3
Discuss the tasks and decide which group member will be responsible for each task. ?Write the questions ?Interview your classmates ?Analyze the statistics ?Write the report
?Write the questions to form a questionnaire. ?Interview your classmates. ?Analyze the figures and write the report. ?Report the result.

  1. Do you know about a questionnaire?
  2. What are the common forms of it?
Questionnaire for health

  1. Do you think you feel good and look good? A. Yes. ( ) B. No. ( )
  2. How often do you take exercise? A. Every day. ( ) B. Seldom. ( ) C. Never. ( )
  3. How much do you eat for each meal? A. Much. ( ) B. Little. ( ) C. Normal. ( )
Name Age Jack Tom Mary 15 16 16
Sex male male female
1 A B A
2 B A B
3 A C C
Present your survey to the class. Put your booklet on the display…… wall.
Useful phrases:

  1. a headache to sb
  2.exercise regularly
  3.along with= together with the long term从长远来看 从长远来看
  5.try doing sth
  6.skip meals 不吃饭
  7.control one’s weight

  8.take in吸收 吸收
  9.lose weight
  10.keep fit
  11.give up on sth/sb放弃对 放弃对… 放弃对 的希望
  12.have no time left
  13.a good amount of sleep a matter of fact

  15. feel relaxed
  16. in no time
  17. at all 18 loss of sleep
Language focus
  1.along with它连接两个主语 它连接两个主语 时谓语动词要与第一个主语一 致。(para.
  2) Eg: Professor Wang along with three students is going to attend the seminar.(研讨会) 研讨会) 研讨会
Three students along with Professor Wang going are to attend the seminar. 类似的词: 类似的词:as well as, rather than, including, in addition to but, except, besides, like, together with, with.

  2. If you take in the correct number of…, and feel great. a.We should take in proper calories every day. 吸收, 吸收 摄取 b. I had a headache and didn’t take in anything that the teacher said. 理解,领会 理解,
C. The liar said that little children and old people are easily taken in. 欺骗,诱骗 欺骗, D. The 10,000 yuan tour takes in ten beautiful European countries. 包含,包括 包含,
e. The homeless boy was taken in by a kind lady. 收留, 收留,收容 f. This meeting hall being built can take in 4000 people. 容纳

  3. Walking and riding your bike count and so do school sports. (para.
  1)count vi. 起作用 算数 有重要性 起作用,算数 算数,有重要性 e.g. Every minute counts. We must make every minute count. His advice doesn’t count. That doesn’t count.

  2) vt. 数数 计数 算在内 算做 数数,计数 算在内,算做 计数,算在内 Ten dogs, counting the puppies. count the money /count three Count me in.
  3) count…as…认为 看作 认为,看作 认为 If you’d like to join us and pay the fee, we can count you as a regular member.

  4. … and so do school sports.
  1)so+连系动词 情态动词 助动词 主语 连系动词/情态动词 助动词+主语 情态动词/助动词
“也是这样 也是如此” 也是这样,也是如此 也是这样 也是如此”
e.g. If you go abroad to study, so shall I. I can speak German, so can he.
  2)neither/nor+连系动词 情态动词 连系动词/情态动词 情态动词/ 也没有, 助动词+主语 也没有 也不” 助动词 主语 “也没有 也不” e.g. If you don’t go there, neither/nor will I.

  3)so+人称代词 同一主语 连系动词 人称代词(同一主语 连系动词/ 同一主语)+连系动词 情态动词/助动词 的确如此 的确如此” 情态动词 助动词 “的确如此” --just now you left a bag here. --yes, so I did.
  4)so it is/was with+另一个主语 “…也是” 也是” 也是 e.g. Mick was born in China and he likes China. So it is with me.

  5. A good amount of sleep every night is also (para.
  5) important for your health.
  1)a large/good/small amount of+ [u] n. e.g. I’m sorry I can’t go with you now because of a large amount of work.

  2) a great deal of +[u]n.
  3) a great/good many+ [c] n. (pl.)+ v.(复数 复数) 复数 a large/great/good number of +[c] n. (pl.) +v.(复数 复数) 复数
  4) a lot of; lots of; plenty of; a large quantity of; large quantities of+ [c] n. (pl.)/ [u]n.
词义辨析: 词义辨析 strength/ energy/ force/ ability physical strength 精力充沛 full of energy reading ability by force
通过武力 阅读能力 体力
strength / ability / force / energy The police had to use to force hold back the crowd.
  2. He is very energetic and he always works and plays hard.

  3. Does he have enough strength to lift these weights?
  4. I will finish the work to the best of my ability .
根据中文意思完成下列句子: 根据中文意思完成下列句子
  1. 失去睡眠也对你皮肤有伤害。 失去睡眠也对你皮肤有伤害。
Loss of sleep will also harm your skin.

  2. 事实上新的控制系统运转很好。 事实上新的控制系统运转很好。
As a matter of fact, the new control system works well.

  3. 大量定期的体育锻炼会使你感到 放松。 放松。 A large amount of regular
physical training will make you feel relaxed.

  4. 从长远看来 你应很快把注意力集 从长远看来,你应很快把注意力集 中到学习上来。 中到学习上来。
In the long term, you should concentrate on the lesson in no time.
Finish the following sentences, using the words and phrases you learnt in the article.

  1.The doctor told me to take this medicine regularly three times a day.
  2. On his next visit to Japan, he brought his daughter him. along with

  3. The plane finally got out of control and fell into the sea.
  4. Large amounts of money were spent on the books.
  5. If youconcentrateall your energies on the study of English, you will master the language.
Some language points in task part
  1. recommend a gym to a friend e.g. Can you recommend me some good movies. Ps:
  1)recommend…as… recommend…to… recommend…for… recommend sb. to do sth.
recommend doing sth. e.g. the doctor recommended me to have a good rest at home. e.g. I recommend going shopping now.
  2)recommend that sb. (should) do sth. She recommends that I (should) read this famous novel by Dickens.

  2) Join us now and make the most of this special offer! make the most of =make the best of make full use of make good use of
  1.Finish B1 and B2 on P103

  2.Finish English weekly U3 test


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