The undergraduate insisted that he (should) go to work in the south.
  His silence suggested that he agreed with my decision.
  He insists that doing morning exercises does good to people’s health.
  3.It is suggested/advised/ordered/requested/required…+ that从句(should) do
  It is proposed that more students should go to university.
  4.My advice/suggestion/request/requirement/order/proposal…+ is +表语从句(should)do
  My advice is that you should practise speaking English as often as possible.
  The order from the commander was that the troops should set off for the front immediately.
  5.His suggestion/advice/request/requirement…+ 同位语从句(should )do+ is..
  The request that they should get more is reasonable.
  6.It is natural/necessary/strange +that从句 (should) do表惊奇、怀疑、惋惜、不满、理应如此等。
  It’s strange that he should have missed the train. (表竟然)
  It is important that we should learn from others.(表理应如此)
  It is a pity that he should not go with us.(表惊讶、不满)
  7.wish + that clause (did/were 与现在相反)
  wish + that clause (would/could/might + do与将来相反)
  wish + that clause ( had done 与过去相反)
  I wish I could go with them tomorrow.
  I wish I had never met him.
  8.It is (high/about) time + 从句(did或should do )
  It is (high/about) time we went home.
  9.would rather + clause (did 与现在或将来相反);(had done 与过去相反)
  I would rather you came tomorrow.
  I would rather you hadn’t told her the news.
  You could have washed your clothes yourself. 你本可以自已洗衣服的。
  省去了"If you had wanted to")(事实是:你自己没洗衣服,因为你不想洗。)
  ②省去主句(常用以表示愿望) If only + clause ( did/were与现在相反)/ (would/could/might + do与将来相反) /( had done 与过去相反) “要是…….就好了“
  If my grandmother were with me! 如果我的祖母与我在一起多好啊!(事实是:祖母已不在世。)
  If only she had not left! 如果她没走就好了!(事实是:她已经走了。)
  If only he would come tomorrow!
  If only I had taken her advice!
  If only I were ten years younger!
  注意:only if是“只要”的意思,从句中用陈述语气。
  11.as if + clause (did/were 与现在相反) / (would/could/might + do与将来相反)/( had done 与过去相反)
  She treats Kate as if she were her own daughter.
  They talked as if they had been friends for years.
  12.would like/was/were to have done something
  I would like to have attended the party, but one of my friends came to see me.
  13.but for+名词
  But for your help we couldn’t have succeeded in the experiment.
  Without electricity, human life would be quite different today.
  Without the air to hold some of the sun's heat, the earth at night would be freezing cold.
  He hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball, otherwise he would have scored a goal.
  I told Sally how to get here, but perhaps I should have written it down for her.
  The captain kept calm in the terrible storm, otherwise the accident wouldn't have been prevented.
  Yesterday, Jane walked away from the discussion. Otherwise, she might have said something she would regret later.
  Given more than two hours, we could have done the work better.
  Not having finished the work, he couldn't have seen this film.
  1. Why didn't you tell me there was no meeting today? I all the way here the heavy snow.
  A. needn't have driven;through B. can't have driven;across
  C. mustn't have driven;through D. shouldn't have driven;cross
  2. ? Mum, it’s none of my business. Why I care?
  ? Just because she is your sister.
  A. can B. should C. will D. may
  3. ?I didn’t know you were good friends .
  ?You .I have known her since she moved here. You were studying abroad then.
  A.may have B.needn’t have C.couldn’t have D.must have
  4. ?The concert was wonderful!
  ?Really? How I wish I to the theatre with you yesterday!
  A. had gone B. might go C. were able to go D. would go
  5.The two strangers have been talking in the park for a long time as though they old friends.
  A. are B. should be C. were D. would be
  6. the heavy rain, we the town.
  A. But for; should have reached B. Because of; would have reached
  C. During the period of; we would reach D. In spite of; we should have reached
  7. ?If William , he that green peach.
  ?Luckily he was sent to the hospital in time.
  A. was warned; would not take B. had been warned; would not have taken
  C. would be warned; had not taken D. would have been warned; had not taken
  8. ?Is it good to look up every new word when I come across it in reading?
  ?No. You because you are likely to guess the meaning from the context.
  A. can’t B. mustn’t C. don’t have to D.ought not to
  9. ?I use your computer to send an e-mail?
  ?Yes, you . But you mustn’t keep it too long.I’ll surf the Internet after supper.
  A. Could; could B. Could; must C. Can; can D. Could; can
  10. When he lived there, he go to that book shop at the corner with his girlfriend after work every day.
  A. would B. should C. had better D. might
  11.? I hear you’ve got a set of Australian coins. I have a look?
  ? Yes, certainly.
  A. Do B. May C.Shall D. Should
  12. ? What happened to the young trees we planted last week?
  ?The treeswell, but I didn’t water them.
  A. might grow B. needn’t have grown C. would grow D. would have grown
  13. What had Bob walked farther, as far as the river bank?
  A. would happen B.could happen C. would have happened D.needn’t have happened
  14. Hurry up,Tom.It’s high time we to the theater.
  A. will B. shall C. are going to D. went
  15. ?Do you think he will do me a favor?
  ? As far as I know, he is the last one to help others. Hebe prepared to give you a hand, though.
  A. might B. must C. can D. should
  16. Even though I’d hurt my leg, Iswim back to the river bank.
  A. could B. might C. had to D. was able to
  17.? It is rather cold here. Shall we light a fire?
  ? No, webecause things are easy to catch fire.
  A. won’t B. can’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t
  18.?Would you have told him the answer had it been possible?
  ?I would have, but I so busy then.
  A. had been B. were C. was D. would be
  19. The young man insisted that he these watches andfree.
  A. stole, set B. had stolen, be set C. steal, be set D. had stolen; must be set
  20. I your address, otherwise Iyou long before.
  A. had forgotten,had visited B.forgot, have visited
  C. forgot,would have visited D.have forgotten,would visit
  21. Iyou a beautiful present for your birthday,but I was short of money at that time.
  A. would buy B. had bought C. would like to have bought D. must have bought
  22.?Do you feel like there or shall we take a bus?
  ?I’d like to walk. But since there isn't much time left, I'd rather we a taxi.
  A. walking,hire B. to walk, hire C. to walk,hired D. walking, hired
  23. ?Miss White has decided to explore in the forest by herself.
  ?Sheask her boyfriend to if she go walking in the forest.
  A.needn't to,dares to http:/ B.doesn't need, dares  C.need not to,dare to D.needn't, dare
  24. His failure in the exam suggested that he the teacher’s instructions.
  A. can’t have followed http:/ B. needn’t have followed
  C. mustn’t have followed D. shouldn’t have followed
  25.I you, but I didn’t think you would listen to me.
  A.could have told B.must have told C.should tell D.might rell
  26.?Ms Lin looks rather a kind lady.
  ?But in fact she is cold and hard on us. Youbelieve it! http:/
  A.shouldn’t B.wouldn’t C.mustn’t D.needn’t
  27. The manager’s health was getting worse and worse because of heavy burden,so the doctor strongly
  recommended that he a holiday.
  A.took B.would take C.must take D.take
  28. ?It’s so cold! Why not close the door?
  ?Sorry.It .I’ll have it repaired soon.
  A.won’t shut B.won’t be shut C.hasn’t shut D.isn’t shut
  29. I wouldn’t marry Pat even if she the last woman on earth.
  A.is B.was C.had been D.were
  30. Many students will take part in the school sports meeting this week, so she suggested that the class meeting held on Saturday .
  A. not be B. not to be C. be not D. be not to
  31.the problem, he wouldn't have committed those mistakes.
  A. If he understood B. Had he understood C. When he had understood D. If he would understood
  32. ?But those are size
  44. You might need a smaller size.
  ?Yes, I a bit of weight. I have been trying to lose weight!
  A. will have lost B. should have lost C. may have lost D. can’t lose
  33.? Are you going to Lloyd’s birthday party on Friday?
  ? Only if it , he said he was having a picnic party.
  A. wouldn’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. won’t rain D. hadn’t rained
  34. If Sanlu Group melamine to the milk, the babies too much from kidney stones.
  A. didn’t add; would not suffered B. hadn’t added; wouldn’t have suffered
  C. hasn’t added; wouldn’t have suffered D. hadn’t added; would have suffered
  35.?The research on the new bird flu virus vaccine is challenging and demanding. Who do you think can do the
  ? my students have a try?
  A. Shall B. Will C. Could D. Should
  1-5ABCAC 6-10ABCDA 11-15BDCDA 16-20DCCBC
  21-25CDDAA 26-30BDADA 31-35BCBBA
一般式to doto be done
进行式to be doing
完成式to have builtto have been built
  John said that he had run in order to catch the bus. (一般式的主动态)
  He hated to be misunderstood by others. (一般式的被动态)
  He pretended to be listening attentively. (进行式)
  He intended to have told you that. (完成式主动态)
  This work of art seemed to have been created several centuries ago. (完成式的被动态)
时态主动态被 动 态
一般式doingbeing done
完成式having donehaving been done
  I am sure of his coming in time. (一般式主动态) (= I am sure that he will come in time)
  He is proud of being selected as monitor. (一般式被动态) (= He is proud that he is selected as monitor.)
  I’m confident of his having passed the exam. (完成式主动态)
  (= I am confident that he have passed the exam.)
  He complained of having been cheated by others. (完成式被动态)
  He sat in a chair,reading a novel. (一般式主动态)
  Being exhausted by work, he fell asleep quickly. (一般式被动态)
  Having finished his homework, he went playing. (完成式主动态)
  All this having been settled, he went home. (完成式被动态)
  To see once is better than to hear a hundred times.
  To make money is not the only purpose of our life.赚钱不是我们生活的唯一目的
  在很多情况下,常用it 来充当动词不定式的形式主语。
  It is important for us to learn English very well.对我们来说学好英语是非常重要的。



   信息技术在高中英语听力中的应用 《全日制普通高级中学英语教学大纲(试验修订版) 》中明确提出“当今世界, 以信息技术为主要标志的科技进步日新月异,社会生活的信息化和经济生活的全 球化使外语,特别是英语日益成为我国对外开放和与各国交往的重要工具” 。因 此,研究在现代信息技术环境下的高中英语教学,是广大中学教师面临的新课题。 计算机辅导教学 (Computer Assistant Instruction 简称 CAI)网络辅助语言教学 , (Web Assistant Language Lea ...


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   " 高中英语教学大纲 前 言 外国语是学习文化科学知识、 获取世界各方面信息与进行国际交往的重要工具。 我国实行对外开放政策, 国内经济、政治、科技和教育体制的改革正在全面展开,世界范围的新技术革命正在兴起,为了把我国建设 成文明、民主的社会主义现代化国家,教育要面向现代化,面向世界,面向未来,要贯彻德、智、体等方面 全面发展的方针,培养有理想、有道德、有文化、有纪律,并在不同程度上掌握一些外国语的各方面的人才, 以提高中华民族的思想道德素质和科学文化素质。在这种形势和要求下,外国语这个工 ...


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校本教材 高中英语

   Word Test 24 (pages 93-96;满分 100) I)写出下列英文单词的中文意思 o (满分 45 分) 16.teamwork 1.tin 2.sway 17. technical 3.swear 18. technique 19. territory 4.sweat 20. telescope 5.swell 6.swift 2l.temple 7.tip 22. temporary 8.switch 23. tendency 24. tense 9.symphony ...


   高中生如何学习英语 要学好高中英语,应做到“四勤”与“四多”,具体说来,有以下几点: 一、“四勤” 1.勤背诵。 积极记忆高中课本中出现的生词及词组, 理解其用法, 并适当运用一些正、 反义词对比, 相似词对比等方式加强记忆。 这一步虽然枯燥乏味, 但少了它, 学习英语就像折了翅膀的鹰, 空有雄心却寸步难行。 2.勤朗读。 这是学好英语的法宝之一。朗读的内容一般说来只限于课本,并不以背诵为目的,而着 重将注意力集中于自己的正确发音、连续语气等等。通过朗读可以熟悉单词及其用法,体会 英语的语气 ...


   第一部分 前言 当前我国社会发展和经济建设对公民的外语素质提出了更高的要求高中阶 段的外语教育是培养公民外语素质的重要过程,它既要满足学生心智和情感态度 的发展需求以及高中毕业生就业升学和未来生存发展的需要,同时还要满足国家 的经济建设和科技发展对人才培养的需求因此,高中阶段的外语教育具有多重的 人文和社会意义 英语是高中阶段外语教育的主要语种高中英语课程改革的主要目的是:建立 新的外语教育教学理念,使课程设置和课程内容具有时代性基础性和选择性;建 立灵活的课程目标体系,使之对不同阶段和不同 ...


   更多您最实用, 更多您最实用,最需要的资源 http://www.letsgo86.cn/ 高中英语语法大全 高中英语语法大全 高中英语语法大全总结 高中英语语法大全总结 大全 组成句子的各个部分叫句子成分。英语句子成分有主语,谓语,表语,宾语, 宾语补足语,定语,状语等。 顺序一般是主语,谓语,宾语,宾语补足语,而表语,定语,状语的位置要 根据情况而定。 1、主语 主语表示句子主要说明的人或事物,一般由名词,代词,数词,不定式等充 当。 Helikeswatch'ingTV.他喜欢看电视。 ...



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   通用英语星级考试(笔试) 通用英语星级考试(笔试) 考试报名通知 考试报名通知 各学校: 英语是现代社会中重要的交际工具,是我们与世界相互了解的一座桥梁。上海是一个国际化大都市, 生活在这样一个环境中,掌握好英语显得更为必要。为了从小培养中小学生对英语的兴趣,帮助他们掌握 基本的英语知识和技能,提高他们的英语运用能力和交际能力,为他们日后进行国际交流打下扎实的基础, 上海外国语大学上海市通用外语水平等级考试办公室在 2000 年开发了上海市通用少儿英语口语考试。 如今, 为了完善考试项目,使 ...


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   Unit1 Unit2 Unit4 Unit5 Unit6 Unit8 Unit9 ...


   尽管失败和挫折等待着人们,一次次地夺走青春的容颜, 尽管失败和挫折等待着人们,一次次地夺走青春的容颜,但却给人生的 前景增添了一份尊严,这是任何顺利的成功都不能做到的。 前景增添了一份尊严,这是任何顺利的成功都不能做到的。 -- 梭罗 弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 稀悒?ail汀 FYI~ 酣巍础 ...