(2009年北京卷) 假设你是红星中学高三一班的学生李华,为 响应绿化祖国的号召,你班四月十二日去郊 区植树。请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,介 绍植树活动的全过程,给某英文杂志的“绿 色行动”专栏写一篇以“Green Action in Our Class”为题的英文稿件。
  2.参考词汇:郊区 suburbs。
Green Action in Our Class April 12th is memorable because our class had a meaningful experience on that day.In the morning,we bicycled to the suburbs to plant trees,talking and laughing all the way.Upon arrival,we began to work
immediately.Some were digging holes.Some were carrying and planting trees.Others were watering them.After getting the work done,we put up a board reminding people to protect the trees.Before leaving we took some photos to record our green action.Seeing the lines of trees,we all had a sense of achievement.We all think it’s our duty to protect and beautify our environment.
  1. annual adj. 每年的;按年度计 算的 n. 年刊;年鉴 witness
  2. vt. 当场见到;目击 n. 目击者;证人;证据
  3. accommodation n. 住所;住宿
  4. shore n. 岸;海滨
  5. flee vi.& vt. 逃避;逃跑;逃离
  6. drag vt. 拖;拉;扯

  7. meantime 其间;同时 adv.
  8. urgevt. 催促,极力主张
  9. abandon 放弃;遗弃;抛弃 vt.
  10. n. 关系;血缘关系;交往 relationship
  11. n. 目标,靶,受批评的对象
  12. target vi. 映射,反射 reflect vt.& vi. 思考
  13. adj. 纯的;纯洁的
  14. pure adj. 意识到的;知道的
  15. aware adj. 生动的,鲜明的

  16. narrow
  17. sharp
  19. scare
  20. shallow
adj. 狭窄的;有限的;狭隘的 adj. 锐利的;锋利的;敏捷的 vt.& vi. 恐吓;受惊吓 adj. 浅的;肤浅的;浅湿的 n. 养老金;退休金
  1.in the meantime 在此期间;与此同时
  2.be/become aware of 对……知道、明 白;意识到……
  3.(be) to death 吓死了
  4.draw scared 靠近
  5.Hold near 阻挡 up
  6.help (...) 帮助(某人)摆脱困境或危 难 out
  7.upside down 上下翻转
out aim

  8.Sort about 整理;分类;收拾
  9. at 瞄准
  10.be to do sth. 正要做某事
  1.The first thing I became aware of was all the vivid colours surrounding me?purples, reds,oranges,yellows,blues and greens. [信息提取] be/become aware of意识到, 明白,知道。 [例句仿写] 大家都知道他们相处不和睦。 they didn’t get along well. 【答案】 Everyone was aware that

  2.It was a time when the killer whales,or “killers” as they were then called,helped the whalers catch the baleen whales that were on their annual migration. [信息提取] It was a time when...这一 段……时期……。 [例句仿写] 这是一段妇女没有选举权的 时期。 women had no right to vote. 【答案】 It was a time when

  3.I saw James being firmly held up in the water by Old Tom. [信息提取] hold up举起,抬起,使耽误。 [例句仿写] 我举手表示有问题。 I that I had a question. 【答案】 held up my hand to show

  4.Without pausing we jumped into the boat with the other whalers and headed out into the bay. [信息提取] head vt.& vi.朝……方向移动。 [例句仿写] 我们将船驶向岸边。 We . 【答案】 headed the boat for the shore
witness (
Many people were shocked by the violent scenes they had witnessed.很多人被亲眼目 睹的暴虐场面吓呆了。 The year 2008 has witnessed increasing unemployment. 2008年是失业日益加剧的一年。 He witnessed to having seen the man enter the room. 他证明看到那个人进入房间。
  2)n.目击者,证人,证据 bear/give witness作证;证明 One witness to the accident said that the driver appeared to be drunk.一位事故目击 者说,司机好像喝醉了。 His good health is a witness to the success of the treatment. 他身体健康证明这种疗法是成功的。

  1.Many peoplethe car accident, so it was not difficult to investigate. A.witnessed B.urged C.swallowed D.drugged 【解析】 句意为“许多人看到了那起车 祸,所以不难调查”。在这个句子中, witness意为“目睹”。urge催促;swallow 淹没,吞下;drug使服毒品,此三个词不 符合句子的意思 。 【答案】 A
flee (fled;fled) vi.& vt. (
The family fled from the buring house. 那家人从燃烧的房子里逃出了。 He fled his hometown during the war. 战争期间他逃离了家乡。 Why does he always flee any kind of responsibility?
  2)消失,消散 His hopes fled when he lost the election. 当他落选时,他的希望就破灭了。

  2.The thieves have alreadythe city, so it is difficult for the police to arrest them. A.fled B.ran away C.escaped D.got rid of 【解析】 表示“逃离某地”时,ran away和escaped后需加from,got rid of则不 合句意。 【答案】 A
abandon vt. (
①We can’t abandon our hope.Everything will go well. 我们不能放弃希望,一切会好的。 ②The child was abandoned/deserted by his parents. 这孩子被父母遗弃了。
③Hong Zhanhui brought up a girl abandoned by her parents. 洪战辉抚养了一个被父母遗弃的女孩。 ④The match was abandoned because of bad weather. 比赛因为天气恶劣而取消了。 (
  2)陷入;沉湎于(某种感情) abandon oneself to sth.陷入;沉湎于某种 感情 ⑤The young man abandoned himself to despair.

  3.A good mother would nother baby. A.abandon B.leave C.adapt D.quit 【解析】 句意为:一个好母亲是不会丢 弃自己的孩子的。 【答案】 A
reflect (
Sean’s strong love for his country is reflected in his recently published poems. 肖恩对祖国的强烈热爱之情在他最近出版 的诗歌中反映出来。 His face was reflected in the mirror.他的脸映 照在镜子里。
Does this letter reflect how you really think? 这封信是否反映你真实的想法? (
  2)vi.& vt.思考 reflect on/upon sth.思考某事 She sat reflecting on how much had changed since she had bought the farm. 她坐着,在思考自从她买下这个农场以来 发生了多少变化。 I’m reflecting on what to do next. 我正在考虑下一步做什么。
reflection n.反射;反照;反映;映像 be lost in reflection陷入沉思中 After long reflection we decided to buy that house. 经过长时间的慎重考虑,我们决定买下那 所房子。 The moon looks bright because of the reflection of light. 月亮由于光的反射看上去很亮。

  4.The likely reactions of the market need to bebefore we acted. A.considered on B.based on C.relied on D.reflected on 【解析】 句意为:在我们采取行动前要 仔细考虑市场上可能出现的反应。reflect on/upon意为“考虑,沉思”,符合句意。 若选A项,则应去掉on。 【答案】 D
help (...) out帮助(某人)摆脱困境或危难; 协助;使(某人)脱离困境 Can you help me out with the maths problem? 你能帮我解出这道数学题吗? He helped the old man out of the car. 他帮助那位老人从汽车里出来。
  1)can’t help (to) do sth.不能帮着干某事 (不定式为目的状语) can’t help doing sth.禁不住做某事 can’t help but do sth.不得不做某事 (
  2)help oneself (to sth.)自用,自取所需(食 物等) help sb.with sth.帮助某人做某事 I can’t help wondering what happened to that little girl. 我忍不住想知道那个小女孩出了什么事。

  5.The passengers had a chat with the college studentsas conductors during the summer vacation. A.help out B.helped out C.to help out D.helping out 【解析】 本题考查非谓语动词。动词不 定式作后置定语表示一个将要发生的动作, 过去分词表示一个已经发生了的被动的动 作,故B、C两项均不符合题意。句意为: 旅客们同那几个在暑假临时帮忙充当列车 员的大学生聊天。
be/become aware of对……知道,明白;意 识到…… Most people are aware of the dangers of driving after drinking. 大多数人知道酒后开车的危险。 I don’t think you’re aware of how important this means to me. 我想你还不知道这对我有多重要。
be aware that-clause知道,体会到…… make sb.aware that...提醒某人注意…… make sb.aware of...使某人注意到…… as far as I’m aware据我所知 She became aware that something had been stolen. 她发觉东西被偷了。

  6.Most parents are notthe danger of their babies’ eating jelly,which causes most unfortunate incidents to happen. A.well aware to B.very aware of C.aware that D.well aware of 【解析】 考查形容词用法。空白处后面 不是句子,故排除C项;aware后面接of, 故排除A项;另外表示“清醒地,充分地 认识到”时,表语形容词aware的修饰语 应使用well,不用very。
ahead of (
  1)(时间、空间)在……前面 I finished the work several days ahead of the deadline. 我在最后期限的前几天完成了工作。 (
  2)领先 She’s always been ahead of the other students. 她一直领先于其他学生。 As a writer,Sterne was ahead of his time. 作为一个作家,斯特恩领先于他所处的时
go ahead 干吧,说吧,开始干,进行 ?May I use your bike?我可以用用你的自 行车吗? ?Go ahead!用吧。 Even if the weather is bad,the performance will go ahead. 即使天气不好,演出也会照常进行。

  7.(2008年全国卷Ⅱ)?Could I ask you a rather personal question? ?Sure,. A.pardon me B.go ahead C.good idea D.forget it 【解析】 句意为:??我可以问你一个 私人问题吗???当然可以,说吧。pardon me请再说一遍;go ahead干吧,说吧,用 吧;good idea好主意;forget it没关系,不 必在意;(表示不想重复说过的话)别提它 了;住嘴。
hold up (
  1)举起,抬起 I held up my hand to show that I had a question. 我举手表示有问题。 (
  2)承受住,支撑 The chair was too weak to hold him up. 椅子支撑不住他的体重。 (
  3)阻挡,使耽误 We were held up on our way to the airport in a traffic jam.
  4)提出(作为榜样) The teacher held him up as an example to the class. 老师选他作为全班的榜样。
hold down 压制,抑制,缩减,垂下 hold back 踌躇,阻止,抑制,隐瞒 hold on 继续,不挂断,停止 hold out伸出,提供,维持,阻止,制止 Could you hold on?I’ll just see if the manager’s in. 你不要挂断电话好吗?我去看一看经理在 不在。 The boss was unable to hold back his anger any longer.

  8.(2008年辽宁卷)You have to be a fairly good speaker tolisteners’ interest for over an hour.
A.hold C.improve B.make D.receive
【解析】 hold one’s interest使某人保持 兴趣。B项“制造;做”;C项“改善, 提升”;D项“接收”。 【答案】 A

  9.(2008年福建卷)a moment and I will go to your rescue. A.Go on B.Hold on C.Move on D.Carry on 【解析】 go on继续;hold on抓住不放, 坚持;move on继续前进;carry on继续进 行;根据后句的I will go to your rescue可知, 这里应是“坚持住”“别松手”。 【答案】 B

  10.What a pity!I missed meeting my boss at the airport because my car wasin the traffic jam. A.broken up B.kept back C.held up D.kept up 【答案】 C
There were other creatures that I didn’t want to get too close to?an eel with its strong sharp teeth,with only its head showing from a hole,watching for a tasty fish (or my tasty toe!);and the giant clam half buried in some coral waiting for something to swim in between its thick green lips.
还有一些其他的动物,我不想太靠近它 们??一条带有利齿的海鳗,从洞穴里探 出头来,望着可供美餐的鱼过来(或者在 等着我美味的脚趾伸过去!);一个巨大 的蛤蜊半掩在珊瑚礁中,等待着有什么东 西游过来,游到它宽厚的绿嘴唇中去。 “with复合结构”表示动作或伴随情况, 在句中一般作定语或状语。它的构成形式 为with+名词+形容词/副词/现在分词/过 去分词/动词不定式/介词短语。
  1)with+n.+介词短语 The teacher entered the classroom with a thick dictionary in his hand/under his arm. 老师进了教室,手里拿着一本厚词典/胳 膊底下夹着一本厚词典。 (
  2)with+n.+adj. I like sleeping with all the windows open. 我喜欢开着窗子睡觉。 (
  3)with+n.+to do sth. With all the clothes to wash,I will be very busy today.
  4)with+n.+doing sth. With the boy leading the way,they had no difficulty in finding the house.有那个男孩领 路,他们很容易就找到了那栋房子。 (
  5)with+n.+done With his homewor


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