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高一英语真题阅读 主讲: 主讲:周帅
Lesson 1
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Passage 1 A man was tired of living in his old house in the country and wanted to sell it and buy a better one. He tried to sell it for a long time but was not successful. So at last he decided to solve the problem by using an estate agent (财产经纪人). The agent advertised (为……做广告) the house, and a few days later, the owner saw a very attractive photograph of it, with a wonderful description (描述) of its gardens, in an expensive magazine. After the house owner had read the advertisement through, he hastened to telephone the estate agent and said to him, “I’m sorry, Mr. Jones, but I’ve decided not to sell my house after all. After reading your advertisement in that magazine. I can see that it’s just the kind of house I’ve wanted to live in all my life.” () 0
  01. A man wanted . A. to build a house B. to sell the better house C. to sale the better house D. to buy a better house () 0
  02. At last the man decided to solve the problem by . A. using an estate agent B. advertisement C. a photograph D. a newspaper () 0
  03. The agent the house. A. refused to advertise B. advertised C. wanted to buy D. wanted to sale
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() 0
  04. A few days later the owner saw . A. a new house B. a photograph of the house C. a famous artist D. an agent in a magazine () 0
  05. After reading the advertisement, the man all his life. A. wanted to live in the house B. decided to sell the old house C. decided to buy a flat D. decided to move a new house 参考答案:DABBA Passage 2 Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslavia, on August 27, 19
  10. She attended the government school near her home until she was eighteen. At that time, some doctors and nurses from Yugoslavia were working in India, and they often wrote to the school about their work. She decided to join them one day. When she finished school, she went first to Britain. Then a year later she went to India, where she taught geography at school and soon after became headmistress 女校长) However, although ( . she loved teaching, in 1946 Mother Teresa left the school and went to work in the poor parts of Calcutta. Later she was trained to become a nurse in Patna, and then began her work helping the poor and comforting the dying in the streets of the city. Slowly, others came to help her, and her work spread to other parts of India. Mother Teresa was well-known for her work, many photos had been taken of her as she travelled the world to open new schools and hospitals in poor countries. In 1979, she was given the Noble Peace Prize for the lifetime of love and service she had given to the poor. She died in September 19
  97. She is always remembered by the people the world over. () 0
  06. Mother Teresa received her education and training in. A. Yugoslavia and Britain B. Britain and India C. Yugoslavia and India D. Yugoslavia, Britain and India () 0
  07. What made Mother Teresa decide to work in India? A. Her visits to the poor parts of Calcutta. B. Her education and training. C. The medical workers’ letters to her school D. The work of the nurses in the city of Patna. () 0
  08. According to the passage, which is the right order? a. Trained to be a nurse . b. Went to India. c. Helped the poor and dying. d. Trained to be a teacher. e. Went to Britain. f. Travelled the world. A. a, b, c d, e, f B. e, b, d, a, c, f C. e, b, a, d, c, f D. e, d, a, f, c, b () 0
  09. Mother Teresa gave up teaching because she. A. didn’t want to be headmistress any longer. B. didn’t enjoy the job any more. C. wanted to travel the world over D. wished to help the poor. () 0
  10. Why is Mother Teresa still remembered by the people all over the world?Because. A. she loved the poor and the dying. B. she made great contributions to the world peace
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C. she left her own country to India D. she had devoted all her life to helping the poor. 参考答案:CCBDD
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Passage 3 Football is the most popular game in England: one has only to go to one of the important matches to see this. Rich or poor, young or old, one can see them all there, shouting for one side of the other. To a stranger, one of the most surprising things about football in England is the great knowledge of the game which even the smallest boy seems to have. He can tell you the names of the players in most of the important teams, he has pictures of them and knows the results of large numbers of matches. He will tell you who he expects to win in such and such a match, and his opinion is usually as good as that of men three of four times his age. In England, it is believed that education is not only a matter of filling the boy’s mind with facts in the classroom; education also means the training of character; and one of the best ways of training character is by means of games, where the boy and girl have to learn to work with others for his team, instead of for himself alone. () 0
  11. Football games are very popular in England among . A. grown-ups B. boys only C. all people D. boys and girls () 0
  12. In England school boys seem football games. A. to know a great deal about B. not to know much about C. to know little about D. to know nothing about () 0
  13. At football matches, people often one team or the other by shouting. A. watch B. win over C. laugh at D. support () 0
  14. In the sentence “His opinion is as good as that of men three or four times his age.”“that” means . A. the match B. the opinion C. the age D. the team () 0
  15. In England, education means . A. filling the boy’s mind with stories B. more than the teaching of knowledge C. the teaching of knowledge only D. training character by means of football games 参考答案:CADBB Passage 4 More than 150 million Americans, or over half the people in the country, use wireless phones. Americans usually call them cell phones. Signals travel from one area to another as a person travels.
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Cell phones can organize information, receive e-mail, send short messages and search the Internet. They can also store music, play games and do other things. And, oh yes, you can still talk on them too. Manufacturers 制造业主) discussing the development of phones that can be used ( are as video cameras. Camera phones were first used in Japan in 20
  00. They combine the technology of a digital (数字的)camera with a telephone. Users take pictures with their cell phones, then send the images(图像) other parts. The color screens on the phones are small, but the images can be put to onto a computer. Millions of camera phones are in use in Japan and other Asian countries now. In South Korea, pictures taken of women in public bathhouses have appeared on the Internet. In Japan, police have caught some people aiming (瞄准) their camera phones under the clothes of women in train stations. Others go into stores and take pictures of pages in books and magazines. That way they do not have to buy them. All these activities have led officials to ban (禁止) camera phones in some public places. Now, the United States is also experiencing problems with this new technology. () 0
  16. According to the first paragraph, in America, . A. over 30% of the people use cell phones B. for most people, cell phones are a kind of communicating tool(工具) C. one day, no phones but cell phones will be seen D. people always have cell phones with them when traveling () 0
  17. From paragraph 4 to paragraph 6, we can know . A. Japan is the only country that knows the technology of making camera phones B. in Asian countries, most people who use camera phones can probably have experienced certain unpleasant problems C. now, in Japan using camera phones is illegal(非法的) D. in some countries, camera phones are used to violate people’s privacy(侵犯隐私) () 0
  18. What does this passage mainly discuss? A. The development of cell phones in America. B. Popularity of camera phones in Asia. C. The problems that camera phones have caused. D. The problems some Americans are experiencing. () 0
  19. If this passage is continued, what can probably be talked about in it? A. Whether every American owns a cell phone can come true in not far future. B. The development of phones that can be used as video cameras. C. The problems that camera phones have caused in America. D. None of A, B and C 参考答案:BDCC
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Passage5 Who are these people rushing by you on the street? More than 215,000,000 people now call America “home”, but most of them can find their families back to other parts of the world. If you look at the names on shop windows, you’ll see that Americans come from many different lands. The idea that these people, who once were
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strangers to the USA, have lost the customs and cultures of their original countries and have become “American” is really not true. In fact, what exists in America is more often a kind of “side-by-side” living in which groups of people from other countries often have kept many of their own customs and habits. They join the general (一般性的)American society (社会)only in certain areas of their lives-such as schools, business, and sports, but they still keep many of their native customs and manners socially at home. This living “side-by-side” has both advantages (优 点、优势)and disadvantages. Sometimes it may cause disagreements to develop between groups whose ways of life are very different from one another. However, there are also advantages that come from the variety of cultures brought by settlers from other lands. There is great freedom of choice among ideas, dress, food, and social customs in America. Everyone can find some parts of his or her own familiar world in the USA. () 0
  20. The reason why so many people call America “home” is that . A. they have their houses there B. they like that land very much C. they settle there now D. they hope to have a home now. () 0
  21. “Side-by-side” living style (方式)means . A. that they live separately but try to get along (相处)well B. that people from different lands keep their own customs and habits while sharing American ones in certain areas C. to make friends with native people D. that they get close to American society () 0
  22. The best title for this passage is . A. Home for the People B. Advantages and Disadvantages C. Side-by-side Living Style in America D. Different Habits and Customs 参考答案:CBC Passage 6 In a classroom in any country, the teacher teaches more than art or history or language. He or she teaches what is known as the “hidden course”-the culture of that country. In a society such as the United States, people with different history, culture and language join together and they highly value individualism. Their education, as a part of the society, also values this greatly. Teachers try to make each student special. Students do not have to memorize a lot of information, instead, they work individually and find answers by themselves. There is often discussion in the classroom. At an early age students learn to form their own ideas and opinions. Their education encourages personal thought. The importance is placed on how to arrive at an answer and not simply to get the correct answer. In most Asian countries, people have the same language, history, and culture. Perhaps for this reason, the education there shows society’s value in group goals and purposes rather than individualism. Children in China and Japan often work together and help each other on homework. In the classroom, the teaching methods are often very traditional. The teacher says, and the students listen. There is not much discussion. Instead, the students repeat rules or information that
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they have been taught in order to keep them in mind. In many ways these differences come from different educational psychology. In western countries teachers are taught to nurture students. They make it easier for the students to learn for themselves. In the Orient, however, teachers often feel that their task is to pass knowledge to students, or the students can’t learn anything. () 0
  23. This passage mainly discusses the difference of education between . A. the United States and China B. Japan and China C. East and West D. Individuals and groups () 0
  24. East and West vary on education mainly because they are different in . A. art B. culture C. language D. purpose () 0
  25. The education in the West is special in valuing . A. personal ideas B. “hidden course” C. group goals D. teaching methods () 0
  26. The schools in the East pay more attention to . A. classroom discussion B. classroom teaching C. educational psychology D. personal thought 参考答案:CBAB
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   新编高中英语教材使用中的感悟 [摘要]:本文针对新编高中英语教材的特点及使用过程中的一些问题和困惑,探讨如何灵 活和创造性地使用教材,使之更好地适应教师们的教学需求和学生的学习需求. [关键词]:新编高中英语教材 特点 困惑 建议 随着《普通高中英语课程标准》的颁布和实施,从 2003 年秋季开始,新编高中英语教材 开始在部分地区使用. 一, 新教材的特点及教学变化 1.基本特点 新教材的结构合理,形式活泼,设计美观,符合学生的阅读心理和欣赏需求.该教材仍 采用单元划分的方式,但取消了每个单 ...


   序号 英语 English Meaning 国际音标 Phonetic 汉语 Chinese Meaning 1 a a.一,一个,一只,一件. 2 a.m. (缩)上午,午前 3 ability n. 才能,能力 4 able a. 能干的,有能力的 5 about a. 准备; ad. 大约; prep. 关于 6 above a. 上面的; ad. 在上面; n. 上面; prep. 在...上面 7 abroad a. 在国外,海外(一般作表语); ad ...


   1.一般现在时 S+do\dose 一般现在时 ①一般现在时表示经常发生、习惯性动作、客观真理、科学事实、格言,目前的特征、状态、能力 等; Ex: Sam goes to school on foot every day. ②主句是一般将来时,时间、条件状语从句中用一般现在时表示将来; Ex: If it rains tomorrow,I won’t go there. ③一般现在时表示将来 动词 arrive be begin go leave come start 等动词可用一般现在时 ...


   高中英语单词 第二册 1) cultural adj. 文化的 2) relic n 遗物;遗迹;纪念物 3) survive v 幸免于;幸存;生还 4) remain vi 保持;仍是 5) state n 国家;政府;州;状态 6) rare adj. 稀罕的;稀有的;珍贵的 7) dynasty n 朝代;王朝 8) vase n 花瓶;瓶 9) belong vi 属于;为……的一员 belong to 属于 10) amber n 琥珀 adj. 琥珀制的;琥珀色(黄色)的 11 ...


   book1 unit1 survey 调查 add up 合计 upset 心烦意乱的 ignore 不理睬 calm 使平静 calm dowm 平静的 have got to 不得不 concern 使担忧 be concerned about 关心 walk the dog 遛狗 loose 松的 go through 经历 set dowm 记下 series 连续 outdoors 在户外 on purpose 故意 in order to 为了 dusk 黄昏 thunder 打 ...


   " 高中英语教学大纲 前 言 外国语是学习文化科学知识、 获取世界各方面信息与进行国际交往的重要工具。 我国实行对外开放政策, 国内经济、政治、科技和教育体制的改革正在全面展开,世界范围的新技术革命正在兴起,为了把我国建设 成文明、民主的社会主义现代化国家,教育要面向现代化,面向世界,面向未来,要贯彻德、智、体等方面 全面发展的方针,培养有理想、有道德、有文化、有纪律,并在不同程度上掌握一些外国语的各方面的人才, 以提高中华民族的思想道德素质和科学文化素质。在这种形势和要求下,外国语这个工 ...


   21 世纪是创新的时代,英语也是,以往的死记硬背已经过时,能飞英语(www.langfly.com)带给你一个创新是的时代,给你无限的英语 世纪是创新的时代,英语也是,以往的死记硬背已经过时,能飞英语( )带给你一个创新是的时代, 学习创新方法,带给你轻松、愉快。 学习创新方法,带给你轻松、愉快。 高中英语听力步骤 一、 用 CAI 实现听力教材的优化整合 高中英语教材在听力内容的选取上赋予了较强的时代感,信息量大,词汇 覆盖面广,句式复杂、语速快;在题型设计上少选择判断,多回答问题,填充 ...


   高中生如何学习英语 要学好高中英语,应做到“四勤”与“四多”,具体说来,有以下几点: 一、“四勤” 1.勤背诵。 积极记忆高中课本中出现的生词及词组, 理解其用法, 并适当运用一些正、 反义词对比, 相似词对比等方式加强记忆。 这一步虽然枯燥乏味, 但少了它, 学习英语就像折了翅膀的鹰, 空有雄心却寸步难行。 2.勤朗读。 这是学好英语的法宝之一。朗读的内容一般说来只限于课本,并不以背诵为目的,而着 重将注意力集中于自己的正确发音、连续语气等等。通过朗读可以熟悉单词及其用法,体会 英语的语气 ...


   第一部分 前言 当前我国社会发展和经济建设对公民的外语素质提出了更高的要求高中阶 段的外语教育是培养公民外语素质的重要过程,它既要满足学生心智和情感态度 的发展需求以及高中毕业生就业升学和未来生存发展的需要,同时还要满足国家 的经济建设和科技发展对人才培养的需求因此,高中阶段的外语教育具有多重的 人文和社会意义 英语是高中阶段外语教育的主要语种高中英语课程改革的主要目的是:建立 新的外语教育教学理念,使课程设置和课程内容具有时代性基础性和选择性;建 立灵活的课程目标体系,使之对不同阶段和不同 ...


   3. 口头通知或介绍情况: A. Ladies and gentlemen, May I have your attention, please. I have an announcement to make. B. Attention, please. I have something important to tell you. C. Mr. Green, Welcome to our school. To begin with, let me introduce Mr. Wang to ...



   初中英语听力口语自动化考试 考生培训员培训要点 考生守则》 一、 《考生守则》 1.考生必须自觉服从考试工作人员管理,严格遵守考试 纪律,认真参加培训,不得以任何理由妨碍考试工作人员履 行职责,不得扰乱考场及其他考试工作地点的秩序。 2.考生须凭《准考证》 ,按规定时间参加考试。 3.考生须在考试开始前 40 分钟抵达考点学校,观看考 场分布和行进路线图。不得携带通信工具进入候考室。 4.考生须在考试开始前 30 分钟进入候考室,接受考前 培训。 5.考生须在开考前 15 分钟进入准备室,不 ...


   无须复习,只要十天英语四级就能过!!方法让你喷血! 怕以后找 ! ! 不到!!! 无须复习, 只要十天英语四级就能过!! ! 方法让你喷血! 怕 ! 以后找不到!!! 1、 听力,有三种题型,dialogue(十个对话),passage(三个短文), compound dictation(复合式听写,也就是传说中的段子题),第一种每 年必考,后两种逐年交替,其中考 passage 的次数相对较多。 最容易得分的是 dialogue 和 passage,只要记住一个超级技巧即可: 对话所述事情 ...


   教你背英语 因为经常在网上看到有很多人背新概念英语,所以我就决定背新概念英语。没有想到,我只 用了 30 天,就背完了新概念英语第三册。我想把我的学习经历介绍给大家能以借鉴。 记得我在新东方上课的时候, 有一个老师告诉我, 英语学习完全在于复习, 温故而知新, 只有经常复习以前学过的东西,才能把这些东西真正变成自己的。 所以我在背新概念课文时复习的时间比背诵新课文的时间要多。 这也要感谢我在网上偶尔发 现的句宝盆英语软件, 提供了很多复习练习和帮助复习课文的功能, 不相信高科技是不行的, 这 ...


   本文由dodgehilary贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 2010 年 12 月六级英语考试参考答案 2010 年 12 月六级英语考试翻译参考答案 听力原文(SecA 11-14 题) 11. W: This is one of our best and least expensive two-bedroomlistings. It’s located in a quiet building and it’s ...


   文章开头句型 1、“如今,人们普遍认为...,但是我怀疑...。” Nowadays,it is generally/commonly believed that..., but I wonder that... 2、“如同硬币的正反面,...也有积极的一面和消极的一面。” Like a coin has two sides, there is a positive aspect and a negative aspect to... 3、“近来,...的问题已经成为人们注目的焦点。” Cu ...