1. In the abstract 抽象地,理论上 make an abstract of sth 做摘要 abstract sth from sth 从…中提取

  2. As well/ as well as 也,同…一样
  3. Aim at sb/ sth // to do sth // at doing sth be aimed at doing sth 旨在,意欲 with the aim of 带有…目的

  4. Focus on= concentrate on 集中

  5. Convice sb of sth 使某人确信 sb that 使某人相信
sb to do sth 说服某人做某事
  6. A great deal of 大量的
  7. In the flesh 活着的,本人

  8. Take the place of sb = replace 代替,取代 take one’s place 代替,取代,入座,就座
  9. Break away from 脱离,摆脱,放弃
  10. At the same time 同时, 但是

  11. Would rather do sth 宁愿做某事 sb did sth 宁愿某人做某事 (现在或将来) sb had done sth 宁愿做过某事 (过去)
  12. As a consequence = in consequence = as a result 结果 As a consequence of = in consequence of = as a result of 由于…的原因

  13. In possesion of 拥有 in the possesion of sb 为某人所拥有 take/ have possesion of 拥有
  14. Consider doing 考虑做某事 sb/ sth to be/ as 以为,看待 that it adj/ n + to do sth

  15. Be well worth doing 值得做某事 be worthy of being done to be done It is worthwhile to do / doing sth
  16. Be contemporary with 与… 属同一时期
  17. Attempt to do sth 企图做某事
make an attempt to do sth in an attempt to do sth

  18.On one hand …… on the other hand 一方面….另一方面
  19. scores of/ a great many 许多
  20. every two years/ every other year/ every second year 每两年
  21. In perspective 用透视画法的
  22. Appeal to 呼吁, 有吸引力
Language points

  1.In the abstract
抽象地, 理论上
make an abstract of sth 做摘要 abstract sth from sth 从…中提取
I like the dogs in the abstract, but I can’t bear this one. Salt can be abstracted from sea water. Please abstract the most important points from the long report.

  2. Faith faithful have faith in / lose faith in 对…有/失去信心 keep/break faith with sb 对某人守/ 不守信用 Be faithful to 对…忠实 I have faith in you; I am sure you will do well.

  3. Aim at doing sth 目的在于做某事 to do sth at/for sth 瞄准, 致力于 be aimed at 目的是 with the aim of 带有…目的 achieve one’s aim 达到目标

  3.Typical Be typical of Snow is typical of winter in the north. Jack is late again. It is typical of him to keep others waiting.

  4. evidentevidentlyevidence It is evident to everyone that she loves music.
It is evident that the child has been crying. His eyes are swollen.

  5. Adopt adoption 采纳, 收养,采用 The three teams adopted different appoches to the problem.
  6.possess possession In possession of sth In the possession of sth My uncle is in possession of the house.

  7.Coincidence It is a coincidence that By coincidence What a coincidence It’s really a strange coincidence

  8. Attempt Attempt to do 企图做某事 Attempt doing 尝试做某事 Make an attempt to do/ at doing企图做某事 In an attempt to do / at doing That was my first attempt to talk with a foreigner. They made no attempt to escape. The prisoners attempted to escape, but failed.
They closed the road in an attempt to reduce traffic in the city. Attempted adj 未遂的 Attempted murder 企图谋杀

  9.The room was half in shadow.阴暗中 阴暗中 The thief hid in the shadows.暗处 暗处 Look, how long our shadows are! In the shadows 在暗处 In the shadow of 在…的荫蔽下 的荫蔽下 Cast a shadow on /over 投影在 投影在…. Without / beyond a shadow of a doubt 毫无疑问
They are drinking tea in the shade of the tree.在树下阴凉处 The shadows of the trees grow longer as the afternoon goes on. 随着下午时光的延续,树影会越来越长

  10.Ridiculous 愚蠢的,荒唐的 She looked absolutely ridiculous in those trousers.
  11.Predictprediction预言,预测 He said he could predict a person’s future. The expert predicts that there will be an earthquake in this area in the near future.

  12.Specifically adv 明确的,专门的 be specific to 只限于对….(有影响)
I gave you specific instructions. The mony was collected for a specific purpose.

  13. Figure
  1. 数字
  2. 符号
  3. 身体,体形 (犹指)身段
  4. 可数名词,人, 动物
  5. 动词,计算,估计 She’s always had a good figure. We figured the attendence at 6,0
Be/become a figure of fun 嘲笑的对象 Cut … a figure 显出…的样子 Figure sb/ sth out 弄清楚,计算出
The present situation is very complex, so I think it will take me some time to figure out its reality.

  14. Delicate 易碎的,容易生病的,精细的,微妙的 China teacups are delicate. The international situation is very delicate at present.

  15. Allergic adj 对…过敏,对…十分反感 be allergic to sth 对某物过敏 to sb/ sth对…十分反感 You could see he was allergic to housework.

  16. Appeal vi. 有感染力,呼吁,求助 vt.将…上诉 n. 呼吁, 恳求
The design appeals to all ages and social groups. The police have appealed to witnesses to come forward. He said he would appeal if he were sentenced to 10 years.
Appeal to (对某人)有吸引力, (使某 人)感兴趣 This new product will appeal to you. The environmentalists appeal to people to use less plastic bags. Italian food doesn’t appeal to Jack. He only likes Chinese food.

  17. Reputation n. 名声,名誉 She has got a reputation as a first-class cook. I know Mike’s reputation of being late. Have/ earn a good reputation He earned a good reputation by working hard.

  18. Civilization n. 文明,文化,文明社会 This is a book about technology of modern civilization. The Beijing 2008 Olympic games has shown our civilization to the world. It is generally accepted that the Chinese civilization is one of the oldest.

  19. Contemporary adj.当代的,同时代的 I’d like to see the contemporary paitings. The book shows the life in the contemporary Britain. Be contemporary with 与…是同一时代的

  20. Permanent adj 永久的,持久的 I have a permanent job here. In business, there is no permanent enemy but there is only permanent intrest.
Permanently adv. 永久地 The terrrible accident left him permanently disabled.

  21. Fragrant adj 香的, 令人愉快的 The smell of the flowers in the garden is fragrant. The air was fragrant with scents from the sea and the hills. 空气中荡漾着山和海的芬芳气息。 Fragrant smell appeals to young ladies.

  1.I have learned from my visit here, B so the city is well worth visiting. A. a great many B. a great deal
C. a great deal of D. a bit
  2. With more forests being destroyed, huge quantities of good earth every year.
A.Is washing away B. is being washed away C. Are washing away D. are being washed away
  3. people were killed in the earthquake in Sichuan.
A.A large number C. A great deal of B. A great many D. A large quantity of
  4. There large quantities of food in the cupboard. A. is B. are
  5. A man is being questioned in relation to the C murder last night. A. Advised B. attened C.attempted D. admitted


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