Discuss in groups
1 If
  1、If you could have three of these paintings on The walls of your classroom, which would you Choose? Why? These words might help you in your discussions: realistic abstract nature detailed traditional line rich religious unfinished modern colour shape

  2、Would you rather have Chinese or Westernstyle paintings in your home? Give your reasons.
  3、Have you ever wished you could paint as well as a professional artist? If you were an artist, what kind of pictures would you paint?
  4、What would you rather do-paint pictures, make sculptures, or design buildings? Why?
  5. Can you talk more about Chinese paintings?
中国绘画历史 中国绘画历史源远流长, 中国绘画历史源远流长,见于史料上 记载的以伏羲氏画八卦、黄帝画制服、 记载的以伏羲氏画八卦、黄帝画制服、舜 妹螺氏绘影像为最早。 妹螺氏绘影像为最早。早期的绘画经匠人 的再造,刻在料上、 的再造,刻在料上、青铜器上及绘在陶器 直至汉代纸张发明后, 上。直至汉代纸张发明后,画家用毛笔在 纸上绘画,才逐渐演变成现在的中国画。 纸上绘画,才逐渐演变成现在的中国画。
三国时期( 三国时期(220-2
  65) ) 是中国画历史上的重要发展阶段。 是中国画历史上的重要发展阶段。初期的绘 画题材以佛像画和道教画为主流。到了唐朝 唐朝, 画题材以佛像画和道教画为主流。到了唐朝, 渐渐地脱离了人物画的山水画, 渐渐地脱离了人物画的山水画,取代了释道 画成为绘画主要题材。 画成为绘画主要题材。由于唐诗的成就和影 绘画重情趣求意境, 响,绘画重情趣求意境,文人士大夫追求的 抒情性空前突出,是文人画兴起的开端。 抒情性空前突出,是文人画兴起的开端。
五代的山水画不但改变了晋唐时期空勾无皴 的初级程式,并且有了皴染完备的山水派系。 的初级程式,并且有了皴染完备的山水派系。 北宋的山水画风沿波接, 北宋的山水画风沿波接,在五代的基础上更 趋成熟。 趋成熟。南宋以后蓬勃发展的江南经济促进 了绘画艺术的繁荣。 南宋四家 的崛起, 南宋四家"的崛起 了绘画艺术的繁荣。"南宋四家 的崛起,成 为当时画坛的主流。元代文人画派生而来, 为当时画坛的主流。元代文人画派生而来, 水墨山水特别兴盛。明代初期,宫廷"院画 院画" 水墨山水特别兴盛。明代初期,宫廷 院画 兴盛,画风继承两宋"院体 院体"。 兴盛,画风继承两宋 院体 。明嘉靖至万历 年以后,在江南出现了"吴门画派 ,后期相 年以后,在江南出现了 吴门画派", 吴门画派 继出现了多种画派。清代初期的画坛, 四 继出现了多种画派。清代初期的画坛,"四 受到皇室的扶植。 王"受到皇室的扶植。但在江南出现了 清初 受到皇室的扶植 但在江南出现了"清初 四僧"和 金陵八家 金陵八家"为代表的一批反正统派 四僧 和"金陵八家 为代表的一批反正统派
的画家,他们在绘画艺术上反对 四王 四王"的 的画家,他们在绘画艺术上反对"四王 的 临摹之风, 临摹之风,提倡艺术的创造意义给后世绘画 发展带来巨大影响。清代中期"扬州画派 扬州画派" 发展带来巨大影响。清代中期 扬州画派 的形成和晚清"海上画坛 ,风格纷呈,旗 的形成和晚清 海上画坛",风格纷呈, 海上画坛 鼓称雄的大家如俊彩星驰,济济画坛。 鼓称雄的大家如俊彩星驰,济济画坛。他们 敢于标新立异的绘画探索精神和追求令人寻 味的笔墨情趣,被现代著名画家齐白石、 味的笔墨情趣,被现代著名画家齐白石、徐 悲鸿、潘天寿等人所接受。 悲鸿、潘天寿等人所接受。
中国绘画艺术在历史的长河中, 中国绘画艺术在历史的长河中,就是这 样的沿传相续,嬗变演进, 样的沿传相续,嬗变演进,形成了它的 传统。这种传统风格和民族的审美需求, 传统。这种传统风格和民族的审美需求, 又在时代的前进中不断地得到充实、 又在时代的前进中不断地得到充实、突 破和创新, 破和创新,并又孕育和造就着新的风格 的出现,成为华夏艺苑中的瑰宝, 的出现,成为华夏艺苑中的瑰宝,也是 世界美术花园中一朵光彩夺目的奇葩。 世界美术花园中一朵光彩夺目的奇葩。
Bamboo Always green in colour, bamboo is a Symbol of old age and modesty. Bamboo and plums together represent man and wife. Bamboo, pine trees,And plums commonly seen together In a painting are the “three Friends in winter”
Bat One of the top symbols for good luck.the word ‘bat’ in the chinese language sounds identical to the word for ‘good fortune’.often five bats are shown together to present the Five Blessings: a long life, riches, health, love of virtue, and a natural death.
Fish Fish in chinese sounds like the word for ‘Abundance and Affluence’so the fish symbolizes wealth. Fish shown with a lotus blossom symbolizes’year after year may you live in affluence.
Peony Queen of Flowers, the peony is a emblem of wealth and distinction.
Lotus The lotus is the symbol of purity and one of the eight Buddhist Things. The lotus comes out of the mire but is not itself soiled. It is inwardly empty yet outwardly upright. It has no branches but yet Smells sweet. The words for lotus in Chinese have the same meanings.As: to bind, connect( in marriage), one after the other, uninterrupted, to love, and modesty.
Clouds Symbolizes good fortune and happiness, especially when they have more than one colour.
Crane Symbol of longevity and often shown together with a pine-tree and a Stone, two other symbols of longevity.
Dragon One of the most complex and multi-tiered Chinese symbols. The dragon is a good natured and benign creature. A symbol of male vigour and fertility, the dragon is also a symbol of the Emperor, the Son of heaven. Paintings often show two dragons playing in the clouds with a Ball or large pearl.
Eagle A symbol of strength, an eagle shown perched in a pine-tree is a suitable gift for an old man, wishing him strength of an eagle and longevity of a pine-tree. An eagle on a rock in the sea symbolizes “hero” who fights a lone battle.
Lion Lions play a big part in Chinese folklore and are usually depicted looking more mythical than real. Pairs of stone lions rival even dragons in Popularity as guardians in buildings and temples.
Peacock Symbolizes dignity and beauty.
Tiger King of the wild animals, the tiger is a symbol of courage and bravery and it candrive off demons.
Plum The five petals of the plum flower Symbolize the five gods of good luck. The plum tree, pine, and bamboo are the “Three Friends inWinter”.


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