Language points
add vt. & vi. addition n. additional adj. add to 增加 add…to… 把……添加到…… add up 加起来;前后一致;合乎情理 add up to 总计,合计,总计达

  1. Travel adds to your understanding of the world.
  2. Don’t add fuel to the flames.
  3. His story just doesn’t add up. He must be lying.
  4. His whole schooling added up to no more than one year.
add up to
  1. The numbers exactly 1
  00. added to
  2. The bad weather our difficulty. add to
  3. If you 5 5, you get
  10. add up
  4. The teacher asked his pupils to their score.

  5. The time I spend in studying every day two and a half hours. adds up to
  6. Colorful balloons can the add to festival atmosphere.
  7. To make sure the result was correct, she the figures again and added up again.
ignore 睬
忽视;忽略; 忽视;忽略;不理
ignorant adj.无知的, 愚昧的; ignorance n.
这些男孩如此无礼,我们决定不理睬他们了 The boys were so rude that we decided to ignore them.
be concerned about 为...担心 (百思第四 担心
专家们对世界人口增长非常关注心. 专家们对世界人口增长非常关注心
The experts are concerned about the growth of the world’s population.
as/so far as sb. be concerned =in one’s opinion 就某人而言 在某人看来 就某人而言,
就我而言,我更倾向于自己回家。 就我而言,我更倾向于自己回家。 As far as I am concerned, I prefer to go back home by ourselves.
. cheat v. 欺骗 骗取 作弊 欺骗; 骗取; cheat sb. ( out ) of sth. 骗取某人的某物 cheat sb. into doing … 骗某人做 骗某人做… It was foolish of him to be cheated . (被骗了钱 被骗了钱 of his money 被骗了钱) He was cheated into smoking ( 吸烟) . 吸烟) It is wrong . to cheat in an examination (考试作弊) 考试作弊) 考试作弊
should have done 本来应该做某事 (而实际 而实际 没做, 含有责备的意味) 没做 含有责备的意味 should not have done 本来不该做某事 而 本来不该做某事(而 实际已做) 实际已做 He looks upset. I shouldn’t have told him the bad new (不该告诉他这个坏消息的) . 不该告诉他这个坏消息的 不该告诉他这个坏消息的) should have come You are late. You earlier . (早点来) 早点来) 早点来
can/could have done needn’t have done must have done
go through
  1.仔细检查某事物 仔细检查某事物 我每天总是先看邮件
I always start the day by going through my mail.

  2.(法律 合同等正式)通过 接受,
  2.(法律,合同等正式)通过,接受,达成 法律, 通过,
The deal (交易) did not go through. 这笔交易未谈成。

  3. 经历,遭受 经历,遭受.
这个国家经历了太多的战争 This country has gone through too many wars.
set down
记下; 记下;让某人下车
set about sth/doing sth 着手做什么事情 set out, set off, 出发,动身, 出发,动身,启程 set aside 留出, 留出,抽出 (钱或时 钱或时 间) 我为那趟旅行存了一些钱。 我为那趟旅行存了一些钱。
I set aside some money for the journey.
set up 建立 set sth. on fire/set fire to sth 放火烧
on purpose 故意的 (反义 accident/chance ) 反义by 反义 She broke the vase on purpose. .
她故意把花瓶打碎。 她故意把花瓶打碎。
at dusk 黄昏,傍晚 黄昏, The street lights go on at dusk.
街灯在黄昏时分亮起来。 街灯在黄昏时分亮起来。
It / This is the first / second …time that +主语 主语+have / has done. 主语 It / This was the first / second / third … time that + 主语 had done. 主语+ 意为“某人第几次做某事” 意为“某人第几次做某事”
I’m not familiar with the town. It is the first time that I . have come here He told me it was the fourth time that he (犯同 had made the same mistake 犯同 样的错误). 样的错误

  1) 情态动词 多用于否定句、疑问句、条件 状 情态动词. 多用于否定句、疑问句、 语句、 语句、whether (if)等名词性从句或有否定意义的 等名词性从句或有否定意义的 句中,后接动词原形。没有人称和数的变化, 句中,后接动词原形。没有人称和数的变化 否定 式在其后加not. 式在其后加 eg. How dare he say such a word! If you dare do that again, you’ll be punished.
  2) 实义动词 敢,胆敢。有人称、数和时态的变 实义动词. 胆敢。有人称、 在否定句和疑问句中, 后的to 化。在否定句和疑问句中,dare后的 后的
eg. I wonder how he dare to say such words.
face to face 面对面地 (在句中作状语 在句中作状语) 在句中作状语 face-to-face a.面对面的 (作定语 面对面的 作定语 作定语)
类似的还有heart to heart 坦诚地 类似的还有 shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩地 back to back 背对背地 arm in arm/hand in hand
We had (面对面的交谈 面对面的交谈 a face-to-face talk 面对面的交谈).
I. 根据括号内所给的提示将下列句子翻译成 英语。 英语。

  1. 大约过了半个小时,他才平静下来。 大约过了半个小时,他才平静下来。 (calm down) After about half an hour, he calmed down.
  2. 你可能不喜欢他,但你不得不相信他是 你可能不喜欢他, 很聪明的。 很聪明的。(have got to) You may not like him, but you have got to believe that he is very clever.

  3. 昨晚他直到 点才上床睡觉。 昨晚他直到11点才上床睡觉 点才上床睡觉。 (not...until...) He didn’t go to bed until 11 o’clock last night.
  4. 当在街上散步时,他碰见了他的老 当在街上散步时, 朋友汤姆。 朋友汤姆。(while doing...) While walking in the street, he met his old friend Tom.
II. 每空填一词,使该句与所给句子的 . 每空填一词, 意思相同。 意思相同。
  1. It’s mad of you to go there alone in such bad weather. It’s of crazy you to go there alone in such bad weather.
  2. They hurried on because it was getting dark. It was that __ because it was getting dark they hurried on.

  3. We started early so that we could arrive there before 8 o’clock. We started early in order to / so as to arrive there before 8 o’clock.
  4. I find that it is difficult to learn English well, so I must study harder. I find difficult to learn English it well, so I must study harder.
III. 选用方框内词组的正确形式填空。 选用方框内词组的正确形式填空。 on purpose; no longer; hide away; set down; in order to; face to face
  1. I don’t know why they had to hide away for such a long time.
  2. You make it sound as if I did it on purpose !
  3. I think it is a secret. It is no longer being talked everywhere in the town.

  4. Why dare you not speak to Harry face to face ? set down
  5. You needn’t everything that the teacher says in class. In order to
  6. earn enough money, he often works late into the night.
IV. 用适当的介词填空。 用适当的介词填空。
  1. Do you know the reason his for coming late to class? of
  2. Make a list all the things you need to do.
  3. Don’t you believe that he has gone the war? through
  4. Recently a series traffic of accidents have happened in the street.
把你的得分加起来,我们就知道谁赢了。 把你的得分加起来,我们就知道谁赢了。
Add your scores up and we’ll see who won.
  00。These numbers add up to 1
  00. 。 这些数目合计为 别轻视小错,他们会造成大事故。 别轻视小错,他们会造成大事故。 专家们对世界人口增长非常关注。 专家们对世界人口增长非常关注。 依我看,油价还会继续上涨。 依我看,油价还会继续上涨。
As far as I am concerned, the price of oil will continue to increase.
Don’t ignore small mistakes. They may cause big accidents.
The experts are concerned about the growth of the world’s population.
我明天将告诉玛丽新工作的事。你上周就应告诉她的。 我明天将告诉玛丽新工作的事。你上周就应告诉她的。 I’ll tell mary about her job tomorrow. You should have told her last week. 他陪妻子度过最艰难的时期。 他陪妻子度过最艰难的时期。 He went through the hardest time with his wife. 弗兰克在战争中历经艰险。 弗兰克在战争中历经艰险。 Frank went through many dangers during the war. 我已将详细内容记到了笔记本上。 我已将详细内容记到了笔记本上。 I have the details set down here in my notes. 他们特意来看望你。 他们特意来看望你。 They have come here on purpose to see you. . 当晚他们面对面地席地而坐, 当晚他们面对面地席地而坐,进行了坦诚的交谈 That night they sat face to face and talked heart to heart with each other.

  1. 练习册第 练习册第41--42面; 面
  2. 阅读百思练习册第 阅读百思练习册第9?10面语法直接引语和间接引语 面语法直接引语和间接引语; 面语法直接引语和间接引语
  3. 百思练习册第 百思练习册第56?57面. 面


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