高中英语必修 1 Module2
  1. amusing jokes 令人捧腹的笑话
  2. It makes sb nervous to do sth 做某事使人紧张
  3. be nervous to do sth 做某事紧张
  4. be patient with sb 容忍某人
  5. be patient of sth 容忍某物
  6. be serious about 认真对待。。 。 。
  7. be shy of…害羞。。
  8. be shy away from…由于害羞或恐惧而躲开,退缩
  9. shy,shyer,shyest; shy,shier, shiest
  10. strict rules 严格的规章制度
  11. be strict with sb 对某人严格要求
  12. make sure 确信
  13. explain…so clearly 解释。。非常清楚 。
  14. explain exactly 准确地解释
  15. have an/a … impression 有。。印象 。
  16. make/ leave a /an… impression 留下。。印象 。
  17. pronounce a word incorrectly 发错单词的音
  18. avoid doing sth 避免做某事
  19. hate to do / doing sth 讨厌做某事
  20. keep doing sth 保持做某事
  21. be on time for sth 准时做某事
  22. make progress 取得进步
  23. be completely wrong 完全错了
  24. immediately = at once = right away 立即,马上
  25. appreciate sb 感激某人
  26. appreciate sth 欣赏感激某物
  27. appreciate doing 感谢。。 。
  28. appreciate 欣赏,指对事物有深入的了解,并能鉴赏 enjoy 欣赏,不需要较高的修养,仅指从中得到快乐
  29. be well organised 被组织得很好
  30. admit doing sth 承认做某事
  31. scientific experiments 科学实验
  32. Chinese literature 中国文学
  33. get so much energy 有如此充沛的精力
  34. fall asleep in class 在课堂上睡着
  35. rather good-looking 相当好看
  36. wave one’s hand about 挥舞着某人的手
  37. wave sb a greeting 向某人挥手致意
  38. give a wave 挥手
  39. tell jokes 讲笑话
  40. get bored 厌倦
  41. respect sb 尊重某人
  42. win the respect of sb 赢得某人的尊重
  43. send my respects to sb 把我的问候带给某人
  44. steal the money 偷钱 as a result of…由于。。 。
  45. as a result 作为结果,因此
  46. in fact = as a matter of fact 事实上
  47. in the wrong way 以不正确的方式
  48. be brave enough to do something 敢于做某事
  49. move your hand through the air 在空中挥动你的手

  50. loudly adv. 大声地,含有“喧闹”的意味 aloud adv. 出声地,常与 read, think 连用 loud adj. 大声的,响亮的,常与 talk, speak 连用
  51. copy from other students 抄其他学生的
  52. 英语中动词只能跟-ing 形式: admit, finish, practise, enjoy, appreciate consider, excuse, miss, pardon, fancy, imagine, deny, stop, avoid, escape, risk, mind, keep, postpone, understand, resist, put off, can't help, can't stand, give up. leave off,etc. 可接动名词,也可接不定式的动词有 remember, forget, regret, try, mean, love, like, dislike, hate, prefer, want, need, require, intend, deserve, suggest, propose, endure, can't bear, can't afford, omit, begin, start, continue, cease, etc.
  53. the headmistress of… 。。的女校长 。
  54. for short periods 一小段时间
  55. have some free periods 有自由的时间
  56. do some revision 复习功课
  57. do no revision 没复习功课
  58. How much revision do you do before an exam? 在考试前你复习多少?
  59. do a lot of translation 做大量的翻译练习
  60. do little translation 做翻译练习很少
  61. translate v. 翻译 translator n. 翻译(员)
  62. in your timetable 在你的时间表里
  63. the school library 学校图书馆
  64. do different topics 做不同话题练习
  65. interesting topics 有趣的话题
  66. the topics of today 时事话题
  67. have a choice about…关于。。有选择 。
  68. during summer holiday 在暑假期间
  69. go on / take a vacation 度假
  70. on vacation = on holiday 在休/度假
  71. English language areas 英语语言领域
  72. That’s settled. 那解决了。
  73. a couple of things 几件事情
  74. It’s up to you. 由你决定。 。
  75. have a good relationship with sb 和。。关系融洽
  76. There is a relationship between …and… 。。和。。的联系 。 。
  77. in many European countries 在很多欧洲国家
  78. in northern European countries 在北欧国家
  79. this is true of…。。也是如此 。
  80. have big problems with discipline 在纪律方面存在大问题
  81. solve all the problems 解答了所有问题
  82. the population problem 人口问题
  83. problem 难以解决的问题或难题 question 提出并有待回答的问题,疑问
  84. form 形式 → formal 正式的,正规的 → informal 非正式,不拘的
  85. norm 标准→ normal 正常的,标准的→ abnormal 反常的,变态的
  86. be relaxed with sb 和某人相处随意而宽松
  87. be relaxed about sth 对某事感到很轻松
  88. be similarly dressed 穿着类似
  89. state schools 公办学校 private schools 私立学校
  90. be paid for by sb 由某人付费
  91. the education of… 。。的教育 。
  92. make notes 做记录


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