word card useful nouns point ;尖端;分数 要点; 点;要点 尖端; 欺骗; 欺骗; cheat骗子 理由;原因; 理由;原因 reason ;理智 share ;股分 分额; 份;分额 feeling 感想;感情 感觉;感受; 感觉;感受;感想; 德国人; 德国人; German德语 连续; 连续;系列 series nature 自然; 自然;自然界 purpose意图 目的; 目的; 能力;力量; 能力;力量 power ;权力 useful nouns
信任;所依靠的人; 信任;所依靠的人;委托 trust 清单;名单; 清单;名单 list ;一览表 岁的) (13-19岁的)少年, 岁的 teenager 少年,少女 advice 忠告; 忠告;建议 questionnaire 调查表; 调查表;问卷 测验; 测验;提问 quiz situation境遇;位置 情形; 情形;境遇; editor 编辑 habit ;举止 习惯;习性; 习惯;习性
word card useful verbs
vt.增加;添加;补充说 增加;添加; 增加 add vi.加;加起来;增添 加 加起来;
useful verbs
vt. &vi.分享 均分; 分享; 分享 share ;均分;分担
point ;瞄准 vt. &vi.指向 指向;
vt.不理睬 不理睬; 不理睬 ignore;忽视 vt.涉及;关系到 涉及; 涉及 concern vt.解;弄松 解 loose vi.变松;松开 变松; 变松
aux.敢; 敢 dare 胆敢
vt. &vi.信任 信任; trust ;信赖 vt. &vi.遭受 经历; 遭受; suffer;经历;忍受
cheat 骗取;欺诈;作弊 vt. &vi.欺骗;骗取;欺诈; 欺骗; 欺骗
vt.传达信息等 传达信息等 communicate vi.交际;沟通 交际; 交际
Expressions card useful expressions
加起来 add up
平静下来 calm down
useful expressions
一连串的;一系列; 一连串的;一系列 a series of ;一套
故意 on purpose 为了… 为了 in order to 面对面地 face to face
按照;根据…所说 按照;根据 according to 所说
不得不; 不得不; have got to必须 关心; 关心;挂念 be concern about
walk the dog 遛狗 go through 经历; 经历;经受
躲藏; 躲藏;隐藏 hide away 放下;记下; 放下;记下;登记 set down
相处; 与…相处; 相处 get along with 进展 相爱; 相爱;爱上 fall in love 参加; 参加;加入 join in
Word study
dare 既可以用作情态动词,也可以用作行为动词. 既可以用作情态动词,也可以用作行为动词. (
  1)情态动词: 敢于,竟敢,多用于否定,疑问句中, 情态动词: 情态动词 敢于,竟敢,多用于否定,疑问句中, 常与hardly, never, no one, nobody连用 后面跟动词原 连用,后面跟动词原 常与 连用 过去式为dared,否定式为 形.过去式为 ,否定式为dare not. e.g. He dared not go near the dog. (
  2) 行为动词:胆敢,敢于 dare to do sth. 行为动词:胆敢, 注意: 肯定句中,不定式一般加to. 注意: 肯定句中,不定式一般加 e.g. He dared to do that and something even worse. 在用do 构成的否定句或疑问句中, 在用 或does构成的否定句或疑问句中,to 常常省略 构成的否定句或疑问句中 e.g. I don't dare (to) go back to look.
Word study
go through/suffer
e.g. Iraq has gone through too many wars in the past ten years.
indoors / outdoors
e.g. go /stay indoors
e.g. There has been a series of car accidents at the crossing.
Answer keys for Exercise 2:
  1.They hid there for almost two years and never dared go out.
  2.We tried to calm him down, but he kept shouting.
  3. Don't laugh at him. Sometimes you are not able to do as well as he (does).
  4. In the early 20th century, China went through too many wars.
  5.The children have been indoors all day. Let them play outdoors for a while.
Answer keys for Exercise 2:
  6. Please use the word to make a sentence according to the situation given.
  7. This series of readers is very interesting.
  8. The man saved the girl from the river and her mother was very grateful.
  9. Mr. Jones lives alone and often feels lonely.
  10. We communicate with each other by Internet/ through the Internet.
Word study
  1) to put together with sth else so as to increase the number, size, importance, etc.
add sth ( to sth) add some sugar to the milk add sth to what I've said
  2) to join (numbers, amounts, etc.) so as to find the total
add A and B e.g. If you add 2 and 7, you get
  3) add up (
  4) add up to e.g. add up all the money e.g. add up to 52
Word study
  1) vt. 使心烦,使不安 使心烦,
(upset, upset, upsetting)
e.g. Don't upset yourself.
  2) adj. 心烦意乱的,心情不舒适的 心烦意乱的,
e.g. She was upset at not being invited.
take no notice of sb / sth
e.g. Don't ignore English.
Word study
have got to
have got to = have to ≠ have got e.g. You have got to finish the work now.
be concerned about
e.g. Every teacher is concerned about his students' study.
Word study
  1) cheat in the exam (
  2) cheat sb (out) of sth
e.g. They cheated the old woman (out) of her money by making her sign a document she didn't understand.
e.g. In our school, six to ten students share a room.
1st listening

  1) Tick out the following people Leslie Clark doesn't meet in Luoyang. A. officials B. bus-owners C. engineers D. taxi-drivers E. teachers F. students G. headmasters H. businessmen
  2) According to Clark, tell whether the following statements are true or false. T A. A few of them invite her to dinner with delicious food and drink. F B. They take her to visit a beautiful lake in the countryside T C. She stays in the best hotel in town. F D. Most people invite her to their home as guests.
Listening Text
Leslie Clark, a Canadian from Vancouver, arrives in China to do some business in Luoyang,Henan Province. Her company sells buses. During her onemonth stay she meets many Chinese people: officials, engineers, businessmen, store-owners, shop assistants, students, teachers, road workers and bus drivers. Most of these people try to make friends with her. A few of them invite her to dinners with delicious food and drink. They take her to visit interesting places and to a mountain in the countryside. She is given a comfortable room in the best hotel in town.
Some people invite her to be their guest in their homes. Leslie is asked whether she thinks Chinese people are friendly. "Yes,"she says without a moment's thought, "I think the Chinese are very friendly." Everyone who asks her says that they are glad to hear it. However,when she got on the plane to fly home,another Canadian asks her, "So,did you make any friends in China?"Leslie replies, "Yes,I made some very good friends. But I'm really not sure about a few of the others, I think some of them just tried to be my friends for their own reasons."


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