Unit 1 Friendship
Step I Lead in
? What’s the song about? ? Friendship
Step II Brainstorm
? Here is a model of a brainstorming map. The topic question is “Why do you need friends?” Make a list of reason why friends are important to you.
To help me with my homework
Why do you need friends? To calm me down when I am upset
? The qualities of a good friend
humorous loyal responsible
Good friend
friendly helpful
? Step
  3. Do a survey (6’) Please do the survey in the text ,P1
? 48 8 ? You are always thinking about yourself. You should care more about your friends. If you continue to be self-centered and don’t consider others’ feelings, you won’t make more friends and keep friendship for long. ? 913 ? You take things smoothly. You seldom hurt your friends with your benefit considered. You’d better add more affection to your friends. Friendship is about feelings and we must give as much as we take. ? 14?18 ? Wow! How faithful and generous you are! Congratulations! You are always ready to help your friends. Whenever they have any difficulty, you’ll try your best to do what you can to help them without hesitation. .
Make new friends and keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold.
? Step
  4. Discussion ? Does a friend always have to be a person? What else can be your friend? Why?
Step 5 Pre-reading Pre? Work in groups of four. Tell your group mates how you reflect on these questions. ? Why do you need friends? Make a list of reasons why friends are important to you. ? What do you think a good friend should be like? List what a good friend should do and share the list with your partners. ? Does a friend always have to be a person? What else can be a friend? ? Do you think a diary can become your friend? Why or why not?
  6. Predicting Please read the title of the passage and observe the pictures and the outline of it to guess:
Who is Anne’s best friend?
Summary of the text Main idea of Para. 1 Main idea of Para. 2 Main idea of Para. 3 Main idea of Para. 4
Anne Frank made her diary her best friend.
Anne’s family was Jewish so they had to hide or they would be caught by the German Nazis. Anne hadn’t been able to be outdoors for so long that she’d grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. One evening, Anne stayed awake until half past eleven in order to have a look at the moon.
Main idea of Para. 5
Anne was only able to look at nature through dirty curtains.
  1. How long had Anne and her family been in the hiding place when she wrote this part of her diary? Q
  2. How did Anne feel about nature before she and her family hid away?
Direct and indirect speech
时态的变化: 时态的变化:

  1.当主句动词为一般现在时或现在完成时 当主句动词为一般现在时或现在完成时 的时候,从句动词时态不变。 的时候,从句动词时态不变。
  1)She often says, “ All men and women are equal under the law.” 变为: 变为:She often says that all men and women are equal under the law.
  2)“You did very well,” I have just told Tom. 变为: 变为:I have just told Tom that he did very well.
  2. 主句谓语动词为一般过去时的时候,从句谓语 动词要发生相应的变化。 动词要发生相应的变化。 一般现在时 一般过去时 现在进行时 现在完成时 现在完成进行时 一般过去时 过去进行时 过去完成时 一般将来时
过去完成时 过去完成进行时 过去完成时 过去将来时
注意:下列情况时态不变。 注意:下列情况时态不变。
  1)不变的真理。 )不变的真理。 The teacher said to the students, ”Water freezes when the temperature falls below zero.” 改为: 改为:The teacher told the students that water freezes when the temperature falls below zero.

  2.经常的习惯。 经常的习惯。 经常的习惯 He said to the doctor, “ I smoke two packs every day.”
He told the doctor that he smokes two packs every day.

  3. 历史事件。 历史事件。 The teacher said ,” World War II ended in 19
The teacher said that World War II ended in

  4.部分情态动词,如must, ought to, 部分情态动词, 部分情态动词 used to, had better 等。 She said to me,” You must hurry up.”
She said that I must hurry up.
代词、形容词、副词、动词的变化。 代词、形容词、副词、动词的变化。
this these now ago today tomorrow the day after tomorrow yesterday last night the day before yesterday go bring here that/this those/these then before that day/today the next day in two days’ time the day before the night before two days before come /go bring/ take there/here
Related exercises:

  1. He asked for the violin. A. Did I pay how much C. how much did I pay B. I paid how much D. how much I paid

  2. Someone is ringing the doorbell. Go and see . A. who is he B. who he is C. who is it D. who it is
  3. Can you tell me ? A. how good is his spoken English B. how well his spoken English is C. how well he speaks English D. how good he can speak English

  4. He said that he had bought the jacket. A. before three days C. three days ago
  5. Did you say? A. that what he said was true B. that it was true that he said C. what did he say was true D. what he said it was true
  6. Please tell me from. A. where do you come C. where you will come B. where you come D. there you come B. three days before D. last week

  7. Ask her come with us. A. if she will C. that if she will B. if or not she will D. whether will she

  8. The driver said that he pick a passenger at west street. A. will, up B. would, up C. will, out D. would, out

  9. He said he in 19
  93. A. has born B. had been born C. had born D. was born

  10. John me he was going to help me with my English. A. explained B. spoke C. told D. said
Thank you!


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