Unit 5 Music
教案vocabulary 教案
Contents: Deal with the language points in the text Aim: Master the usage of the important points Procedures: Step1: Ask students to retell the story Step2: Deal with the following language points. (
  1) famous adj well or widely known He is famous as a teacher Be famous for This town is famous for its beautiful buildings (
  2) dream of sth/doing sth 梦想 dream of a better future dream of becoming famous when she was young, she dream of being a doctor in the future. (
  3) with +n + 现在分词或过去分词 构成复合结构在句中做状语 With winter coming it’s time for us to prepare for oust final exam. With she was young, she dream of being a doctor in the future. With +n/pron doing sth (伴随的动作) Done (已经完成被动的动作) To do (将来执行的动作) Adj Adv Pre phrase The professor came in with a lot students following. With the problem solved, we all feel very happy. With lily to help us, we can finish the work in an hour. He likes to sleep with the door open. With her son away from home, the girl went home happily. With a bag on her back, the girl went home happily.
  4) clap(clapped, clapping) vt 拍,轻拍,振翼,拍翅膀 vi 拍手 They clapped their hands. The audience clapped after his speech. (
  5)pretend “假装,假扮”.后面常跟不顶式作定语 He pretend not to know the faces. He pretend to be reading an important when the boss entered. He pretended that he was ill so that he could stay at home. (
  6) be honest with 对….说老实话,对…诚实 I shall be quite honest with you.我会跟你说实话的. (
  7) extra adj 剩余的,特别的 adv 剩余地,特别地 He is strong enough to carry the cargo , I don’t think he need some extra help. I bought this picture at an extra high price. (
  8) play jokes on sb : speak highly of or amusingly about sb/sth 拿某人开玩笑,与某人开玩笑 He is a serious , don’t play jokes on him Don’t play jokes on the disables. (
  9) be based on: use something as grounds 根据….以….为基础. The story is based on real life. The news repose is based on entirely on fact. (
  10) at first,起初,开头,含有后来不好的意思 At first, she was afraid of water, but she soon later to swim. (
  11) attractive Attract Attraction adj 有吸引力的,有魅力的. vt 吸引力,引起 n 吸引力
The girl is very attractive Like attracts like 物以类聚 (
  12)even +比较级 It’s even colder than yesterday Even/much/a lot/far+比较级 The garden is much more beautiful than one (
  13) break up: make something separated using force 解散,分裂,解体,驱散
The crowd started to break up when the night fell Their marriage broke up a few years later. (
  14) by chance=by accident 偶然地,意外地 反义词 on purpose I met her quite by chance (
  15) sort out: separate from a mass or a large group 分类,拣出 The farmer sorted the best apples for eating Step3:Homework
  1、 Use the language points in this period to make sentence
  2、 Exercise1,2,3 in using language Step4:Feedback



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