Unit 2
Healthy eating
Warm up: Look at the photos below. up: Give names of them in English
cabbages carrots shallots spinach
bean curd & rice
diet and food
diet和food都可作“食物”解。但diet指的是习 diet和food都可作“食物”解。但diet指的是习 惯的食物或规定的食物,特指维持健康的定量 或定质的食物,如病人的疗养饮食。Food是一 或定质的食物,如病人的疗养饮食。Food是一 般的词语,凡能吃的东西都可称为food。 般的词语,凡能吃的东西都可称为food。 The doctor has ordered me a special diet. Proper diet and exercise are both important for health. Milk is the natural food for young babies. They gave us plenty food and drink.
Usually young people are full of energy. Tom has so much energy that he needn’t have a cat nap. Spring is the most energetic season of a year. Atoms has great energy. It is reported that the United States uses twice as much energy as the whole Europe. a project requiring a great deal of time and energy. 一项需要耗用大量时间和精力的方案
Smoking can do great harm to one’s health. Health is more important to most people than money.对大多数人来说健康比金钱更重要 money.对大多数人来说健康比金钱更重要。 对大多数人来说健康比金钱更重要。 Sports and games can keep you in good health. 体育运动能使你身体健康。 体育运动能使你身体健康。 drink a health to sb. 举杯祝某人健康 Here's to your health! 祝你健康! 祝你健康! Healthful & healthy Eating healthful foods can keep you fit/healthy.
Happen to
My friend happened to buy a bag of fruit for our party. When the accident happened, I happened to be passing by. I happened to have finished the job, so I escaped being scolded. I haven’t heard from Jane for a long time. Something must have happened to her.
You have to balance the advantages of living downtown against the disadvantages. How long can you balance yourself on one foot? The child couldn't keep his balance on his new bicycle. He lost his balance and fell over. Keeping the balance of nature is very important. His fate has been in the balance . in the balance(命运)未定,在危急中;不确定 balance(命运)未定,在危急中; My accounts balance for the first time this year! 我的帐上今年第一次出现收支平衡! 我的帐上今年第一次出现收支平衡!
Get away with
get away with 逃避惩罚[责备, 追究] 拿[抢、 逃避惩罚[责备, 追究] 带 ]走 They got away with damaging the car. Thieves robbed the bank and got away with a lot of money. Get away with you! [口]滚开! 去你的! [口 滚开! 去你的!
Get rid of
rid 或 ridded, rid, ridding (与of 连用)摆脱; (与of 除去 to rid the town of rats 消灭城里的老鼠 get rid of 免除;摆脱 You should get rid of the bad habit of smoking

  1. diet: n. (
  1).某类饮食 (
  2).适合某种病 某类饮食 适合某种病 人的特种饮食 v.节食 节食 A balanced diet is necessary for good health. The Irish used to live on a diet of potatoes. She had stomach trouble and had to
follow a strict diet.
The doctor ordered him a diet without sugar.
He dieted for a few weeks to lose weight.

  2. ought to : A.(按道理 应该 应当 按道理)应该 按道理 应该,应当 I mean a fellow ought to be broadminded about things. I put in new batteries, so the radio ought to work. Ought he to go ? Yes, he ought . Something ought to be done about it . Don’t you really believe that such men ought to be got rid of?
B. 想必一定 照理应该 表示揣测 想必一定,照理应该 表示揣测) 照理应该(表示揣测
It ought to be ready by now. I ought to be able to live on my salary. I ought to be fit for work at the beginning of the year.

  3. Sign N. 招牌 手势 符号 V. 签名 作手势 招牌,手势 手势,符号 签名,
A red flag was placed there as a sign of danger. A ‘ for sale’ sign was in the window.
The teacher signed (to /for)me to enter. She signed her name to the document.
N. 迹象 征兆 迹象,征兆
There were signs of suffering on her face. Martin gave no sign whether he agreed or disagreed. All the signs are that business will get better.

  4. be tired of…对……厌烦 对 厌烦 be tired with/from…因……而劳累 因 而劳累 tire out: 使疲劳 She never tires of talking about her clever son. I’m tired with climbing that steep hill. He shouldn’t tire himself out like that. We were tired out after the examination.

  5. throw away:扔掉 放弃 错过 不利用 扔掉,放弃 错过,不利用 扔掉 放弃,错过 不利用, throw about/ around到处乱扔 到处乱扔, 到处乱扔
This is your last chance; don’t throw it away. You should throw away these chairs and buy new ones. He threw his clothes about in the room.

  6. get away with:被放过 做坏事不受惩罚 被放过,做坏事不受惩罚 被放过
He thinks he can always get away with telling lies. How did he get away with cheating?
get along (with):进行 进展 勉强 生活 进行,进展 勉强)生活 进行 进展,(勉强 生活, How are you getting along with your work? get by :走过去 通过 走过去,通过 走过去 通过, How can I get by while you stand in the way? get hold of :抓住 找到 抓住,找到 抓住 找到, I’ve been trying to get hold of you all day long. get in touch with: 和……联系 联系 When you are in London, you might get in touch with a friend of mine.
get into:使进入某种状态 使进入某种状态
I’ve got myself into trouble. Did your boy get into the first three places?
get into deep water :陷入困境 出麻烦 陷入困境,出麻烦 陷入困境 get into the habit of:养成 养成……习惯 养成 习惯
The children got into the bad habit of switching on the television as soon as they came in from school.’
get rid of :除掉 处理掉 除掉,处理掉 除掉 处理掉,
If you don’t want to go, I suppose I can get rid of the tickets.

  7. earn one’s living= make one’s living
  8. in debt: 欠债 欠债,
He is heavily in debt. His gambling losses put him deeply in debt.
out of debt: 偿清债务
He was in debt when he was poor, but has been out of debt since he got rich.
PrePre-reading In pairs discuss the following questions
Which food Examples of food Answer contain more…? sugar Chocolates or grapes chocolates cakes cakes or bananas cream fat cream or rice chocolate or chicken chocolate nuts fibre peas or nuts pork or cabbage cabbage protein potato crisps or ham ham eggs eggs or cream
Which of the following foods contain the most fat?
Answer key to Exercise 2

  1.Usually Wang Pengwei’s restaurant was full of people.
  2.He provided a balanced diet in his menu.
  3.Yong Hui served a balanced diet.
  4.Yong Hui could make people thin in two weeks bt giving them a good diet.
  5.Wang Pengwei’s customers often became fat after eating in his restaurant.
  6.Yong Hui’s menu gave them energy foods.
  7.Wang Pengwei’s menu give them food containing fibre.
  8.Wang Pengwei admired Yong Hui’s restaurant when he saw the menu.
  9.Wang Pengwei decided to copy Yong Hui’s menu.
Comprehending 1: True or False
Comprehending 2:Answer the questions 1The weakness of the diet in Wang Pengwei’s restaurant was that it did not give enough foods containing fibre.
  2.The strength of the diet in Wang Pengwei’s restaurant was that it provided plenty of energy food.
  3.The weakness of the diet at Yong Hui’s restaurant was that it did not give enough energy foods.
  4.The strength of the diet at Yong Hui’s restaurant was that it provided plenty of fibre foods
Learning about Language: Answer key to Exercise 1
verb weaken strengthen beautify digest balance amaze adjective weak strong beautiful digestive balanced amazing Noun weakness strength beauty digestion balance amazement
Alternative words and expressions Words and expressions
from the text
Answer to Exercise 2(page
should run away after doing sth wrong sth to make you thin by eating it wish to know sth get rid of sth. parts of plants that help food move quickly through the body changing food into sth the body can use proper amount of different kinds of food needed for good health
ought to get away with slimming foods curiosity throw away fibre digestion balanced diet
Answer key for Exercise 3 on page12 slim research weakness cucumber mushrooms bodybody-building raw
Discovering useful structures: Answer key for Exercise 1
  2.His restaurant ought to be full of people (D)
  3.What could have happened?(D)
  4.Nothing could have been better.(D)
  5.It must be serious if Maochang…(E)
  6.He could not believe his eyes!(A)
  7.He wondered if he should go to the library to find out.(B)

  8.He wouldn’t have Yong Hui getting away with…(A)
  9.People would become tired very quickly.(D)
  10.He had better do some research!(B)
  11.You have to eat good food to feel fit!(B)
  12.You have to eat well if you are to remain fit and healthy.(B)
  13.We needn’t go to the party if you don’t want to.(B)
  14.They donot have to goo to the concert if they don’t want to.(B)
Answer key for exercise 3 on page 13
Using Language: answer key
Energy ?giving foods BodyBody-building Protective foods foods Fruit and vegetable Foods to be offered Rice,noodle,nuts Meat,fish tofu ,butter Owner of restaurant Wang Pengwei Yong Hui Problems with foods offered Too much fat
More protective foods More body-building Not enough fat and energy-giving food



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