课 题:Extentive reading-The Million pound bank note 授课时数 日期:2011 年 3 月 24 日 设计 要素 设计内容 In this period, we will mainly deal with the part reading .The purpose of this 教学 内容 分析 part of the Unit is to continue the play and give students opportunity to act out the scene in class. At last, the teacher ask students to underline all the expressions used to order food, make up a dialogue at restaurant with their partner and be ready to act it out before the class. 1 知识 与 技能 2 Get Ss to learn the useful new words and expression Develop Ss’ reading ability and let them learn different reading skills; 3 Enable Ss to know the expressions of ordering food. 1
教学 目标
过程 与 方法

Task-based teaching and learning Cooperation learning Discussion
情感 态度 价值 观
1 .Stimulate Ss interests of learning English by reading and acting this play. 2 .Develop students’ sense of cooperative learning.
学习 者 特征 分析
教学 重点 教学 分析

  1. Develope Ss’ reading and speaking skills.
  2. Have Ss learn to use the expression to order 难点
  1. Get Ss to act the play.
  2. Have Ss make a dialogue act the restaurant.
教学 难点
解决 办法
Help Ss analyze the long sentences.
教学 策略
1 Different reading skills: skimming and scanning 2 Clear the obstacles in understanding
教学 资源
1 Textbook 2 Teaching reference book
Unit 3 The Million pound bank note (II) Useful expression: 板书 设计 Waiter/waitress Can I help you? Are you ready to order, sir? What would you like…? Enjoy your meal! Customer I’d like….. I’ll have…. Do you have… Can I take the check?
教 学 过 程 教学内容 教学环节 Step 1 revision Provide a short passage for them to retell the last passage. 教师活动 学生活动 教学媒体使用 预期效果
Fill in the blanks to revise.
Step 2 Pre-reading
Step 3 Skimming
Ask students:What would Answer happen to Henry at the restaurant? Group work Where?What was in the letter?How was Henry Decide “T” or “F” treaded at first?
Step 4 Scanning Ask Ss to read again and Step 5 make a judgement. Analyse and enjoy Post-reading the words. Tell them to pick out all the useful expressions or collections from the passage while reading and copy them to the notebook, Step 5 homework Ask them to act out the play.
Act out in group
The Million pound bank note
听写与复习单词 听写与复习 记忆测验
教 学
细读,把握细节 细读
独立完成梳 理文章
流 程 图
复述文章 复述 教师引导 释疑解难 解疑 知识积累
教 学 设 计 评 价


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