Words & phrases
  1. several different types of
  2. the main subject of a talk, book, film theme or something else.
  3. to keep something as it is , and area preserve of land made available for a special group of people or animals to live in
  4. to or at any place, position or situation wherever
  5. something that is pleasant to think fantasy about but is not real

  6. action, usually a very great one or a deed very bad one.
  7. the measurement of something from length one end to the other.
  8. being the only one of its kind; unlike unique anything else.
  9. in the middle of an area or an object central
  10. without doubt no wonder
enginewords and expressions carpenter cartoon amusement Useful eagles slide swing tourism
  1.Before buying a car, my dad always looks at its. engine
  2.Early American settlers were great , -- they could carpenters build almost anything from wood.
  3. Both adults and children like to watch just for . cartoons amusement
  4.There are about 60 different kinds of around the world, but only two kinds live in North America.
  5. is a big business for small countries Tourism like Singapore.
  6. When I was little, my favorite thing o do was to go to the playground and down slide and on . slides swing swings
attraction deed fantasy preserve sword tournament whichever
  1. fantasy
  2. tournaments
  3. preserve
  4. sword
  5. whichever
  6. attraction
  7. sword
  8. deed
Task 1:
Discovering use structures (P

  3. Write out the original words.
unchangeable adj change dislike v like possible impossibility n unfriendly adj friend look overwork v misunderstanding n understand athletic adj athlete read misread v translator n translate

  4. Fill the table with the different forms of the words. Noun
amuse admit
admission imagination settlement equipment attraction
admissible admissibly imagine imaginative imaginatively settle settled equip equipped attract attractive attractively
Task 2: Grammar: Word formation
  1. compounding: Find the compound nouns in the reading passage
Compound word free-fall, old-fashioned, with a hyphen steam-engine Compound word whichever, whatever, wherever, southeastern, put together
indoor, outdoor, craftsmen, horseback
Compound words separated
roller coaster

  1. 合成名词
  1) n+n air conditioner 空调 blood pressure 血压 income tax 所得税 credit card 信用卡 (
  2) adj + n central bank 中央银行 fast food 快餐
solar system 太阳系 remote control 遥控 (
  3) v-ing +另一词 washing machine 洗衣机 driving license 驾驶执照 (
  4) 其他方式 by-product 副产品 editor-in-chief 主编

  2. 合成形容词 (
  1) 过去分词或带ed词尾的词构成. 词尾的词构成. absent-minded 心不在焉的 grey-haired 头发灰白的 (
  2) 动词的ing 或另一词构成 long-suffering 长期受苦的 far-reaching 深远的 影响 深远的(影响 影响)

  3. 合成动词及合成副词 water-ski 滑冰 overeat 吃得太多 baby-sit 看孩子 empty-handed 一无所获的
Derivation: add letters to the
beginning or the end of a word.
  1) 前缀 前缀: (
  1) dis-: disagree, dislike, disappear (
  2) in-(il-, im-, ir-): incorrect, impossible, irregular, (
  3) un-: unhappy, unable, unfit,
  4) non-: nonstop, nonverbal (非语言的 非语言的) 非语言的 (
  5) re-: rewrite, review
  2) 后缀 后缀:
  1) 构成名词:-er, -ese, -ist, -ian, 构成名词:
-ment, -tion, -ness, -th. buyer, Chinese, socialist, musician agreement, collection, illness, truth
  2) 构成形容词 -al, -an, -ful, -ing, -y, -less 构成形容词: national, American, careful, exciting, cloudy, useless (
  3) 构成动词 -fy, -is (z)e: 构成动词: beautify, realize (
  4) 构成副词 -ly: 构成副词: badly (
  5) 构成数词 -teen, -ty, -th 构成数词: thirteen, sixty, twelfth
Conversion: change the part of
speech of a word. (
  1) v?n : charge (v)?charge (n) (
  2) n?v : hand (n)?hand (v) (
  3) adj?v: clean (adj)?clean (v) (
  4) adv?v: down (adv)?down (v) Task 3: Exercises 2&3 (P
  36) Exercises 1&2 (P

  1. Make compound words after the models. A: part, long, passer, film, short, well, cold, baby, get, low, world B: by, known, time, maker, wave, famous, sitter, term, together, lying, blooded Model: part + time = part-time

  2. Fill in the blanks with the words above.
  1) It's a good idea to start a job to make extra money. part-time
  2) It's necessary to use a short-wave radio to pick up the program.
  3) Walt Disney, the great , film-maker was born in Chicago in 19

  4) The Dead Sea is very , at low-lying around 395 meters below sea level.
  5) We're having a little to get-together celebrate his birthday.
  6) They often perform in the streets for the passers-by .
  7) I'm sure you will be well-known soon.

  3. Make compound words after the models. Model: bed + clothes = bedclothes A: book, boy, sea, fire, over, under, friend, sun, how, court, day, wide B: mark, side, burnt, friend, light, yard, fighter, fighter, ground, coat, ship, spread

  4. Fill in the blanks with the words above.
  1) The fire lasted about 4 hours before the could control it. firefighters
  2) At school she formed a close with several other girls. friendship
  3) They decide to spend their holiday at the . seaside
  4) He put on a hat and before overcoat he went out.

  5). Lucy enjoys travelling by . That's how she goes to underground work every day.
  6). The children are playing happily in the courtyard .
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