Unit 5 Theme parks
Ex. 1 on page 35
theme equipment sneakers fantasy experiment minority come to life
Ex. 2 on page 35
When I was young my sneakers made me feel cool. When I wore them I imagined being part of a fantasy and going to a theme park. In this dream I would do an experiment trying every ride to see which was the most exciting. When I did finally go to a theme park, I found that it was very different. They showed me wonderful equipment as well as life of the early settlers in America. This seemed so real that this period of history came to life for me. As a result I became very interested in history and studied it at university. Now I advise theme parks to introduce more history of the minority peoples in America, like the native Indians. This is all because of the way I felt about my sneakers.
Ex. 3 on page 36

  6. entertained different made…pay… permission amounts of money objects to remind him of the holiday amused various charged admission profits souvenir
Ex. 1 on page 70

  5. rides shuttle souvenirs variety athletic
  6. amusement
  7. imaginary
  8. advanced
  9. imagination
Ex. 2 on page 70
Charles was a boy who loved nature and wildlife. One day he took some of this money and decided to fly to Brazil in South America. He wanted to see the jungle. Unfortunately his airplane crashed among the trees but he survived. He found it very difficult to get food and was frightened by the strange creature he saw there. Many of them were unknown so they appeared mysterious to him. He became more and more curious about them. He started to observe them carefully. When he finally got away from the jungle, scientists showed great excitement at the information Charles gave them. He provided them with useful and up-todate descriptions of these animals and their behaviour. A few year later, Charles became an important specialist and gave many talks about how he managed to survive in the jungle.
Some words can be guessed by looking for smaller words within them. These are called compound words. Examples of compound nouns are theme park, fantasyland and English-speaking. Find out three types of compound nouns in the reading passage. football amusement park merry-go-round

  1)一些英文单词是由两个单词构成,有时候 中间用着重号连接起来.这些词我们叫做 合成词.例如 fantasylang English-speaker blackboard playground reading-room passer-by

  2) 一些英文单词是由某些词加上前后缀而成. 这些词成为派生词.例如 agree?agreeable fair?unfair correct?incorrect nation?national farm--farmer

  3) 一些词是由改变某些单词的词性而成的.例如 Theme parks charge money for admission. (v. 收费) Theme parks expect to make a profit by the charges for admission. (n. 费用) Visitors can take an active part in experiments in science theme parks. (n.实验) Inventors have to experiment with what they have invented. (v. 做实验) Her room is clean and tidy. (adj. 干净的) She cleans her room every day. (v. 打扫,清洁)
Finish Ex. 2 on page 36

  1. watermelon
  2. kind-hearted
  3. downtown
  4. souvenir shop
  5. life-size

  6. hard-working
  7. handsome
  8. worthwhile
  9. ice cream / ice-cream
  10.mobile phone
Finish Ex. 3 on page 36
Noun amusement variety entertainment admission imagination settlement, settler design, designer Verb amuse vary entertain admit imagine settle design Adjective or Adverb amusing, amused various(ly) entertaining admitted imagined, imaginary settled designed
Finish Ex. 1 on page 71 Verb agree imagine charge profit move change count survive Adjective agreeable imaginable chargeable profitable moveable/ movable changeable countable survivable

survive countable profitable imagine

agreeable charge changeable moved
Finish Ex. 2 on page 71

disagreeable unusual unwilling unsuitable

misbehave dislike disadvantage misrepresented
Finish Ex. 3 on page 72

  1. Susan was pleased to have an introduction to the queen.
  2. Have you the correct equipment for the journey up the mountain?
  3. I felt very satisfied after looking at those pictures in the museum.
  4. Rebecca was curious theme parks.
  5. Peter's quick actions saved the little girl.
  1. It was a matter of would take the position. A. who B. whoever C. whom D. whomever 解析:答案A Of后接宾语从句. 解析:答案A.Of后接宾语从句.Whoever 后接宾语从句 "任何人"与题意不符.句意为"这是一 任何人" 任何人 与题意不符.句意为" 个谁会接任这个职务的问题. 个谁会接任这个职务的问题."
  2. He did it it took me. A. one-third a time B. one-third time C. the one-third time D. one-third the time 解析:答案D time后接定语从句时, 解析:答案D.time后接定语从句时,前 后接定语从句时 面要加the 表示"三分之一的时间" the. 面要加the.表示"三分之一的时间", 英语为"onetime". 英语为"one-third the time .

  3. Are you still thinking about yesterday's game? A Oh, that's . A. what makes me feel excited B. whatever I feel excited about C. how I fell about it D. when I feel excited
解析:答案A what引导表语从句, 解析:答案A.what引导表语从句,且在 引导表语从句 表语从句中作主语. 表语从句中作主语.
  4. Don't use words, expressions or phrases only to people with special knowledge. A. being known B. having been known C. to be known D. known 解析:答案D know与 解析:答案D.know与words, expressions,phrases是动宾关系 是动宾关系, expressions,phrases是动宾关系,要用 过去分词作定语,表示被动. 过去分词作定语,表示被动.
Summarize the rules of forming the words.


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