The Green Movement
The world used to be beautiful.
But now the beautiful world becomes polluted.
The climate is getting worse and many animals are extinct.

  1.What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
  2.What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
Something about the Green Movement.
The developed countries are better at looking after the environment than the developing countries.
Ⅲ. Careful
Q1:Which countries in Europe work hard to improve the environment? Germany and northern European countries. Q2:How do the countries in Europe try to improve the environment?
  1.Put their garbage into different bags.
  2.CFCs are not allowed.
  3.Laws do not allow people burn too much coal.
Q3: When did the “Green” movement began? In the 1970s. Q4: What does the “Green” movement try to do? It collects information about how industry is damaging the environment and gives this information to newspapers.
Ⅳ.Discuss in groups.
As senior high students, what should we do to improve our environment in our daily life?

  1). travel by bike or on foot
  2). plant more trees and flowers
  3). put the rubbish into the dustbin
  4). produce new types of cars.
  5). save water
  6). pick up the garbage around us
If all the people can do these things, I am sure our pollution will become less. And our Earth will be a beautiful place to live on.

  1.Reading on page
  2.Do exercise after class.


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