高中英语必修三 UNIT7 Language points 测试与掌握
energetic, eventually, apologize, persuade, intelligence, make it to, attract, in search of, get into trouble, frighten Ⅰ.用上表中所给词(组)的适当形式填空.
  1. It’s terrible to run the marathon on such a hot day, but Jay the finishing line in less than 3 hours.
  2. When Madam Curie was radium, she was young.
  3. He had to spell out the plan in detail tothe investor investors.
  4. The sailors were warn warned not to while they were on shore shore.
  5. He is a highly child.
  6. He worked so hard that he made himself ill.
  7. I dare to catch snakes, though they haveappearance.
  8. Whatme most to the job was the chance to travel.
  9. They accept accepted his and got on well again.
  10. She’s always full of . Ⅱ.根据翻译,完成句子.
  1. 他总是乐于帮助那些处于困境的人。 is always ready to help those. He
  2. 太阳还没出来我们就准备起航了。We were ready to before the sun rose.
  3. 我校的学生人数多达 6 000 人, 其中一半是女生。 There are6, 000 students in our school, half are girl students.
  4. 令我们感到可怕的是, 由于大风大浪, 我们的船失控了, 朝着漩涡方向驶去。 To our terror, with the wind and waves, our ship was and was going the whirlpool.
  5. 一开始这名运动员跑得飞快, 但突然摔倒了。 At first, the runner was running but he fell down. Ⅲ.短文填词.阅读下面短文, 根据以下提示;
  3)语境提示, 在每个空格内填入一个适当的英语单词, 并将该词完整地写在 右边相对应的横线上。所填单词要求意义准确、拼写正确。 Liu Qian’s success dates back to his childhood. Born in 1976 in Taiwan, he found himself(
  1)(被吸引) to a magic toy in a shop when he
was seven years old. At the age of 12 he(
  2) w 12, which
Taiwan’s Youth Magic Contest,
was ( 3 ) ( 评 判 , 裁 判 )by the great American magician, David
Copperfield. Yet, Liu never plan planned on becoming (
  4)a (职业的) magician. He studied Japanese literature at( 5 )u and only hoped to be an amateur
(业余的) magician in his(
  6)time. However, his fail failure to find a decent (体面的)job after graduation pushed him towards magic as a career. To refine his performing(
  7)(技巧), he has performed on streets, roads and fields, for perform performe (
  8) p , policemen and farmers. “Street shows are the biggest(
  9) c biggest(
for us magicians. We have to(
  10) with unexpected situations and tough ) crowds. ”Liu said. Ⅳ. 单项填空
  1. ?Good evening. ? ?Yes, that’s right. We’d like a table on the side. A. What for C. What’s the matter B. Can I help you D. Two for dinner

  2. In order to attract more customer many supermarkets usually sell their goods customers, good at weekends. at a good A. discount C. bargain B. profit D. cost

  3. She made a quick recovery the flu. A. of B. from C. after D. over

  4. It is reported that two schools, are being built in my hometown, will open next year. A. they both C. both of them B. which both D. both of which

  5. It was that we went camping in the mountains. A. such nice weather C. such a nice weather B. so nice a weather D. too nice weather

  6. What a big wind! I don’t think we will to the airport on time time. A. make sense B. make it
C. make use of
D. make trouble

  7. I him out of the idea of drop _him dropping the experiment. A. advised C. convinced B. persuaded D. suggested

  8. will I give up my hope of passing the entrance examination. A. In a sense C. Out of sense B. In no sense D. Making sense

  9. After 25 lessons we had only half the course. A. covered B. taken C. fit D. run

  10. she lost her temper which made all the friends present surprised. temper, A. Above all C. All at once B. All in all D. After all


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