课 题:
Reading: A student of African wildlife
日 设计内容
日期:2011 年 4 月 设计 要素
教学 内容 分析
The reading passage titled “A student of African wildlife” briefly describes a day of Jane Goodall and her colleagues in the forest deserving the chimps.
知识 与 技能
1 2
Get Ss to learn the useful new words and expressions: etc; Develop Ss’ reading ability and let them learn different reading skills
教学 目标
过程 与 方法
1 Task-based teaching and learning 2 Cooperation learning 3 Discussion
情感 态度 价值 观 学习 者 特征 分析
Let students learn from great women, stimulate their love and respect for great women and develop their moral qualities and their sense of cooperative learning.
教学 重点 教学 分析
Get students to read the passage and learn different reading skills 难点
Develop Ss reading ability
教学 难点
解决 办法
Help Ss analyze the long sentences.
教学 策略
1 Different reading skills: skimming and scanning 2 Clear the obstacles in understanding
教学 资源
1 Textbook 2 Teaching reference book
Unit 6 Reading
板书 设计
A student of African wildlife
1 Review the main idea of each paragraph 2 Analyze difficult language points
教 学 过 程 教学内容 教学环节 Step 1 revision 教师活动 学生活动 教学媒体使用 预期效果
Let students skim and scan Review the main the reading passage and idea of each review the main idea for paragraph. each paragraph.
Step 2 Skimming scanning
Tell them to underline all the useful words and expressions while reading the passage and copy them to notebook.
Underline the difficult sentences and analyze them and take notes.
Step 3 Help Ss analyze some Find out difficult Explanation difficult, long and complex sentences and try sentences and guess the to interpret them. meanings of the new words.
Step 4 Read aloud
Ask Ss to read the passage aloud after the tape and let them pay more attention to the pronunciations of each new sentence. Try to Retell
Read the passage aloud and learn to read every word correctly.
Step 5 Retell story
Help them keep the the main idea of this passage and increase their step 6 Exercise book ability in oral homework Prepare for word spelling English speaking test
A student of African wildlife
听写与复习单词 听写与复习 记忆测验
教 学
细读,把握细节 细读
独立完成梳 理文章
流 程 图
复述文章 复述 教师引导 释疑解难 解疑 知识积累
教 学 设 计 评 价


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