课 题:Warming-up 日期:2011 年 5 月 设计 要素 日 设计内容 This is the first teaching period of this unit. Warming-up is the part that 教学 内容 分析 connects unit5 to this unit. The rules concluded in the earlier unit can be applied here to identify great women. The reading passage titled “A student of African wildlife” briefly describes a day of Jane Goodall and her colleagues in the forest deserving the chimps. 1 Get the Ss to learn useful new words and expressions in this part. 知识 与 技能 2 Develop students’ reading ability and let them learn different reading skills 3 Enable Ss to talk about the achievement of great women
and Pre-reading
教学 目标
过程 与 方法
1 Task-based teaching and learning 2 Cooperation learning 3 Group discussion
情感 态度 价值 观 学习 者 特征 分析
1 Let students learn from great women, stimulate their love and respect for great women and develop their moral qualities and their sense of cooperative learning. 2 Develop Ss’ sense of cooperative learning.
教学 重点 教学 分析
Let students know about great women and their achievement in different fields in the world
难点 教学 难点
Enable Ss to talk about women of achievement
解决 办法
1 Design different level of questions and task 2 Encourage Ss to be active
教学 策略
1 Group discussion 2 Cooperation learning
教学 资源
1 Textbook 2 Teaching reference book
Unit 6 women of achievement A student of African wildlife Warming up and pre-reading 板书 设计 The main idea of each paragraph Para.1:How the group followed the way of Jane’s studying Para.2: What she discovered in studying chimps Para.3: What Jane is doing now to help Para.4: Her achievement
教 学 过 程 教学内容 教学环节 Step 1 Lead in 教师活动 Have a free talk with the students. Ask: --What do you want to be in the future? --Do you know any great people or important people? 学生活动 Answer 教学媒体使用 预期效果
Talk about the Show some pictures of Step 2 great women and women for Ss to guess who Warming-up their moral they are and then talk about qualities them.
Step 3 Fast reading
Ask them to skim the text Read it quickly and match the main idea of and discuss to each paragraph. finish the task
Step 4 Careful reading
Scan the text and Allow Ss to read the answer the passage carefully and find questions out the detailed information. Underline and analyze the new phrases Follow the tape and fill in the blanks Retell the passage
Step 5 Language study
Try to get Ss to find more difficulties and new phrases.
Step 6 homework
Play the tape.
Warming up and pre-reading


教 学
找出难句协助理解 提 趣 分析难句
流 程 图
播放录音安排跟读 预 习 跟读
教 学 设 计 评 价


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