Country most countries Japan France Germany Brazil
Meaning OK money zero rude
Shrugging shoulders
Western countries
I don’t know
Waving hands Shaking head
Kiss on the cheek A firm handshake A loving hug A bow / a nod of head
France Russia Other countries Greet friends
Is body language all the same in different cultures?
Body language varies from culture to culture. Not all members of all cultures b e h a v e i n t h e s a m e w a y. I f w e misunderstand others’ body language, sometimes we will be caught in trouble.
P 26
Which is the main idea of the text? A.There are different customs in different countries. B. Foreigners should follow the customs of the country where they are visiting. C. People use body movements to send messages and different body movements have different meanings. D. The importance of knowing different customs.
George Cook (Canada) Akira Nagata (Japan)
Julia Smith (Britain)
Tony Garcia (Columbia)
Para 2
He approaches Ms Tony Garcia Smith by touching her from The shoulder kissed (Columbia) and first her on the . cheek mistake Julia Smith She stepped back from surprised appearing (Britain) and take a few steps away from Mr. Garcia.
Akira Nagata from The second mistake (Japan)
He to Mr. bowed Cook and his nose touched Mr. moving Cook’s hand . He reached his hand out to the Japanese.
fc1 Cook from (Canada)
Ahmed Aziz Para 3 from (Jordan)
He close to moved introduced me as I myself.
On the, he contrary nodded at simply the girls, and will usually touch not women.
When Darlene Coulon Darlene Coulon came dashing through from recognized the door, she (France) Tony Garcia’s smiling Para 3 face. They hands shook kissed and then each Tony Garcia other twice on each from cheek , since that is the (Colombia) custom French when meet people they adults know .
Para 4
True or false?
1 All cultures don’t greet each the same way. T
  2. People are comfortable at the same F way with touching or distance between.
  3. It’s unusual for English people to stand close to or touch others as soon as they meet. T

  4. Spanish, Italian and South American
T are more willing to approach others.

  5. When a Japanese bows to you, he F is apologizing to you for what he has done.
  6. Shaking hands is a major greeting way
T throughout the world.
Para 5

  1.What’s the author’s attitude towards body language? He thinks these actions are not good or bad, but are simply ways in which cultures have developed.
  2.What’s the benefit of studying international customs? It can help avoid difficulties in today’s world of cultural crossroads.
Divide the passage into 4 parts and find out the main idea.
Part 1: (Para
  1) Part 2 (Para2-
  3) Part 3: (Para
  4) Part 4: (Para
Different people has different body language. You are sent to CIA to meet this year’s international students. Examples of learned or cultural “body language”. Summary of body language.
The writer was sent to the airport to meet some foreign students by his university’s student association There . he found not all cultures greet each other the same way. For example, touch Colombians are likely to each other’s shoulders and kiss each other on cheek the .
distance The British always keep a certain from each other. Canadians usually greet each other by. Japanese often shaking hands to each other while people from bow Spain , Italy others closely and approach are more likely to touch them. As we can see, body language different cultures have different and studying different customs can help avoid communicating difficulties when with others.
Is there really no problems in people’s communication?
Manners make the man.. 礼貌造就人。 礼貌造就人。 Do in Rome as Romans do. 入乡随俗。 入乡随俗。
Last week, l went to the airport to meet my uncle from Japan. I saw my uncle enter entering the waiting room looking around curiously. I looked reached my hand out to him.On the contrary up In he bowed to me. I stepped back appearing appeared surprised. My uncle burst into laughters and laughter said what not all cultures greet each other the that same way. Most people greet each other by shook hands and the Japanese prefer bow. shaking but

  1. Last week, my fatherfather went fishing in I and my and I lake in our village.
  2.We saw many children swim in the lake. swimming
  3. The first thing to do was to find a place. doing
  4. Some children swam quite closely to us so close we got no fish.
  5. We moved twice to avoid be disturbed by being these children.
Last week I went to the airport to meet some for foreign students. After waiting their flight to arrive, I saw them enter the waiting To room. my surprise, I saw Tony kissed up on Julia the cheek and Julia put her hands defence. George reached his hand in to to out Akira but Akira bowed him instead shaking hands. When Coulon of dashed the door, he only nodded through Julia. at


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