Unit 1 Women of achievement
据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子. Exercise 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子

  1. I've a only half of what I'd hoped to do.
  2. You can go out on c that you wear an overcoat. all her efforts to her task.
  3. She d
  4. The police o the man enter the bank.
  5. We a with the waiter about the price of the meal.
  6. Will you (支持) me in my campaign for election? (组织)of a new club.
  7. He's involved in the (举止).
  8. She was ashamed of her children's bad
  9. He fell in the water, much to the (开心) of the children.
  10. Did you (传递) my message to my father?
  11. Britain (作战)the US in the War of Independence; the Americans were (作战)their freedom.
  12. He has (献身于)helping blind people.
  13. I am (决心) go and nothing will stop me.
  14. Has the Minister of Foreign Affairs (联络)the American President yet?
  15. The beautiful picture (吸引了我的注意).
Word usage

  1. achieve v. attain(达到;获得) or reach a goal through a lot of effort 完成;实现 achieve fame 成名 achieve goal / dream E.g. You will never achieve anything if you spend your time that way. She finally achieved what she wanted. 该词的名词形式为 achievement. 成就;功绩 E.g. The invention of the computer is a great achievement. They made great efforts in the achievement of their goals.
  2. specialist
n. [C] 专家 [(+in)] E.g. She is an specialist in training animals [近] expert
  3. connection: union or relationship linked by different means 连接;关系 a connection between E.g. His connection with the family is slight. There're excellent road and rail connections between the two cities. Is there a connection between the sun and seasons?
  4. campaign a) n. organize activity+ for/against/to do 运动;战役 E.g. The city is planning to start a campaign against smoking. We started a campaign for money raising for the flood area. b) v. hold or join in a campaign 作战;参加运动 E.g. He hasn't decided whether to campaign for the position. Mary is campaigning for equal rights for women.
  5. organization: organizing or organized system 组织;机构;团体 E.g. An army without organization would be useless. Do you know the organization of the human body? He is busy in the organization of the football club.
  6. devote v. give up time or set apart for 将...奉献(给) 该词通常构成词组 devote … to,其中 to 为介词 为介词,后接名词或代词或动名词. E.g. He devoted himself to writing. He still devotes to the study of chemistry. He has devoted all his life to helping the blind.
  7. behave v. act or respond in a specified(指定的)way 举动;表现 behave in a … way E.g. He behaved like a true gentleman. The young lady behaved courageously(勇敢地) in the face of danger. He behaved badly to the customers. behavior n.行为,举止;态度 on one's best behavior E.g. His parents were satisfied with his behavior. I don't like his rude behavior.
  8. worthwhile Adj. rewarding enough to justify the time, money or effort that is spent 值得的;值得做的 E.g. The job is worthwhile.
It is worthwhile to read the book. It is worthwhile to visiting the city. 区别 worthwhile, worthy 及 worth 的用法 be worth sth/doing sth be worthy of sth/ being done sth It is worthwhile to do/doing sth be worthy to be done E.g. The book is worth reading. It is worthwhile to read the book. The book is worthy of being read.
  9. observe v. a) watch carefully 观察;观测 E.g. The scientist observed the experiment. I observed him stop at the gate. b) 遵守;奉行 E.g. This law must be strictly observed observation n. E.g. They decided to put him under observation.
  10. respect a) n. esteem(尊重,尊敬) or admiration(钦佩,赞美,羡慕) 尊敬,敬重(+for) [U] E.g. They treated me with respect. We show great respect for old man. b) v. to have respect for 敬重,尊敬 E.g. He is highly respected by everyone. I deeply respected his courage.
  11. argue vi/vt: to express disagreement in words, often with strong feelings. argue with E.g. I don't want to argue with you. We argued the matter over four hours. He argued that she should not go.
  12. inspire v. encourage 鼓舞;激发;启示 E.g. His speech inspired us to try again. My parents inspire me to study harder. The beautiful scenery inspired the writer.
  13.support a) n. act of supporting 支持
E.g. Tom is the chief support of the family. We need your support. I will support his plan. b) v. to provide money , food, etc 养活 E.g. He has a large family to support. I can support myself after graduate from university.
  14. shade a) n. 荫;阴凉处;阴暗 in the shade of E.g. I saw him sitting in the shade of a tree. b) v. 遮蔽,蔽荫[(+from)] E.g. She shaded her eyes from the sun
  15. explain v. make clear or know in detail 解释 E.g. Can you explain how the machine operates? I was asked to explain the meaning of the sentence. explain 不能带双宾语, 不能说 explain sb sth 而要说成 explain sth to sb E.g. Please explain this rule to me.
  16. deliver v. a) take to an intended receiver 递送 E.g. The mailman delivered the letters. He delivered my message to his brother. b) utter speech etc 发表演说 E.g. He delivered an important report at the meeting. He delivered his speech successfully.
  17. kindness: quality of being kind 仁慈;好意 E.g. She always shows kindness to children and animals. He helped the man out of kindness. Thank you for your kindness.
  18. considerate Adj. careful not to hurt others 考虑周到的 E.g. She is considerate of others. He's always considerate towards old people. Please be considerate. consider v. 考虑,细想[+v-ing]/[sb./sth(to be) …] E.g. We're considering moving to Seattle
Michael is considered an expert in computer science consideration n. thinking that kept in mind 考虑;体谅 E.g. The matter is under consideration. We'll give your advice careful consideration. Health is the first consideration.
  19. modest Adj. not boasting/ shy 谦虚的;谦让的;适度的 be modest about E.g. He is modest about his success. He is a modest man.
  20. intend vt. a) 想要;打算[+to do] E.g. He intends his son to manage the company. b) 打算使...(成为);(为...而)准备[(+for/as)] E.g. That trap(圈套) is intended for you.
Useful phrases:

  1. look down on/upon: regard sb or sth inferior to oneself 蔑视;瞧不起 E.g. She looks down on people who have never been to university. He was looked down on because of his poor dress.
  2. concern oneself 关心 E.g. A good doctor should always concern himself with the health of his patients.
  3. deliver a baby 接生 E.g. She once delivered a baby for a poor family.
  4. dress as 打扮成
  5. drive … out of … 驱逐出
  6. put … to death 处死 E.g. The criminals(罪犯) were put to death.
  7. refer to a) 提及;谈到 E.g. You know who I am referring to. b) 查阅;此讯;参考 E.g. refer a dictionary

  8. move off 出发;离开 E.g. The troops(部队) moved off at dawn
  9. do research on / into

  10. by chance 偶然 E.g. I met Tom by chance yesterday.
  11. come across (偶然)碰到 E.g. I came across an old friend yesterday.
  12. catch one's eye 引起某人注意
参考答案: 参考答案
  1. achieved
  2. condition
  3. devoted
  4. observed
  5. argued
  6. support
  7. organization
  8. behavior
  9. entertainment
  10. deliver
  11. fought with / against, fighting for
  12. devoted his life to
  13. determined to
  14. communicated with
  15. caught my eye / attention
Unit 2 Working the land
据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子. Exercise 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子

  1.He has a (晒黑的)face and bright eyes.
  2. The (斗争)for independence was long and hard.
  3. The factory must increase its (产量).
  4. They (用掉) all their strength in trying to climb out.
  5. Our army is well (装备).
  6. Our country has become self-sufficient in (粮食).
  7. The road signs (使糊涂)the driver.
  8. The only way to do that is to __(减少)expenses.
  9. The school (提供)books for children.
  10. We took the opportunity to (交流) experience with them.
  11. Sheep (以……为食)grass.
  12. Since he came to this class, he hasn't played (不再) as he did before.
  13. (由于)his hard work, he achieved great success.
  14. The policeman (搜查)the thief the lost money.
  15. Please (参阅)your dictionaries if you meet new words.
Word usage

  1. hunger n.
  1) need, desire(渴望;要求) for food 饿;饥饿
  2) any strong desire 渴望 E.g. In those days, many persons died of hunger. He satisfied his hunger with everything he could find. The children have a strong hunger for knowledge. 拓展: hunger to do sth. hunger for sth 渴望
  2. struggle vi.
  1) make great efforts 努力;拼搏 struggle for struggle to do
  2) fight 斗争
straggle against/with E.g. He has been struggling for success in business. He has been struggling with/ against illness for many years.
  3. export vt. & n.
  1) vt. send goods to another country for the purpose of trade 出口;输出 E.g. What are the chief exports of your country?
  4. confuse vt.
  1) put into disorder; mix up in the mind 把...弄糊涂,使困惑
  2) mistake one thing for another 把...混同,混淆[(+with)] E.g. They asked so many questions that they confused me. People were confused by a lot of information. I confused her with her sister because they are so alike.
  5. apply vi. 申请,请求[(+for/to)][+to do] E.g. He has applied for a post in England.
  6. satisfied : be contented 满意 be satisfied with E.g. I was not satisfied with the result. I am satisfied of his innocence. He was satisfied when he won the race.
  7. therefore adv. 因此 E.g. He was down with the flu, and therefore couldn't come to the party.
  8. equip v.
  1) 装备,配备[(+sb. with/ sth be equipped with)] E.g. Our laboratory is well equipped.
  2) 使有能力;使有资格;赋予[(+for/with)] E.g. Your training will equip you for your future job. His work experience equipped him to deal with all kinds of people.
  10. comment
  1) n.批评,意见,评论[(make comment on/about)] E.g. He made no comments on our proposal.
  2) v.意见,评论[(+on/upon sth.)]
E.g. He did not comment on what I said.
  11.regret vt.
  1) 懊悔;因...而遗憾[+doing][+that] E.g. I regret that you see it like that. I believe you will regret leaving Paris.
  2) 为...抱歉,遗憾[+to-v][+that] E.g. I regret to say that I am unable to help you
Useful phrases:

  1. rid …of make free 摆脱;出去 E.g. We try to rid a house of mice.
  2. build up
  1) 增进 E.g. He tried to build up his strength.
  2) 使增大 E.g. He has built up a good business over the years.
  3. thanks to sb./sth. because of sb. / sth 多亏;由于 E.g. Thanks to your help, we were successful.
  4.lead to cause; result in 导致 E.g. Smoking can lead to lung(肺) cancer.
  5. turn to 求助于;转向 E.g. We can turn to him for help.
  6. would rather prefer to 宁愿;宁可 E.g. I would rather stay at home than go out.
  7. in some ways to a certain extent but not entirely 在某种程度上说 E.g. In some ways, the job is difficult.
  8.keep … free from/of 使 … 免受(影响,伤害等) 使 … 不含(有害物) 参考答案: 参考答案
  1. sunburnt
  2. struggle
  3. output
  4. expanded
  5. equipped
  6. grain
  7. confused
  8. increase
  9. supplies
  10. exchange
  11. feed on
  12. any longer
  13. Thanks to
  14. searched; for
  15. refer to
Unit 3 A taste of English humor
Exercise 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子.

  1. The pen (滑落) from his hand. (满足)ourselves with book knowledge only.
  2. We should never
  3. She took (特别)care not to overcook the meat.
  4. Many years later, he became a (无家可归)person.
  5. He seems to eat every (一口)with great joy. 14 picked out 15 facing shoes and a small round black hat.
  6. He wore large trousers, w
  7. F is the mother of success. in helping you with your English.
  8. I have some d
  9. She is an o scientist.
  10. Chaplin himself d and wrote the movies he starred in.
  11. His father (断绝) his economic aid suddenly.
  12. She can't stand people who are (残忍对待) animals.
  13. I (毫不费力) in making myself understood.
  14. Can you (认出他来) in this old photo?
  15. He sometimes tells us to do something (好像他是) leader. our
Word usage

  1. slide (slid,slid) ) v.
  1) (cause sth to) move or make sth move smoothly along a surface 使滑动,使滑行 slide along/across/down
  2) (cause sth to) move quietly so as not to be noticed 悄悄地走[(into/out of)] E.g. Carefully she slid along the ice. They slid out of the room when nobody was looking.
  2. content
  1) adj. satisfied, happy, not wanting more 满足的;满意的 be content to do 愿意做某事 be/feel content with
  2) n. that which is contained in sth. 内容 E.g. She is quite content to stay at home looking after her children. Are you content with your present salary?



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