What will be your future occupation?
reporters photographers
Match the jobs with their contents
Reporter/journalist Photographer Editor Designer Printer Lays out the articles and photographs Print the newspaper Interview people or finds out events from onlookers Take photos of important people or events Make sure the writing is clear, concise and accurate, check facts
What are the qualities a good news reporter needs to have?
From the title, we know the passage was written by a
first work a new journalist about hisassignment unforgettable which was .

  1. Underline the questions Zhou Yang raised to his boss, Hu Xin.
  2. How did Zhou Yang feel on his first day at work ?

  1. Make a list of the questions Zhou Yang raised to his boss, Hu Xin. ①Can I go out on a story immediately? ②What do I need to take with me? ③What do I need to remember when I go out to cover a story? ④What should I keep in mind? What ⑤Why is listening so important? ⑥How can I listen carefully while taking notes? ⑦Have you ever had a case where someone accused your journalists of getting the wrong end of the stick?

  2. How did Zhou Yang feel on his first day at work ?
He was looking forward to his first assignment and eager to go out to cover a story.
What a new reporter should do on the first day
  1) The first time he will be put as an assistant to an experiencedjournalist..
  2) There is no need for him to take a camera with him. He will have a professional photographer with him to take photographs.
What a reporter needs to remember when going to cover a story
fc1 ious
  1) He needs to be .
  2) A good reporter must have a “ nose ” for a story. detailed facts
  3) He has to listen for .
  4) If the interviewee agrees, he can use a to get the facts straight. recorder

  1. talk a lot during the interview.
  2. if the person being interviewed disagrees, we should use small recorders to make sure that we get all our facts straight.
  3. A reporter doesn’t need to listen to the detailed facts.
  4. A reporter can’t lose his temper in any case.
  5. Hu Xin never had a case where somebody accused his reporters of getting the wrong end of the stick.
unnecessary To the reporters, it’s for them to take a camera because they have professional photographers with them. The reporters should be and they curious must have a“nose” for a story. They know how to acquire the information they need. While interviewing, be rude they shouldn’t , they shouldn’t talk too much themselves , and they should the answers listen to carefully .They will listen to the facts and ask detailed trade new questions. There is a trick of the, that is ,with the permission of the interviewee, they would use which could keep the evidence to small recorders help their story. support
不论你是羚羊还是狮子,每当太阳 升起的时候,就要毫不迟疑地迎着 朝阳向前奔跑!


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