Warming up
BBS Bulletin Board System European Union_ EU ASAP IQ 重点词汇 private adj.
  2)私下的, 保密的; [典例]
  1) When children grow up, they are eager to get private rooms for themselves.
  2) I wish to have a private talk with you. [练习] 汉译英
  1) 老师应该允许孩子具有自己的观点。
  2) 私下讨论后,他们达成令人满意的协议。
  1. settlement n.
  1) 定居点[C]
  3) 解决,处理[U] [典例]
  1) The Indians often attacked the settlements of the colonist.
  2) The strikers and the employers have reached a settlement over new working conditions.
  3) After the settlement of our differences, we became friends. [重点用法] v.定居 解决; 决定; 和解 . 定居加拿大 安顿下来:过稳定有序的生活: [练习] 汉译英
  1) 他与一家人安顿下来务农
  2) 她丈夫死后,她定居俄亥俄
  2. impression n.印;印痕;印记;印象;意念;概念 [典例]
  1) Your performance gave me a strong impression.
  2) What I said made no impression on him. [重点用法] v.留下印象 把……牢记在心上 . 给某人留下印象 对……无影响/效果 给某人以好印象 某人的脚印 [练习] 汉译英
  1) 我隐约记得我们以前曾经见过面
你对他的印象如何? (他给你的印象怎样?) 我父亲让我铭记艰苦劳动的价值。
  3. remind v.提醒;使想起 [典例]
  1) The picture reminds me of my college days.
  2) Remind me to write to father.
  3) Please remind me that I must call her up before nine. [重点用法] 提醒某人某事; [考例]单项填空 What you said just now me of that American professor. A. mentioned B. informed C. reminded D. memorized [练习]根据句子的意思在横线里填入适当的词。
  1)Please remind yourself often your weak points,shortcomings and mistakes.
  2)Please remind him (post)the letters.
  4. previous adj.先的, 前的; 事前的; 以前的 [重点用法] 在……之前 [典例]
  1)He did better in his previous study.
  2)His previous attempt was successful.
  3)Previous to the conference we had discussed the matter. [练习] 汉译英
  5. lack vt.缺乏;没有 n.缺乏;短缺的东西 [重点用法] lack sth.(wisdom/common sense/money缺乏智慧/常识/金钱) be lacking in (courage/determination to do...) 缺乏做某事的勇气/决心 ……的缺乏 因缺乏…… 不缺乏 [典例]
  1) You will not be lacking in support from me.
  2) I lacked for nothing. [练习]用 lack 的适当形式填空。
  1)Though (1ack)money,his parents managed to send him to university.
  2)He completely conscience.
  3)She is in responsibility.
  4) of rest makes her look tired.
  6. require v.需要;要求;命令
[重点用法] require+ n./ pron. /doing sth./ to do sth./that-clause [典例]
  1) This suggestion will require careful thought.
  2) To carry out this plan would require increasing our staff by
  50%. [练习]用括号里所给词的适当形式填空。
  1)His health requires that he (go)to bed early.
  2)The floor requires (wash).
  7. assist vt./vi.帮助;援助订.参与,出席 [重点用法] .辅助(某人)某事 . 辅助(某人)做某事 . 辅助(某人)做某事 - 帮助(照料,做);在……上给予帮助 [典例]
  1)I am willing to assist you whenever there is an opportunity.
  2)I'm afraid I can't assist you,you have to go and see the manager.
  3)The headmaster assists with a lot of things when free.
  4)You will be required to assist Mrs.Smith in preparing a report. [练习] 根据句子的意思在括号里填入适当的词。
  1)The young nurse was very nervous when she in her first operation.
  2)A team of nurses the doctor performing me operation.
  3)She employed a woman to her the housework.
  4)Good glasses will you read. 重点词组
  1. take up 从事;占(时间、空间、注意力、等);继续 [典例]
  1)This table takes up too much room.
  2)She has taken up a job as a teacher.
  3)This chapter takes up where the last one off. [短语归纳] 脱掉(衣服等);起飞:打折:作为折扣而减价: 接管:获得对…的控制或管理 拆开:分开后将…分成许多部分 -把…视作:误认为 认为……是理所当然 写下,记下 收回(诺言); [练习]根据括号里所给的汉语补全句子或翻译句子。
  1)To keep healthy,Professor Johnson (从事;开始做)cycling as a regular form of exercise after he retired.
  2)Helen always helps her mother even though going to school (从事,占据)most of her day.
  3) 你以为我是个傻瓜吗?

  4) 不要把沉默误认为是同意。
  2.be similar to 与……相似 [典例]
  1) His views are similar to mine.他的观点与我的很相似.
  2) They are similar to each other in appearance.他们在长相上非常相似。 [相似短语归纳] 对某人来说是熟悉的 某人对…很熟悉 以与...相似的方式 [练习] 汉译英
  1) 如果我们总是以相似的方法去思考,我们几乎不能跳出这个圈子。 在经济发展方面,印度和中国很相似。
  3.lose sight of/ catch sight of 不再看见....../ 瞥见…… [重点用法] 看见,发现 一看见 乍一见 - 不被看见,在视线之外 在……看不见的地方 被见到,在视线内 在……看得见的地方 [练习] 汉译英
  1) 他一直挥手直至火车消失在视线中. 尽管忙于家务,那个母亲也能让孩子不走出她的视线。
  2) 一看到这幅画,教授就被深深地吸引住了。
  4.sweep up打扫;横扫 [短语归纳] 放[堆]到一边, 不予理会 扫清, 迅速消灭, 肃清, 冲走 扫清; 吹走; 大量清除 扫掉; 清除 将...一扫而光 [练习]选择短语并用恰当的形式填空。
  1) After the party, the house needed .
  2) The leaves were into the air by the strong wind. A. sweep off B. sweep over C. sweep up D. sweep out 重点句子

  1.What problems do you think people in the future will have overcome? [典例]
  1)Who do you think is the tallest in your class?
  2)What do you believe matters when we take up the work?
  3)Who do you suppose will win the game? I think that he has been to Beijing,hasn't he? He thinks that their team are sure to win the game,doesn't he? [练习] 汉译英
  2. This is similar to the “jet lag” you get when flying, … [典例]
  1) When asked where’s the toilet, the waitress showed the way politely to the guest.
  2) Until finishing the homework, the child was allowed to watch the cartoon film.
  3) If necessary, you can call help from the police. [练习] 汉译英
  1) 即使被打致死,他依然保守秘密。



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