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高中英语必修一单词及语言点总结 单词总结
Unit 1 Friendship 一、
  1. 际).
  6. Failing in the examination again (心烦意乱) her a lot. Those who are in difficult s usually work harder to get out of it. As an e of the newspaper, I should be responsible for what is printed in it. He was punished by the school because of his c in the exam. Many t are so crazy about football that they get up to watch football games 单词拼写
When learning English, it is quite important to develop the ability of (交
at midnight.
  7. English.
  9. It’s quite n for a person to refuse the offer of help from strangers. What is the r for your absence of yesterday’s meeting? My English is very friendly to us. She often gives us some a on learning

  10. Dancing with the rich in the party, he had a f of being laughed at. 二、 选词填空。 list concern about go through share reason suffer point
face to face habit add up

  1. Every time he the figures, he gets a different answer.
  2. They are with a new problem which they must solve at once.
  3. I am not in the of going to see a film in the day.
  4. She all the things she had to buy.
  5. What are the to look for when you are buying a new computer.
  6. She just suddenly left without giving any.
  7. We the cost of the meal.
  8. Mr. Zhang heavy loses in the accident.
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  9. She has an unhappy time recently.
  10. She thinks only of herself, she never other people. 三、 短语翻译

  1. 努力去做某事
  2. 根据
  3. 对……很狂热
  4. 度假
  5. 关心
  6. 镇定下来
  7. 与……相处得好\不好
  8. 有……的麻烦
  9. 经历,经受
  10. 故意 Unit 2 English around the word 一、单词拼写
  1. He looks handsome and gentle, but a he is a thief.
  2. Pronunciation and grammar is quite important in English learning. And so is
  3. He went to Britain, hoping to learn s English there.
  4. English.
  5. Some English people have a strong a , which adds difficulties to our understanding of them.
  6. Many s have been built in Guangzhou. As a result, people can travel much faster than before.
  7. If you don’t know how to use the medicine, read the d carefully before using it.
  8. Our city used to be very old, but now it has become a m one.
  9. When we are in other countries, we should respect the c there.
  10. Excuse me, Professor Li, can you be p at our meeting tomorrow?
“A ” is often used in American English while “flat” is used in British
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  1. I can hardly my friend John who is wearing dark glasses. A. know B. see C. recognize D. realize

  2. Western dinner usually an aperitif, main course, dessert and coffee. A. includes B. is C. remains D. holds

  3. Hong Kong was once by the British before she returned to China in 19
  97. A. commended B. ruled C. managed D. controlled

  4. I request that you the task on time. A. finished B. should finish C. could finish D. would finish

  5. which direction should we go, west or east? A. On B. To C. In D. With

  6. Mike is always gentle and . He is a man of culture. A. pleased B. amazing C. happy D. polite

  7. It is said that living nature may help people live longer. A. came to B. far from C. close D. closely

  8. The problem at the meeting yesterday. A. came to B. came across C. came up D. came up with

  9. We should to study. A. make time good used C. use of time B. make good uses of time D. make good use of time.

  10. The famous film is a Chinese fairy tale. A. basing at B. a\based in C. bases on D. to base at
Unit 3 Travel Journal 一、单词拼写
  1. At the party the foreign teacher was r to sing some songs.
  2. He is a s person. Once he has made up his mind, he will not change.
  3. Though we have learned English for two years, we can’t communicate with native speakers p.
  4. The goods will be t to Hong Kong by ship.
  5. I advised him not to join them. F he accepted my advice.
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  6. Being a fan of Liu Dehua, she buys every music r that is produced by him.
  7. What’s your a to wearing jewelry to school.
  8. At last we were persuaded to (骑自行车)around China.
  9. Writhing travel j makes you think more and enjoy more.
  10. I am so (熟悉) with him that I recognized his voice the moment I picked up the telephone. 二、选词填空, 注意形式。 record determine give in treat dream altitude change one’s mind so far
be familiar to
bring up
Once she is determined to do something, it is impossible to get her
  2. Nowadays, many young children would like to bargain with their parents when asking
for money. Unfortunately their parents seldom .
  6. changes.
  10. She often that she would become a famous singer one day. They have been to seven European countries . After it leaves the high , the river becomes wide and runs into the sea. He won another gold medal as he set a new in the 100m dash. Unit 4 Eathquakes 一、单词拼写
  1. Older students were having difficulty in studying and o themselves.
  2. That place is dirty and s.
  3. In the city, the water pipes in some buildings cracked and b.
  4. People began to wonder how long the d would last.
  5. F water was taken to the city by train, truck and plane.
  6. Everywhere they looked nearly everything was d.
They insisted they equally. Pop songs usually teenagers. He was born in Shandong Province and there. She gave me a look, which suggested that she would never make any
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  7. The railway tracks were now u pieces of steel.
  8. Without (电),modern life would be very difficult.
  9. (判断)from his appearance, the manger must be over fifty.
  10. Dead and (受伤的)people lay everywhere after the terrible accident. 二、单项选择
  1.The houses across the street are , but they were in good condition a few years ago. A. in rows B. in ruins C. in number D. in detail

  2. The boy was so careful that he the street and broke his leg. A. fell down B. fell over C. fell off D. fell onto

  3. He was a warm-hearted and hard working man, and by his classmates. A. high thought of B. highly thought of C. badly thought of D. was well thought
  4. They used to be good friends, but now they are like strangers. How this ? A. does; come about C. were; taken place B. did; come about D. were happened

  5. will be built here next year. A. A great deal C. A large number of B. A large amount of D. The number of

  6. After living in Paris for 50 years, he returned to the small town he grow up as a child. A. which B. that C. when D. where

  7. Do you remember the place we visited last year? A. that B. where C. when D. in which

  8. I don’t like you speak to her. A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which

  9. the machine begins to work, you can’t stop it . A. While; soon B. For; right away C. Once; at once D. Until; immediately

  10. In the country sales of fruits and vegetables 38% in the last 3 years. A. have risen by B. have raised to C. has lifted on D. has got into
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  1. 立刻,马上
  2. 结束,终结
  3. 以……为自豪
  4. 许多,大量的
  5. 分发,发出(气味,热等) Unit 5 Nelson Mandela?a modern hero ? 一、单词拼写
  1. Q is more important than quantity.
  2. After 4 years’ university study, he his study for a bachelor’s degree.
  3. She is not only beautiful, but also well e.
  4. She did a very good job and got a r from the company.
  5. I hated being treated with v.
  6. The c of life put an end to his life.
  7. In our country people of or over 18 have the right to v.
  8. The event has put him into an embarrassing p.
  9. Boys are usually not a in English class.
  10. He broke the law and was put in p. 二、短语翻译(每空一词)。
  1.刚开学的那天,我们的老师就给我们提了一些学习英语的建议。 On the very first day of school, our teacher us English learning.
  2. 大多数下岗的人员都是文化不高的人。 Most of the people who usually have little education.
  3. 别灰心, 你会成功的。 Don’t . You will succeed.

  4. 相信自己,别相信他的鬼话。 yourself. Don’t him.
  5. 大学尚未毕业,他就创办了自己的公司。 He his own company before graduating from college.
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  6. 他从不为考试担心。 He never examination.
  7. 只有通过努力拼搏, 才能实现自己的梦想。 Only by working hard you your dream.
  8. 我们决不能嘲笑那些陷入困境的人,相反,我们应该帮助他们。 We should never laugh at those . On the contrary, we should try our best to help them.
  9. 他上台后就推出了一系列的改革方案。 After , he carried out a series of reform.
  10. 他乐于助人。 He others.
参考答案 Unit 1 一、
  1. communication
  6. teenagers 二、
  1. adds up
  7. shared
  7. advice
  2. upset
  8. natural
  3. situation
  9. reason
  3. habit
  4. editor
  10. feeling
  4. listed
  5. points
  6. reason
  5. cheating

  2. face to face
  8. suffer

  9. gone through

  10. concerns herself about \ with
  3. be crazy about
  1.Make an effort to do sth.
  4. on holiday

  2. according to
  6. calm down

  5. be concerned about
get on \ along well \ badly with….

  8. have trouble with

  9. go through

  10. on purpose Unit 2 一、
  1. actually
  6. subways 二、1-5 CABBC Unit 3 一、
  1. requested
  6. record
  2. stubborn
  7. attitude
  3. properly
  8. cycle
  4. transported
  9. journals
  5. finally
  2. vocabulary
  7.directions 6-10 DACDB
  3. standard
  8. modern
  4. Apartment
  9. culture
  5. accent
  10. present

  10. familiar
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  1. change her mind
  5. brought up
  10. record Unit 4 一、
  1. organizing
  7. useless

  2. give in

  3. be treated
  7. dreamed

  4. are, familiar to
  8. so far
  9. altitudes

  6. determined

  2. smelly

  3. burst
  9. Judging

  4. disaster
  10. injured

  5. Fresh

  6. destroyed

  8. electricity
二、1-5 CCBBC 三、 right away
  1. Unit 5 一、
  1. Quality
  7. vote
6-10 DAACA
  2. at an end
  3. be proud of
  4. a (large) number of
  5. give out

  2. continued
  9. active

  3. educated
  10. prison

  4. reward

  5. violence

  6. cruelty

  8. position
  1. advised; on
  5. set up

  2. are out of work

  3. lose heart

  4. Believe in; believe
  8. in trouble

  6. has; been worried about

  7. can; realize

  9. coming to power

  10. is willing to help
Unit 1 Friendship Word usage
  1.add (to) v.
  1) to put together with something else so as to increase the number, size, or
  2) to join (numbers or amounts ) so as to find the total. eg: The fire is going out; will you add some wood? The snowstorm added to our difficulties. Add up these figures for me, please.

  2.ignore v. to take no notice of; refuse to pay attention to eg: His letters were ignored. Even the best of men ignored that simple rule. My advice was completely ignored.
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  3. concern
v. 使担心;使不安 (+about/for); 涉及,关系到;影响到
eg: The boy's poor health concerned his parents. He is concerned for her safety. The news concerns your brother. He was very concerned about



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