earthquake 地震 right away 立刻马上 well 井 burst 爆裂;爆发 突然破裂,爆发 million 百万 event 事件;大事 as if 仿佛.好像 at an end 结束;终结 nation 民族.国家国民 canal 运河.水道 steam 蒸汽.水汽 dirt 污垢;泥土 ruin 废墟.毁灭.毁灭.使破产 in ruins 严重受损破败不堪 suffering 苦难.痛苦 extreme 极度的 injure vt.损害.伤害 survivor 幸 存 者 . 生 还 者 ; 残 存 物 destroy 破坏;毁坏.消灭 brick 砖.砖块 dam 水坝.堰堤 track 轨道.足迹.痕迹 useless 无用的.无效的.无益的 Shock vi&vt(使)震凉震动 n 休克打击 rescue 援救:营救 trap 陷 入 困 境 n 陷 阱 ; 困 境 electricity 电,电流;电学 disaster 灾难.灾祸 dig out 掘出.发现 bury 埋葬;掩埋.隐藏 mine 矿.矿山矿井 miner 矿工 shelter 掩 蔽 . 掩 蔽 处 避 身 处 a(great)number of 许多.大量的 title 标题;头衔.资格 damage 损失损害 frighten 使惊吓;吓唬 frightened 受 惊 的 . 受 恐 吓 的 frightening 心 令 人 恐 俱 的 congratulation 祝贺. (复数) outline 要点;大纲.轮廓 sincerely 真诚地.真挚地 express 表示.表达 快车;速递
burst (
  1)vi.(使)爆炸;爆发 The balloon will burst if you blow it up any more. The police burst in without knocking and told everyone to stand still. (
  2)n.突然破裂,迸发 His breath was coming in short bursts.他呼吸急促 I tend to work in bursts.我工作劲头是一阵一阵的 *be burst to do sth =be eager to=can't wait to do *burst in 突然打断(插嘴) *burst into a room=break in a room 破门而入 *burst into+n.=burst out+-ing 突然…起来 ruin (
  1)vt.毁坏;使破产 If you loss the case it'll ruin you. (
  2)n.废墟;破产 A large number of churches fell into ruin after the revolution. shock (
  1)vt.震惊 I was shocked at the news of her death. (
  2)n.震惊,使人震惊的事 The news of his death was a shock to us. rescue (
  1)n.援助;援救 We had never given up the hope of rescue them. (
  2)vt.营救;抢救 You rescued me form an embarrassing situation. Trap (
  1)vt.使陷入困境 The gusts were trapped in the fire. (
  2)n.陷阱,困境 The hunter sets traps to catch foxes. Many people are believed to be trapped in the collapsed buildings. *fall into trap 落入圈套 *set a trap for 给…设圈套 *be trapped in 陷入… *be caught in 遇到… *be struck in 陷入… bury vt.埋葬;掩埋:隐藏 The paper was buried under a pile of book. She was buried in thought.他埋头沉思 .bury oneself in .be buried in 埋头于,专心于
. judge n.裁判员.法官 vt.断定;判断;判决 outline 要点;大纲.轮廓 headline 报刊的大字标题 重 点 短 语 .right away/without delay/right now/ immediately/at once/in no time 立刻,马上 .at an end 终结,结束 My holiday was at an end and I must go back to work tomorrow. .come to an end 结束 .put an end to 结束,终止 .at the end of 在…末尾 .by the end of 到…为止 .in the end 最后,终于 .think little of =think nothing of 对…轻视 .dig out 挖出,翻找出,发现 .a (great) number of 许多,大量的 .give out 分发;用尽 .take turns 依次,轮流 .be proud of 以…而自豪 .be famous as=be known as 作为…而闻名 .be about to sth when =be on the point of doing sth 正要做某事这时… .had done sth. when 刚做完某事这时候… .be doing sth. when 正在做某事这时 重 点 句 型 There stands a big tree on the top of the mountain. All hope was not lost.
shether (
  1)n.掩蔽;掩蔽处;避身处 He gave the stranger shelter for a night. The cave provided a shelter from the rain. (
  2)vt.保护…;遮蔽;供…住宿 Some parents are just too protective,they want to shelter their kids from every kind of danger ,real or imagined. damage (
  1)vt.损失;损害 Smoking seriously damages your health. (
  2)n.损失,损害 .do/cause damage to 给…带来/造成 The earthquake caused great damage to the whole city. frighten vt.使惊奇;吓唬 The ghost story frighten the child. I was frightened at the frightening news. *frighten sb. into doing sth.把某人吓得做某事 congratulate n.祝贺,恭喜 I offered my congratulates on her success. *congratulate vt.祝贺 道贺 *congratulate sb.on sth.(因某事)祝贺某人 *congratulations on sth.祝贺某事 judge (
  1)n.裁判官;法官 He was one of the judges of the boxing match. (
  2)v.断定;判断;评价 Judging from what he said,he must be an honest man. *judgement n.判断 express (
  1)v.表达,表示 I hardly know how to express my gratitude. the feelings of sadness 内心的悲痛 (
  2)n.特快专递(可数),快递服务(不可数) My friend and I returned to town by night express.
当 表 示完 全 否 定意 义时 , 英 语 中 常用 no,none,nobody,nothing,no one,neither 等词与肯定式谓语连用来表示。 表 示 “ 全 体 ” 意 义 的 代 词 、 形 容 词 或 副 词 , 如 all,both,every,everybody,everything 等, 与否定词 not 连用构成部分否定。



   必 修 单 词 星 级 讲 解 earthquake 地震 right away 立刻马上 well 井 burst 爆裂;爆发 突然破裂,爆发 million 百万 event 事件;大事 as if 仿佛.好像 at an end 结束;终结 nation 民族.国家国民 canal 运河.水道 steam 蒸汽.水汽 dirt 污垢;泥土 ruin 废墟.毁灭.毁灭.使破产 in ruins 严重受损破败不堪 suffering 苦难.痛苦 extreme 极度的 injure vt. ...


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   Unit 5 1.classical adj. 古典的 classical music pop music 2.roll vi 滚动 The ball rolled down the hill. The dog was rolling in the mud. Rolling stone Company vt. (使)摇摆 I rolled the baby over. n. 卷;卷形物; 面包圈 a roll of bread 3. orchestra: 管弦乐队 symphony orch ...


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高一英语必修三Unit1festivals 单元单词讲解

   Unit 1 New words 1. take place 发生,举行(有计划, 发生,举行(有计划, 有安排) 有安排) happen; occur; come about(偶然) 偶然) 发生 break out (战争,疾病等)爆发 战争,疾病等) When will the sports meeting ? The accident all of a sudden. A war between the two countries. How did it come about tha ...


       本文由非凡一时贡献     Module 1     academic 学术的 province 省 enthusiastic 热心的 amazing 令人吃惊的 in formation 信息 website 网站 brilliant 极好的 comprehension 理解;领悟 inst ruction 指示;说明 method 方法 bored 厌倦的 embarrassed 尴尬的 attitude 态 度 behaviour 行为;举动 previous 以前的;从前的  ...


   第76 1 . A coupon offering two items, especially tickets for a play, for the price of one. 两件的票券提供两件的票券,尤指用一张票的价格购买的两张戏票 2 . I have a coupon for ten pence off a packet of soap. 我有一张优惠券,买一盒肥皂可以便宜十便士。 3 . This coupon can be redeemed at any of our bran ...



   以研讨求真 以扎实求胜 江镇中心小学英语教研组工作交流 我校英语教研组在学校领导和教导处的领导下,在有关专家的指导下,坚持 贯彻“以学生发展为本”的指导思想,调动学生学习积极性,提高学生学习英语的 兴趣;以“学以致用”为目的,加强校本研修,有效实施二期课改课程标准;通 过认真落实教学常规,细化备课组的工作,以共同提高课堂教学效益和学生的学 习效率,顺利完成各项教学任务。 一、抓教学常规,共同提高教学效率 抓教学常规, 1、认真扎实开展教研活动,努力提高活动质量。 为了提高备课活动的质量,各组 ...


   I learn that learned earnest men earn much by learning. 我得知有学问而认真的人靠学问挣很多钱. 我得知有学问而认真的人靠学问挣很多钱. She swears to wear the pearls that appear to be pears. 她发誓要戴那些看起来像梨子的珍珠。 她发誓要戴那些看起来像梨子的珍珠。 The customers are accustomed to the disgusting custom. 顾客们习惯了 ...


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   中国基础教育网-英语-习题精选  网站首页 用户注册 用户登录 网站地图 .交流讨论区 .资料交流区 .学校展示区 中基网首页语文数学英语物理化学政治生物历史地理体育与健康艺术教育信息技术                     教案荟萃   教研基地  习题精选   文化时空   多媒体天地   课外游戏  你的位置>中基首页>英语>习题精选 打印   送给朋友    网友讨论   2002-12-9   阅读次 ...