A teenager upset by study(为学所困的少年) 有个少年正遭受一种疯狂情绪的折磨,这真的让他忍受不了了,原因是他在参加一次问卷考试时作弊 疯狂情绪 问卷考试 了。学习进展不好这事儿一直都使他很心烦。由于不敢告诉父母,他只好有意躲在外不回家。 只好有意 有意躲 为了冷静 编辑面对面 为了冷静下来,他与一位他信任的编辑面对面地交流,寻求建议。这位相当关心他的编辑没有忽视他 的问题,根据他的情况,她列举并写下了一系列的建议,还加上一点,说他应该多和别人分享好的学习习 惯。 他的话雷鸣般以大自然强大的力量使他警醒,解开了他的“心结” ,现在,他已经爱上了学习。
A teenager was suffering from a crazy feeling, which he couldn’t go through. The reason was that he cheated while joining in a questionnaire quiz. It always upset him that he couldn’t get along well with study. Not daring to tell his parents, he had got to hide away outdoors on purpose. In order to calm down, he communicated face to face with an editor whom he trusted for advice. The editor, who was entirely concerned about him, didn’t ignore his problem. According to his situation, she listed and set down a series of advice. She also added a point that he should share good habits of studying with others. Her words were like a thunder, the great power of nature, making the “knot(结)” in his mind loose. He has fallen in love with study now.
Using Standard English Properly(恰当使用标准英语) 标准英语在现代/国际/文化交流中起很重要的作用,但是美国当地的英语,包括他词汇的使用,短语 和口音,都变化得象闪电般迅速。实际上,很多的不同已经出现了。例如,一位有重要身份的美国老板走 老板走 “用还有汽油的卡车送糖果到公寓去。 复述时,那英国人却用一种非常礼貌的语 ”在 近一位英国人命令他: 气转述了: “用还有汽油的卡车送糖果到公寓去”这句话。 正因为以上这一点, 目前负责管理的政府在街区的各个地方都张贴了橡胶版制作的指导, /电梯里, 例如 地铁中等等,要求人们辨别这些不同,恰当地使用英语。
Standard English plays an important role (part) in modern international culture. But American native English is changing as rapidly as lightning, including the usage of vocabulary, phrases and accent. Actually, many differences have appeared. For example, an American boss with an important identity came up to an Englishman and commanded, “Use trucks which still have gas to send candies to the apartment.” When retelling, the Englishman said politely, “Use lorries which still have petrol to send sweets to the flat. Because of the above point, the present ruling government put on rubber boards with directions everywhere in the blocks, such as in elevators, subways and so on, and requested the people to recognize these differences and use English properly.
一次辛苦的旅行 因为交通费贵,我那位勇敢的妹妹坚持要求我们骑车去那儿。她持如此固执的态度以致 交通费 坚持要求 固执的态度 一旦她下定决心做某事,就没人能找到合适的话语说服她改变主意。最后,我让步,并停止 谈论这一话题。正如我在日志中记录的那样,天气是如此地热,以致我们不得不穿着短裤沿 着熟悉的山谷骑车到我们在高海拔处的宿营地。好辛苦的一次旅行啊! 熟悉的山谷
A Hard Trip Because the transporting fare was expensive, my brave sister insisted that we (should) cycle there. She had such a stubborn attitude that once she was determined to do something, no one could find proper words to persuade her to change her mind. Finally, I gave in and stopped talking about this topic. Just as I recorded in my journal, it was so hot that we had to cycle along the familiar valley in shorts to our camping place at a high altitude. What a hard trip!
可怕的地震 在那次地震前,水井、池塘和运河中的污水都涨涌起来,但是却没人作出准确的判断并
成千上万的砖 许多水坝 有所准备。刹那间,一切都在摇晃,成千上万的砖房和许多水坝遭到破坏,百分之九十的煤 管道爆裂 有臭味的蒸汽 矿管道爆裂成为废铁,发出有臭味的蒸汽。 营救伤 部队被震惊了,他们立刻组织起来营救 员,并给他们提供新鲜的饮水和栖身处。没有 立刻 电,他们就用手挖出埋在废墟里的幸存者。 挖出埋
A Horrible Earthquake
Dirty water rose in wells, ponds and canals before the earthquake. But no one judged it and
got prepared. Suddenly, everything shook. Thousands of brick houses and a number of dams were destroyed. Giving out smelly steam, 90 percent of the pipes in the coal mine burst and became useless steel. The army were shocked. They were organized to rescue the injured and offer fresh drinking water and shelters to them right away. Without electricity, they dug out the
survivors buried in the ruins with hands.
At last, the disaster was at an end. Speeches were given in honor of the army.
英雄总统 站在舞台上的那位共和国总统接受过良好的教育,是一位具有优秀品质的英雄。还在上台掌权之前, 共和国总统 总统接受过良好的教育 他就建立了青年团,并被选为领袖。凭借着拥有的法律学位,他自愿不收费地为失业者的平等权而斗争。 青年团 法律学位 平等权 尽管他坚持没有暴力、没有恐怖的和平原则,他还是被判了坐牢 30 年的徒刑。犯罪分子甚至还炸毁了他 和平原则 的家。 在监狱里,守卫的残酷没有让他惧怕,他依然保持着积极向上的态度,依然继续斗争。实际上,即使 在这样的困难时期,他也从未灰心,从未为个人安危担心过。 困难时期 最后,人们真诚地建议以领袖的职位和一块金毯子回报他的贡献。 真诚地建议 The educated president of the Republic standing on the stage is a good-quality hero. Before coming to power, he set up the Youth League and was voted the leader. With a law degree, he was willing to accept no fee to fight for the equal rights of those out of work. Though he kept peaceful principles without violence and terror, he was still sentenced to 30 years in prison. Criminals even blew up his house. No fear of the guards’ cruelty, he kept active and continued fighting in the prison. As a matter of fact, he never lost heart or worried about himself even during the period in trouble. Finally, people sincerely advised rewarding him with the leader’s position and a gold blanket.
奇特花瓶 花瓶使 在招待大厅里,一个装饰着珠宝的奇特花瓶使在场的每个人都激动起来。人们都给予这件文化的奇迹 罕有的风格 风格设计 国王城堡 国家处 高度的评价。它以明朝一种罕有的风格设计,曾经是国王城堡的拥有物。但是在国家处于战争期间,敌人 木制家具 搜查财宝 点燃了国王的城堡,还把所有的木制家具都拆开来搜查财宝,只剩下了成吨的石头,它是怎么存留下来的 呢? 在审讯敌人之后,调查此事的人找到的证据证明,有位女仆装扮成水手,秘密地将花瓶藏了起来。他 女仆装扮 的看法解开了大家的疑问。 看法解开 人们正在考虑赠予这位勇敢的女仆一面镜子作为回报她的礼物。 镜子作 A fancy vase with jewel in the reception hall heated everyone. People thought highly of this cultural wonder. Designed in a rare style in Ming Dynasty, it used to belong to the King’s castle. But when the state was at war, the enemy lit the castle and took all wooden furniture apart in search of treasure. Only tons of stones remained. How did it survive? After the trial of the enemy, the person looking into it found evidence to prove that a maid, pretending as a sailor, secretly hid the vase. His opinion removed everyone’s doubt. People are considering giving the brave maid a mirror as a gift in return.
不像古代诚实的(参赛)奴隶那样,一些现代的运动员们常常在参加比赛时作弊。他们这样做的根源与 古代诚实的 根源与 他们想要获取奖品的强烈欲望有关,金牌和银牌似乎有着促使运动员作弊的魔力。因此,在一场体育场外 举行的航行比赛之前,主办方在一组海报上登广告承诺,每名参赛者都将在体育馆里一个一个地接受面谈 一组海报 登广告承诺 和身体检查。参赛者如果不诚实,那是很愚蠢的,因为他们将不被允许参赛。这将是一场公平的比赛。 允许参赛 公平的比赛 Unlike the ancient honest slaves, some modern athletes cheat when taking part in games. The root of doing so relates to the hope of getting prizes. Golden medals as well as silver ones seem to have magical power causing athletes to cheat. As a result, before a sailing event held outside the stadium, the host advertised on a set of posters to promise that every competitor will have an interview and a physical examination one after another in a gymnasium. It is foolish to be dishonest because they will not be admitted to compete. It will be a fair competition. 自诞生以来,机器人因为有许多优点已经变得越来越普及。他们是作为分析型的机器被创造的,运算
速度很快,与网络连接后,能轻松地处理各种类型的数学问题,甚至还能为人们擦洗地板,照看孩子,充 当象棋教练。 但是在某种程度上,他们却是完全头脑简单的。在新技术、新材料的帮助下,一场人工智能革命正在 完全头脑简单的 人工智 人类有 掀起。机器人的“大脑”缺陷不断地被弥补之后,他们的动作将与人类有如此多的共同之处,以致当你们 夹着笔记本散步,或从你身边走过时,可能真的不会被认出来。不管怎么说,据一些科学家认为,拥有机 笔记本散步 科学家认为 器人总之是很不错的选择。 就我而言,我并不赞同这个观点。毕竟,机器人是没有感情的。 With many advantages, the android has been more and more universal since its birth. Created as analytical machines, they calculate fast. Connected by the network, they deal with different types of mathematical problems easily. They even mop floors, watch over babies and work as a chess coach. But in a way, they are totally simple-minded. With the help of new technology and materials, a revolution of artificial intelligence has arisen. With their “brains” made up, their moves will have so much in common with human/ race/ that they may truly not be recognized when wandering with a notebook or going by you. Anyway, in some scientists’ opinions, the choice to have androids is great. Personally, I disagree. After all, androids have no feeling. 无情的敌人 凶猛的蚊子 蚊子叮咬 药物,杀死各 懒惰的人类对野生动植物来说是无情的敌人。为了不被凶猛的蚊子叮咬,他们到处喷涂药物 种各样的昆虫,连蝴蝶也不放过;为了填饱肚子或获得毛皮,他们猎杀各种动物,甚至是强大的鲸鱼;一 强大的鲸鱼 种在沙漠地区被叫做“发菜”的草仅仅因为名字而处于危险中。结果,野生动植物只能生活在保护区里; 厚厚的沙尘 厚厚的沙尘云形成,影响了广大的地区。 幸运的是,人们已经注意到了野生动植物灭绝带来的损失和影响。最近,越来越多的人申请去保护野 生动植物免受人类的伤害。他们的计划包含人类应该让野生动植物平静生活的建议。 Lazy human beings are unkind enemies to wildlife. In order not to be bitten by fierce mosquitoes, they rub drugs everywhere to kill all kinds of insects, including butterflies. To feed their stomachs or get fur, they hunt all animals, even powerful whales included. The grass called “Facai” in desert zones is in danger only because of its name. As a result, wildlife has to live in reserves, and thick clouds of dust come into being, affecting large areas. Luckily, people have paid attention to the loss and the effect of wildlife’s dying out. Recently, more and more people have applied to protect wildlife from human race. Their plans contain a suggestion that human race (should) let wildlife live in peace. 我是一个无名的民间演员。但是,说实话,我一直都梦想成为著名的爵士音乐家。朋友们总是开我玩 笑,然而,在偶然读到一个古老的谚语后,我坚持着自己的梦想。 我组成的第一支乐队叫“摇摆蛙” ,我们常常轻松地聚在一起,向路人表演乐器赚零(额外的)钱。 后来,我们归类整理了我们的音乐,随后举行了一场音乐会,还登了广告,大约一万名歌迷来为我们迷人 的音乐鼓掌。尽管乐队最终解散了,但它真是一次极大的成功。最重要的是,我证明了自己的能力。 I was an unknown folk actor. But to be honest with you, I always dreamt of becoming a jazz musician of great reputation. Friends often played jokes on me. However, after reading an old saying by chance, I stuck to my dream. I for



   必修 1 单词与短语 Module 1 【单词】 单词】 1. academic adj. 学术的 2. enthusiastic adj. 热心的 3. amazing[ adj. 令人吃惊的; 令人惊讶的 4. information n. 信息 5. brilliant adj. 极好的 6. instruction n. 指示;说明 7. method n. 方法 8. bored adj. 厌 烦 的 ; 厌 倦 的 9. embarrassed adj. 尴 尬 的 ; 难 堪 ...


   必修 1 单词与短语 Module 1 adj. 学术的 adj. 热心的 adj. 令人吃惊的; 令人惊讶的 4. information n. 信息 5. brilliant adj. 极好的 6. instruction n. 指示;说明 7. method n. 方法 8. bored adj. 厌烦的;厌倦的 9. embarrassed adj. 尴尬的;难堪的;困窘的 10. attitude n. 态度 11. behavior n. 行为;举动 12. previous a ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 <高一英语(上)> Unit 1 honest adj 诚实的;正直的 brave adj 勇敢的 Loyal adj 忠诚的;忠心的 wise adj 英明的;明智的;聪明的 handsome adj 英俊的;大方的;美观的 smart adj 聪明的;漂亮的;敏捷的 argue 争论;辩论 △solution n 解答;解决办法;解决方案 classical adj 古 ...


   高一英语(上 高一英语 上) Unit 1 honest adj 诚实的;正直的 brave adj 勇敢的 loyal adj 忠诚的;忠心的 wise adj 英明的;明智的;聪明的 handsome adj 英俊的;大方的;美观的 smart adj 聪明的;漂亮的;敏捷的 argue vt 争论;辩论 △solution n 解答;解决办法;解决方案 classical adj 古典的;古典文学的 fond adj 喜爱的;多情的;喜欢的 fond of 喜欢;爱好 match n ...


   弃我去者, 弃我去者,昨日之日不可留 乱我心者, 乱我心者,今日之日多烦忧 英语单词“词串”记忆法 一部趣味记忆英语单词的书 (第 1~10 课) ??秋风整理 前 言 1999 年春天,在北京大学的未名湖畔,我在编写一部趣味记忆英语单词的书《亲切回 归》时,把几个结构相似的单词用故事情节串起来,写下了这么一个“词串” : -猫和老鼠有一个 rat(老鼠)* 非常地 fat(肥胖) 跳进了 vat(缸) 偷吃了 salt(盐) 变成了 bat(蝙蝠) 气坏了 cat(猫) 咬破了 hat(帽 ...


   今人不见古时月,今月曾经照古人。 天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网,中有千千结。-张先《千秋岁》 天不老,情难绝。心似双丝网,中有千千结。-张先《千秋岁》 。-张先 似此星辰非昨夜, 为谁风露立中宵。 黄景仁 绮怀诗二首其一》 -黄景仁 绮怀诗二首其一》 《 似此星辰非昨夜, 为谁风露立中宵。 - 直道相思了无益,未妨惆怅是清狂。-李商隐《无题六首其三》 直道相思了无益,未妨惆怅是清狂。-李商隐《无题六首其三》 。-李商隐 深知身在情长在,怅望江头江水声。-李商隐《暮秋独游曲江》 深知身在情长在, ...


   accent 加重 accurate 精确 acquire 获得 action 操作,运算 adjust 调整 ambient light 环境光 angle 角度 anti-aliased 平滑处理 arbitrary 任意的 arrange 排列 arrow 箭头 artistic 艺术的,美术的 B balance 平衡 bar 条,栏 base 基准 batch 批量,成批 bevel 使成斜角,斜切 bilinear 双线性插值 bitmap 位图,点阵图 blend 混合,调和 ...


   初中词组(必须先学会音标才能自学) 初中词组(必须先学会音标才能自学) 词组 第一册词组( 第一册词组(共 26 个) 1.in English 用英语 2.how many 多少 3.a piece of bread 一片而包 4.four cups of tea 四杯茶 5.a pair of shoes 一双鞋 6.play chess 下棋 7.run after 追逐 8.play football 踢足球 9.be good at 擅长 10. 10.on the basketa ...


   [00:00.00]CRAZY ENGLISH WORD MASTER JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL VOCABULARY ; 疯狂英语单词王 初中英语词汇篇 [00:19.50]A: ; ;有能力的 有能力的, [00:26.47]able['eibl] adj. ;有能力的,能干的 ;他是班上最有才华的 学生。 [00:29.79]He is the ablest student in the class. ;他是班上最有才华的 学生。 ;关于 [00:35.96]about[? ...


   what pron.&adj.什么 is v.是 your pron.你的;你们的 name n.名字 my pron.我的 yes adv.是;是的 it pron.它 this pron.&adj.这个;这 a art.一(个,件…) book n.书 pen n.钢笔 desk n.书桌 map n.地图 bag n.书包;提包;口袋 pencil n.铅笔 double adj.双的;双重的 goodbye interj.再见 number n.数字;号码 in Eng ...



   三年级 下册知识点 一,词汇(听,说,认读) 1 , apple strawberry 2,big long small short tall 3,brother mom father grandfather grandmother grandpa dad sister banana orange peach pear watermelon grape mother jeep 4, bus bike taxi 5,chair 6 , deer desk walkman lamp giraff ...


   喜欢某人--英语表达 有一次我在跟一个 ABK (American born Korean) 用 ICQ 聊天时我问她什么时 候才要交男朋友时, 她说了一句话很有意思, I'd take anything that walks at this point. 这句话我一时没反应过来, 就含糊带过去了, 后来仔细一想, 这句话照字面上解释是: "任何一个从我面前走过的我都要." 可不就是我们 中文里所说的, "我很饥渴" 的意思吗? 所以我特别把这句话拿出 ...

新编商务英语精读翻译 --必备词汇

   飞机乘务员应对所有旅客的安全负责。 (be responsible for) 请尽快把这些英文报纸和杂志分送给每位订阅者。 (distribute to) 学院决定举办系列讲座,商务英语专业的学生必须出席。 (decide on) 若需进一步的补充解释,请参阅教师参考书第页。 (refer to) 大多数人都会关注与自己有关的事。 (relate to) 最近,下海经商的人越来越多。 (go into business) 一个大批量出售货物的商人被称作批发商。 (in bulk) 据报道,目 ...


   济南大学 信息科学与工程学院 英语教程 by 张景祥 A1.PDF: Science, Vol328, 4 June 2010, P1213 Random Samples Three Q’s infectious [In5fZkFEs] a. 传染的;有传染性的 physician [fI5zIFEn] n. 医师; (尤指)内科医生 KwaZulu-Natal (pronounced /kwB: 7zu:lu: nE5 tB:l/, also referred to as KZN or N ...