Teaching plan for “A Disabled Person?”
Teaching Material : A Disabled Person? Teaching Object: Students in Senior Two, Rui’an High School Teaching Aims:
  1. The main task (Outcome): The Ss will be able to understand Mr. Torres’ story and give their own comments on the spirit of Mr. Torres.
  2. Language focus The students will learn the following sentence patterns and phrases : disabled , develop X-ray film, at stake, out of the ordinary, laid off , bump, anniversary , radiation motivation, (
  1)The cards with names and other data were folded on the upper right-hand corner so he can photograph them right-side-up. (
  2) He could be pocketing more than $12,000 from disability payments.
  3. Language skills The students will be able to better understand the passage through guessing, skimming, scanning, generalization, discussion .
  4. Affection The students will be able to penetrate the spirit of Mr. Torres : disabled in body but firm in mind, be brave to challenge himself and take active attitude to his hard life . Help students realize : they would do better and better if they try their best
  5. Culture penetration The students will be able to be aware : the differences between Chinese and Western culture by learning some original English words and phrases.
  6. Difficult and important points:
  1.Ss may find it difficult to understand the two original English sentences: (
  1)The cards with names and other data were folded on the upper right-hand corner so he can photograph them right-side-up. (
  2) He could be pocketing more than $12,000 from disability payments.
  2. How to help students better comprehend the spirit of Mr. Torres and penetrate it into their life. Teaching Aids: Chalk, slides, Blackboard Teaching Procedures : Step I: warming-up
  1. Watch a video about some students’ behavior in the military training , ask: Which student impressed you most ? Why?
  2. Lead students to learn: disabled, disability
  3. Do you know some famous disabled people in the world? Students talk freely. 设 计 意 图 : Video 录 像 导 入 , 调 动 了 学 生 的 积 极 性 , 活 跃 了 课 堂 的 气 氛 , 同 时 也 自 然 引 入 disabled ,disability 词汇的学习,引出 disabled people 的话题的讨论,是让师生互动起来,发挥学 生的主体地位。
2: Step 2: Pre-reading
  1. Students try to predict what is the passage about according to the title, remind students to pay attention the question mark on the title 设计意图:旨在锻炼学生的预测能力,同时为文章的主题“身残志坚”埋下伏笔。disabled 是重点词汇, 有必要让学生了解其名词形式。 Step 3:while-reading
  2. Skimming to match the words or expressions with the correct meaning and work out its Chinese meaning. [Individual work] A. yearly return of the date of an event ① laid off ② radiation B. treat X-ray film with chemicals so that the picture can be seen ③ motivation C. be fired, be dismissed ④ develop X-ray film D. something that gives purpose and direction to behavior bumps E. thing that is radiated , especially radioactive particles ⑤ ⑥ at stake F. unusual ⑦ anniversary G. to be won or lost ; at risk ⑧ out of the ordinary H. difficulties Suggested answers: C?E?D?B?H?G?A--F 设计意图:旨在锻炼个体学生从上下文猜词和构词法猜词两种重要的猜词技能。
  2. sum up the main idea of each paragraph
① ② ③ ④ ⑤
introduction to his blindness his unlucky experience his attitude to hard life his job enjoyment of what he has
Guide students to to paraphrase the sentence: He could be pocketing more than $12,000 from disability payments Remind students to pay attention to the meaning of pocketing . 设计意图: 旨在锻炼学生的信息搜索主题概括和分析能力。因主题句的概括有一定难度,可引导学生使 用关键词概括每段的主题,减低了难度,相信学生还是能完成这项任务的。 Step4: Comprehending
  1. Read para1-2 , finish the table about Mr. Torres, aged 4 11 24 24 32 Facing his hard life, what’s Mr.Torres’ attitude? 【设计意图】表格的设置旨在让学生从细节上理解文章,锻炼学生的信息搜索能力和分析能力,同时为 第三段内容的引出作了铺垫。
What happened

  2. Read para 3, what’s Mr. Torres’ attitude towards life? From his attitude, what kind of person do you think Mr. Torres is ? 【设计意图】 通过对 Mr. Torres 生活态度的分析,旨在让学生获得对 Mr.Torres 性格的初步的认识。
  3.Read para 4-
  5,find out : , (
  1)What’s the condition of his work ? Suggested answers on the on the slides: ① long and tiring two-hour trip to his work place ② work in a small, dark room filled with the smells of chemicals; ③ can’t wear protective gloves, ④The cards with names and other data were folded on the upper right-hand corner so he can photograph them right-side-up. ⑤ work in an emergency room , lives can be at stake Teacher: What do you think of his job? Describe it (group discussion) 【设计意图】旨在锻炼学生的分析概括能力,学生在进一步了解文章内容后,更深入概括主人公的性格 特征,升华对文章主题的理解。 (
  2) find out the four sentences said by Mr. Torres in paragraph
  4. Suggested answers on the slides: ①“ When you’re blind, it takes a little longer to do things”, he said. ②"They shouldn't make any provisions for me," Mr. Torres said. "It's a job, and I should be on time." ③"If I start feeling like a victim, that makes me bitter," he said. And why be bitter? That makes you go into a hole and stay there." ④"I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary," From the four sentences ,what kind of person do you think Mr. Torres is? Try to understand the meaning of the sentence: The cards with names and other data were folded on the upper right-hand corner so he can develop them right-side-up From the four sentences , what kind of person do you think Mr. Torres is? 【设计意图】旨在锻炼学生的分析概括能力,把学生的观点写在黑板上,通过对其性格的分析从而引发 学生对文章主题的思考, “disabled in body but firm in mind.” ” Step 5: post-reading After watching the video about Nick, discuss with your partner: What should you do when you meet bumps in your life after watch? After discussion , show some famous mottos of Helen Keller on slides, discussion again 【设计意图】通过这一环节,让学生能有机会输出本文所学的内容,并锻炼自己提取观点和表达自己 观点的能力,达到学生情感目标的内化,是本课的升华与高潮。 Step 6:assignment Write down what you learned from Mr. Torres ,how to deal with the bumps in your daily life.


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