Is Failure a Bad Thing?
Everyone wishes to succeed. Nobody hopes to fail. Can we succeed in everything we do all the time?No, of course not. Whatever we do, the result is either success or failure. So failure is a common occurrence in our daily life.
  Different people have different attitudes towards failure. Some people think that failure is a bad thing. If they have one or two failures in doing a thing, they become sad and begin to lose heart. Others, however, never give in even when they fail and they learn lessons from it. Then try their best again and again until they succeed.
As for me, I like success, but at the same time, I don't mind failure because it is not always a bad thing. Failure is the mother of success. Failure enables you to learn many things and you can draw a lot of lessons from it. Failure can lay solid foundation for your future success.
We Are Not Made in Vain
The day was sunny, but I was in a bad mood. At the coming party I would have to do some cleaning, for I was considered unable to dance or sing. I could not but accept the task. During the party, I tried hard to keep the room clean. When seeing all those present joyful, I felt my job worthwhile.
When being told that the entire room would have been a dustbin without me, I thought of a well-known saying, "There must be a use for my talent." My friends, you may have no special talent, but as long as you do your best to do everything well, you will find everything is beautiful at every corner of your life.
An Ideal Friend
Friends can be classfied into two kinds, good friends and evil friends. Evil friends lead us astray and may destroy our life, while good ones drive us towards the right and make our life successful.
These two kinds of friends exist in our daily life. However, ideal friends exist in people’s mind. They should be diligent, successful and loyal. When you need help, they will stand beside you and be delighted to give you a hand. Also, you can share your happiness and sorrow together.
In my opinion, friends can share something but they also should keep their own secrets. So I wish my friends wouldn’t interfere in my privacy too much. On the other hand, my friends should have something in common with me, as well as something special. In this way we can attract each other and learn from each other.
Yang Hongde a Star Student
In this year’s NMET of Shandong, Yang Hongde, a Senior 3 student from our school, got high mark and was admitted to Hong Kong Chinese University, winning a scholarship of HK $ 500 0
But three years ago, when Yang, aged 16, just began his Senior 1 school life, his father was killed in a traffic accident. His mother became seriously ill in bed because of his father’s death, losing the basic ability to support herself.
Thus Yang had to take the burden of supporting the family and nursing his sick mother. He overcame every unthinkable difficulty that he confronted. Meanwhile, he studied even harder and did pretty well in all his subjects. Moreover, he is always ready to help other students and teachers.
Yang Hongde set a fine example for us both in daily life and study. We should learn from him.
杨弘德?? 一名星级学生
Recently I learned from the newspaper that normal universities belonging to the Education Department would recruit some students free of charge. As a return, the students must serve as a primary school teacher or middle school teacher for at least 10 years in his( or her) hometown. I feel that is good news for me and I will contact the universities to get enrolled.
First of all, as a farmer's child, my family's living condition is not so good. I can hardly afford the high tuition of regular universities. I am so happy to get this chance to become a college student and continue my study.
Secondly, serving as a teacher is my dream since I was a child. I was brought up in a mountain village. Many of my little friends got poor education and they had to get to work as a teenager. If I become a teacher, I will devote myself to giving them better education.
Lastly, our country is in great need of teachers, especially in rural areas. After I graduate, I will return to my hometown and serve as a good teacher
Located on the outskirts of Guilin city is Yao Mountain. It got its name from a Yao emperor temple which was built in Tang Dynasty on the top of the mountain. It is well known for the natural beauty and the highest mountain in Guilin. There are different views in different seasons. In spring it is full of beautiful flowers. There are pine and bamboo to view in summer. The mountain is covered with the red maple leaves and chrysanthemum flowers in Autumn, and snow covers all of the mountain in winter.
The cable car and toboggan nicely combine natural beauty and man-made scenery. Come and join us in experiencing natural and excited feeling.



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