London bridge (tower bridge)
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The Big Ben
The parliament house[ 'p?:l?m?nt ] ?
The River Thames
The Buckingham Palace
What is the UK made up of? And the British Isles?
Scotland England Wales Northern Ireland the British Isles the UK
the Republic of Ireland
Unit 5 The Britain Isles
Listen to the tape. Which of the following subjects are included in the passage?
size history sports
weather agriculture geography
culture energy language
Get the general idea of each paragraph. 1st para. people’s view of British culture 2nd para. 3rd para. 4th para. 5th para. 6th para. 7th para. position /location climate culture influence of French history language
Careful reading
Read each paragraph carefully then fill in the forms
Within Great Britain for many years now, there has been a growing movement to make the most of its cultural diversityto see it as it really is: a nation of ….
Great Britain
What holds the nation (Great Britain) of different countries together?
It is held together by a common language and culture.
Para.2 location Britain: England: Scotland: Wales: Ireland: off the west coast of Europe in the east in the north in the west west of Britain
The Isle of Man: in the Irish Sea/ between Britain and Ireland The British Isles: the Atlantic Ocean to the west the North Sea to the east
the location of the British Isles
Look at the map of the British Isles. Match the number with the place names on the left.
Northern Ireland England Scotland Wales Irish Sea North sea
Isle of Man English Channel Ireland Atlantic Ocean Dublin London
9 12 10 8 5
Northern Ireland 7 England Wales
6 Scotland 4 5 2
English Channel 3 Atlantic Ocean Irish Sea
7 Belfast 8
10 North sea 1
Isle of Man 9 Ireland
9 5
8 12 11
Dublin London
Para.3 Weather of the British Isles

  1.What’s the weather in the British Isles like?
The climate of the British Isles is mild with a lot of rain.

  2.What’s the weather in Scotland, England, Wales like? Compare the climate of Scotland, England, Wales.
(Colder, more rain ) England Wales
rains a lot , but the temperatures are more pleasant
Choose the best choice:
  1. The culture of the people of the British Isles was influenced by culture of the people on mainland. A A. European B. Asian C. African D. American
  2. In 1066 England was conquered by .
A the French B. the Japanese C. the German D. theItalian
  3.The upper classes spoke while the common people
B spoke .
A. English, French B. French, English C. Irish, French
Truth or false

  1.The United Kingdom has a short history. F
  2.England and Wales formed the Union in 12
  83. F
  3.Scotland joined the Union in 1707 T

  4.Ireland is part of the UK
6 spoken languages English
…are now threatened and may disappear… disappear…
Why is it of great value to record and teach local languages to the younger generation?
England Scotland Wales NorthernIreland
people’s view UK the British Isles position
west coast of European
influenced by the culture Isle of European k?m'p?un?nt mainland; Man climate th 5 century --settled; in language 1066 with a mild conquered lot of rain English by France
Britain component Ireland
Scotland: colder
Do you know?
the home of the Beatles the second harbor( 港口) 港口) the best city for traveling a city of sports
Which is the flag of the UK?
The national flower
The national bird
The father of literature
William Shakespeare(1564-16
Cambridge University Oxford University
Tony Blair
Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ
London capital city of the UK
Edinburgh capital city of Scotland
Old castles Edinburgh The city of
Cardiff capital city of Wales
CardiffcastleHall Cardiff city Cardiff Castle Cardiff City
Belfast capital city of Northern Ireland
Belfast city Guest house botanic garden nearest the airport
If you have got the chance to visit one of the countries of the British Isles, which country will you choose, and why? And what clothes and things will you take ?
England and Wales formed the Union in: Scotland joined the Union in: Ireland used to be : now is : Northern Ireland is : 1707 part of the UK
an independent republic part of the UK
Listen to the tape with two questions
1How many countries make up Great Britain?

  2.How many countries make up the British Isles ?
Translate: There has been a growing moment to make the most of its cultrual diversity --to see it as it really is:a nation of different countriesheld together by a common language and culture.
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