Unit 9 Saving the Earth
word study
南康中学 朱玲

  1. Find Chinese meanings.
A. sustainable development( 2 ) B. have access to ( 1 )
  1.能够得到 能够得到
C. premier( 3 )

  2.可持续发展 可持续发展

  3.总理 总理
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A. contaminated drinking water
B. poor sanitation 2 C. air pollution made dirty; polluted contaminated 3
Para.3Read Para.3-
  3. Match.
A. Poverty
B. War

  4. Match.
A. take part in
  1. become successful ; do well
B. take action

  2. begin to do sth.
C. stress

  3. join in
D. prosper

  4. put emphasis(强调 on 强调) 强调

  5. Guess.
  1) equal adj. ( 平等的,相等的 ) 平等的, equality n. ( 平等;相等
公平的 公平

fair adj.
) )
fairness n. (

responsible adj. ( 负责任的 responsibility n.(
) )
Who can take part in the Earth Summit? The heads of the states.
Let’s take part in the activities to save the earth!
cutting down trees!
take action put an end to
Poor sanitation!
What should we do?
water pollution /contamination!
wipe out
Air pollution!
Take action ... and that there is still time to take action.(P.
  68) . take steps/measures / take effect (见效 见效) 见效
  1.We must take action before it is too late. .
  2. to take some steps/measures to prevent / factories from sending waste into rivers and lakes
What should we do with these bad behaviors?
It’s time to take action. We should put an end to the bad behaviors. We should wipe out the bad habit of spitting everywhere.
spitting every where
Some words and phrases

  1. content
  2. access
  3. responsibility
  4. harmony
  5. put an end to
  6. affect
  7. advise
didn’t I didn t understand the content of her speech. ( n) No one is content with what he has. I’m content to remain where I am m now. (adj) We should never content ourselves with book knowledge only. She looked at me with a contented expression. (vt)
access (n) 接近 进入 接近的方法 到 接近,进入 接近的方法,到 进入,接近的方法 通道,(C) 达的权利或机会 (U) 通道 It is difficult to gain access to him.
要接近他很难. 要接近他很难
Fallen rocks cut off the only access to the village. 落石阻断通往村庄的唯一通道 落石阻断通往村庄的唯一通道. Every student has free access to the new library.
每个学生都有机会使用图书馆. 每个学生都有机会使用图书馆
responsibility (n) 责任,责任心 (U) 责任, He is so old that he can take the responsibility of taking care of his family.
(负起作某事的责任) 负起作某事的责任)
Lucy is a woman with many responsibilities. (n) 职责,任务 职责,任务(C)
be responsible to sb be responsible for sth
harmony ( C/U )协调,和谐,和睦 协调, 协调 和谐, She has a nutural sense of harmony. In this painting there is a harmony between the different colors. in harmony
和睦, 和睦,和谐
in harmony with 与….一致,与……协调 一致, 一致 协调
The two trees have fallen in love and are in harmony with __ each other.
结束 bring……. to an end 使…….结束 完成, come to an and 完成,结束 put an end to 结束,制止 结束,
We should put an end to the war. The meeting came to an end early. He brought his lecture to an end about ten o’clock.
affect (vt)影响,感动,(疾病)侵袭 影响, ,(疾病 影响 感动,(疾病) His opinion will not affect my decision. She was much affected by the music. The disease is beginning to affect her come into effect (生效,起作用) 生效,起作用) eyesight. effect (n)
have an effect on be of no effect cause and effect
advise doing advise sb to do advise sb against doing advise that sb (should) do His mother advised him to accept the offer. His mother advised that he accept the offer.
defend (vt) 为……辩护,防卫,保卫 辩护, 辩护 防卫, We need some lawyers to defend us. defend sb /sth from……保护某人免遭 保护某人免遭…. 保护某人免遭 defend sb/sth against……保护某人抵 保护某人抵 御…
The wall was built to defend the road from being washed away by the sea. Their duty is to defend the country against its enemies.
Complete the passage.
The Earth Summits are held by the United Nations to take share ideas about the ways to
  1) better care of the earth.
  2) Representatives from different countries often discuss some of the most important
  3) problems facing our planet. One of the main themes of the summits was “sustainable development”, or the question how we can continue
  4) developing the world without damaging our environment. There are at least six big problems. Most of the speakers talk about the “big three”, the three biggest
  5) in the world contaminated drinking
  6), poor sanitation killers water and air
  7), which causes deaths every year. pollution
Many speakers also talk about poverty, war and
  8). We should make sure everyone is able to violence take part in
  9) the new world we create. We should
  10) the need for equality and fairness in the stress responsibility world. Besides, rich countries have a
  11) towards poor countries. There exist serious problems and there is still time to
  12) action The key to the future is take . education.With better education, people will be able to in harmony with build a society
  13) nature and perhaps put
  14)__ the “big three”, and an end to wiped out much of the poverty can be
  15) .
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