Unit3 Art and architecture
The Temple of Heaven
Taihe Dian
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classical / ancient architecture
The Opera House in Sydney
Modern architecture
悉 尼 歌 剧 院 鸟 瞰 图
It looks like seashells or ship sails.
The Opera House in Paris
Which ones belong to modern architecture?
Words and phrases:
in different styles style in style out of 环顾四周
? style ? look around go 违背 违反 against people’s feeling of beauty 违背/违反 ? go against ? despite in spite of ? concrete ? as if 好像 ? equal ? fill up… with ? impress ? act as ? close to 靠近 接近 Sth. impress sb. 靠近/接近

  1. The text is about classical Chinese architecture.( )
  2. Some modern architecture takes examples from nature.(
  3. The text is about parks and gardens. ( )

  1. What does the 1st para. tell us? ? When was Modernism invented? ? Who invented Modernism? ? Why did they invent Modernism?
Paragraph 1
Architecture looks at the man-made living environment.
Every great culture in the past had its own ideas of beauty expressed in art and architecutre. When you look around at buildings, streets, squares and parks, you will find them designed, planned and built in different styles.

  1.When was Modernism invented?
  2.Who invented Modernism?
  3.Why did they invent Modernism?
Modernism … in the 1920s by …who …society beauty. with…that …people’s …of beauty. They wanted their buildings…in a way to look ….
Modern architecture
Classical architecture
modern architecture
classical architecture
What other materials do you know ?
modern architecture
classical architecture
How …feel? Huge; like boxes with flat roofs, sharp corners and glass walls that act as ….
Beautiful; much closer to nature
What does it look like? Why did Jorn Utzon design the Opera House like this?
Autonio Gaudi
Casa Batllo
Sagrada familia
Frank Lloyd Wright
“Fallingwater” House Guggenheim Museum
2008 Olympic Stadium
The 2008 Olympic Stadium is designed by Swiss architects Jacques Herzog(赫尔佐格) and Pierre de Mellron.(德梅隆). Seen from the top,it looks as if the stadium is covered by a gray net of steel, and it looks just like a bird nest made of tree branches.
The main ideas of each paragraph

  1.Architecture and culture
  2.The idea of modernism
  3.Materials of architecture
  4.Modern architecture looks hard and unfriendly
  5.Ancient architecture stands much closer to nature
  6.Antonio Gaudi and his works
  7.Six other modern architects and architecture
  8.The new Olympic Stadium in Beijing
? Review the words and phrases ? Do the vocabulary in your workbook
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