Teaching Plan (开阳六中
Subject Date Type
Book I
  25. 2008 Speaking
Unit 5
The Silver Screen
The Silver Screen
Aims and Demands

  1. Knowledge To enable the Ss to master the new words and the structure items: Wh-questions.
  2. Ability To encourage the Ss to talk about films scenes and types and to interview film stars.
  3. Moral To learn how to communicate and cooperate with others and collect useful information.
Key Points

  1. Master the following key words and structure items. screen, director, actor, actress, play a role, win a prize, win an award You studied / worked / acted at different …… Why did you do next? First … , and then … Later on ….. What made you decide to …? What role did you act? How long have you been working as …?
  2. How to ask Wh-questions?
Difficult Points

  1. How to talk about pictures taken from films?
  2. How to interview film stars?
Teaching Procedures
Step 1:Lead in Teach the students the important words and phrases: screen, director, actor, actress, play a role, win a prize, win an award. Step 2 Ask and answer T: (point to the screen)What is this? Ss:屏幕. (Someone may know this word in English) T:Yes, it is a screen. Where can you see a big, big screen? Ss: In a cinema. T:Yes, in a cinema, and today we will deal with something about films. Do you know Zhang Yimou? Is he a teacher, a doctor? He is.... Ss: Directot. T: Yes, he is a director. Director, read after me.
T: Ss: T:
Do you know Jackie Chan? Is he a director too? No. No, he is not a director, but an actor. How about Zhang Ziyi? Is she an actor?
Ss: No, she is not an actor, but an actress. T: How about Liu Dehua? An actor or actress? Ss: Actor. T: "act"? Ss: T: Play a role. Play a role. Good. Jackie Chan acts so well in his films that he can win a prize. Another Jackie Chan acts in many films. "Act" means "play a role". So what is another way to say
way to say "win a prize" is "win an award". So read after me, win an award. Step 3: Talk about the pictures taken from the films. Ask your partner the following questions (pair work) Question 1: Who can you see in the picture? Question 2: What are they doing? Question 3: Is there anything interesting or special in the picture? What is it? (Hints: Picture 1: the man's hair, beach; Picture 2: scared people, scary animal; Picture 3: the story of Mulan; Picture 4: sword, fight, Kongfu) The teacher gives the students a model first: Picture 1: (Bicentennial Man) T: Who can you see in the picture? S1: A girl. T: Wha are they doing? fins? S4: He has no hair. Bicentennial Man Jurassic Park Mulan Hero Step 5: Learn to ask questions. Name Birthplace School First job Meryl Streep Keanu Reeves S5: He looks strange. Science Fiction Action Film Horror Film Cartoon ( Animation Film) Step 4: Match the films with the types. S2: A man. S3: They are walking, I think.
T: Is there anything interesting or special in the picture? Look at the man's head. What do you
First film Other films Information about family T: 将书或纸卷成话筒状) am a journalist from CCTV-
  1. So what does "journalist" mean? If ( I you are a very famous actor or actress, I want to interview you about the information in the table. How should I ask these questions? Ss: What's your name? / Where were you born? / What school did you go to? / What was your first job? / What was your first film? / What other films did you play a role in ? / Can you tell me something about your family? Step 6: Work in pairs, interview each other and fill in the form. Instruction 1: work in pairs. A is to be a journalist and B is to be Meryl Streep. B answers questions according to passage one. And then change roles: A is to be Keanu Reeves and B is to be a journalist. Instruction 2: Do you want to be a good journalist? How to be one? Your wuestions should be in order and logical. So use the following expressions: First..., and then...,, later on..., finally... Step 6 Step 7 Evaluate the performance of one or two pairs in the class. Assignment: Work n groups of 4-6 and make an English newspaper with short
biographies of your favourite stars.
Bb Designs Unit 5 The Silver Screen
screen director actor actress play a role win a prize win an award Q
  1. Who… ? Q
  2. What ….? Q
  3. …anything special…? What is it? Picture 2 scared people , scary animal Picture 4 sword, flight, attack, kongfu Keanu Revees
science film / action film / horror film / cartoon (animation film) Picture 1 the man\s hair, beach Picture 3 the story of Mulan Name Birthplace School First job First film Other films Information about family Meryl



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