高中英语教材常见重点动词短语集agree on 商定,决定,达成共识 商定,决定, The building of a new car factory was agreed on last month and a new company has been started. SIL
  22) agree to do sth. 同意做某事 Do they agree to sow wheat close together? ( SIL 95 ) add... to... 把…加到 上 加到…上 加到 Chaplin's earliest films were silent, because the equipment for adding sound to films had not yet been developed. ( SIL 18 ) ask... for 询问、向…要 询问、 要 Now ask your partner for the answers. ( SIL
  9) be about to do sth. 即将做… 即将做
This afternoon I was just about to go swimming when luckily our guide saw me and shouted at me, "Stop ! Don't swim ! " ( SIL 14 ) be anxious about 为…而忧虑 而忧虑 We've been anxious about you. ( SIIL 41 ) be busy with 忙于… 忙于
He is always busy with his farm work. ( SIL93 ) be fit for 适合于 If we go on polluting the world, it won't be fit for us to live in. ( SIIL 33 ) be fond of 爱好、喜爱 爱好、 The Irish are very fond of music and poems. ( SIL 87 ) be made from 由…制造 制造 The powder is made from fish, blood and bones. ( SIL 17 ) be made up of 由…组成 组成 The UK is made up of four countries. ( SIL
  86) be familiar with 对…熟悉 熟悉 Oh, at the end some songs that everyone's familiar with, then they can join in. ( SIIL 81 ) be famous for 因…著名 著名 Plants grow well all the year round and the parks and gardens are famous for their flowers. ( SIIL 26 ) be popular with sb. 受某人欢迎 It is popular with students of English, who read it in order to improve their English. ( SIIL 15 ) be rich in 在…充足(充裕) 充足( 充足 充裕) It is rich in fibre and low in sugar and fat. ( SIL 58 ) be tired of 厌烦做某事 I really enjoy it, but I'm tired of so much reading. ( SIL 53 ) be uncertain about 对…不确定 不确定 The development of films with sound became a problem for Chaplin, as he was uncertain about
making films with dialogue. ( SIIL 18 ) be used to 习惯于 When smokers who are used to nicotine go without it for an hour or two, they begin to feel bad. ( SIIL 7 ) beat... to death 打死 I'll never forget the time when my father was beaten to death. ( SIL 51 ) beg one's pardon 请原谅 Beg your pardon. ( SIIL 63 ) begin... with 从…开始 开始 Begin each sentence with the words in bold. ( SIL 23 ) break away from 脱离 脱离… Lincoln said that it was not right for the south to break away from the Union. ( SIL 50 ) break out 突然发生、爆发 突然发生、 Fighting broke out between the two. ( SIL 50 ) break the rule 违反规定 Everyone obeys the rules; anyone who breaks the rules is punished. ( SIL 18 ) bring down
  1. 降低
  2. 使…倒下 倒下 Can you try to get them to bring down the price ? ( SIL 33 ) Electricity lines as well as telephone poles were brought down by falling trees or branches. bring in 引进、引来、吸收 引进、引来、 They started to use English, but they also brought in some words from their own languages. bring on 使…前进 前进 then it is brought on along a very small railway line to your seat in front of your television so that you don't even have to stand up when you get what you need. ( SIIL 3 ) bring up 教育、培养 教育、 Chaplin was brought up by his mother who learnt to dance at an early age. ( SIIL 20 ) belong to 属于 The fire also destroyed cars which belonged to people who worked in the building. ( SIL 62 ) blow away 刮走、吹走 刮走、 Strong winds can also blow away the valuable soil that lies on the top of the fields. ( SIIL 34 ) blow over (风)吹翻 、刮翻 Three famous parks in and around London had over 1400 trees blown over. (SIIL43 ) blow down (风)吹倒 Fifteen million trees had been blown down by the high winds, blocking roads, paths and railway lines. ( SIIL 42 ) burn down 把…烧成平地、烧光 烧成平地、 烧成平地 The bedclothes catch fire and the whole house may be burnt down. ( SIIL 6 ) burn... to the ground 把…烧平 烧平 In the country the revolutionaries set fire to the nobles' castles and burnt them to the ground. ( SIIL87 )
cut off 切断 The electricity was cut off for several days too. ( SIL 26 ) call at ( a place ) 访问(某地) 访问(某地) He called at the hospital after work to find out whether Mr King was better. ( SIL74 ) call back 回电话 Can you ask him to call me back ? ( SIL 101 ) call for 要求、号召、约请 要求、 People are calling for freedom of all slaves. ( SIL 52 ) call in 招集、招来 招集、 The army was called in to cut through fallen trees and to help clear the roads and paths. ( SIL42 ) call on 拜访、访问 拜访、 So I called on you and asked if I could borrow some jewellery. ( SIL 70 ) catch fire 着火 Suddenly a pan of oil catches fire. ( SIL 61 ) care for 喜欢、想要 喜欢、 I care for reading magazines. ( SIIL 16 ) carry off 夺走 Worse still, it could even carry off the baby in its mouth. ( SIIL 46 ) carry out 开展、执行、实现 开展、执行、 They are being used more and more to collect information about he space, to carry out experiments and to send the information back to research centres on the earth. ( SIIL 55 ) change... into 把…变成,转换成 变成, 变成 Change these sentences from Direct Speech into Indirect Speech.(SIL11 ) clear away 把…清除掉 清除掉 She is clearing away the branches of that large tree. ( SIIL 43 ) clear up 整理、收拾 整理、 Everybody seems to drop waste paper in the street, and nobody clears it up at the end of the day.( SIIL 28 ) come about 发生、产生 发生、 How did these differences come about ? come across (偶然)遇到 偶然) A man was walking through a wood and he came across a wood-cutter. ( SIL 81 ) come off 从…离开,脱落 离开, 离开 My raincoat got caught in the door and the bottom button came off. ( SIIL40 ) come out 出发、出版、发行 出发、出版、 How did the printing come out ? ( SIL 77 ) come to 共计、达到 共计、 By the end of the year, the total money collected had come to over 92 million dollars, all of which were sent to Africa. ( SIL 103 ) come true 变为现实,实现 变为现实,
I've always dreamt of coming to China, and now my dream has come true. ( SIIL77 ) come up 抬头、上来、上升 抬头、上来、 Puts his head underwater, but soon comes up for breath. ( SIIL 61 ) compare to 与…相比 相比 In the 16-19 age group, 32% of women smoke, compared to 28% of men. ( SIIL 6 ) compare... with 把…与…进行比较 与 进行比较 Sometimes it is necessary to compare English with Chinese. ( SIIL8 ) connect to 连接、相连 连接、 The room, connected to the rest of the house by a long passage, was completely empty. ( SIIL59 ) You just press the numbers and the phone will connect you to the right number. ( SIIL
  91) connect with 与…相连 相连 How is one telephone connected with another today? ( SIIL 90 ) consider... as 把(某人)看作 某人) Today, Abraham Lincoln is considered as one of the greatest of all American presidents. (SIL
  50) consider... to be 把...看作是 看作是 the people had considered him to be a great leader, and a wise, kind and honest man. (SIL
  50) consider doing... 考虑做某事 Have you considered having a walk after supper? ( SIL 53 ) cut off 切断 Many towns and villages had their water supply cut off because there was no electricity. (SIIL42 ) cut through 剪断、凿穿 剪断、 The army was called in to cut through fallen trees and to help clear the roads and paths. ( SIIL 42 ) cut up 齐根割掉、切碎 齐根割掉、 "I'm cutting this tree up. " ( SIIL 61 ) deal with 处理、对付 处理、 Here is some advice for dealing with common injuries. ( SIIL 30 ) depend on 依靠、相信、信赖 依靠、相信、 You can depend on us, sir. ( SIIL 38 ) die of 死于 死于… Tens of thousands of people died of hunger. ( SIL 87 ) die out 消失、灭亡 消失、 However, many of these are dying out. ( SIIL 35 divide... into... 把…分成 分成… 分成 Ireland is divided into two countries. ( SIL 86 ) do a good deed 做件好事 Quarrelling often with his friends, Sydney was determined to do a good deed. ( SIIL 87 ) do one's best 尽某人的最大努力 The farmers do their best to supply the market with enough vegetables. ( SIL 32 ) do sb. a favor 帮某人一个忙 Do me the favor to put on this shirt, and this suit. ( SIIL 38 )
do well 做的好 He's doing well in the navy. ( SIIL 61 ) do wrong 做坏事、犯罪 做坏事、 Even monde family had done much wrong. ( SIIL 87 ) dream of 向往、渴望、梦想 向往、渴望、 I've always dreamt of coming to China, and now my dream has come true. (SIIL77 drop in 顺便走访(某人) 顺便走访(某人) I'll drop in and leave the new address. ( SIIL 38 ) eat up 吃光、吃完 吃光、 I ate up all the food I could find in the fridge. ( SIL 44 ) earn one's living 谋生 Many people earn their living by writing music. ( SIIL 82 ) end up 结束、告终 结束、 Even if none of this is true for us today, it is probable that one day we will end up with a disability.( SIIL 79 ) fall off 跌落、下降 跌落、 The house moved and a few pictures fell off the wall, but that was all. ( SIL 25 ) fall in love with 爱上 爱上… After the return of dr Manette to England, two men fell in love with Lucie Manette, Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton. ( SIIL 86 ) fall over 跌倒、倒下 跌倒、 After a moment, it fell over and lay still. ( SIIL 47 ) get along with 与…相处 相处 All the other students went to the same junior middle school, so they get along very well with each other. ( SIL 54 ) get back 回来、返回 回来、 See you when I get back. ( SIL13 ) get close to 接近 There were so many people in the street watching the fire that firefighters could not get close to the building. ( SIL 62 ) get down to 开始认真做 开始认真做… As soon as the reporters know what to write about, they get down to work.( SIIL 14 ) get in touch with 与…联系(接触) 联系( 联系 接触) Finally Hank and his friend gave each other their addresses and promised to get in touch again with each other when they both returned to the States. ( SIIL
  70) get off 脱下 Please get those things off, sir, and throw them into the fire. ( SIIL
  38) get married 结婚 The person getting married is a relative of my mother. ( SIIL
  83) get through 通过、拨通(电话) 通过、拨通(电话)
I can't get through. The line's busy. ( SIL 97 聚会、 get together 聚会、联欢 We must get together some other time for a chat. (SIIL 89 ) 染上… get into the habit of 染上…的习惯 Nicotine is a drug that gets one into the habit of smoking. (SIIL
  7) give advice 提建议 Give advice to your friend. ( SIL
  45) 归还、 give back 归还、退还 I would like you to change this blouse, or else give me my money back. ( SIIL37 ) 屈服、 give in 屈服、让步 King called for black people not to give in but to continue the struggle. ( SIIL 75 ) give up 放弃 One habit is smoking. He can't give it up. ( SIIL 6 ) go away 走开、离开、逃跑 走开、离开、 Did you stay at home or did you go away ? (SIL
  1) go against 反对、不利于 反对、 But if you go against nature and do things at the wrong time of year, you will have to do more work and the results will not be so good. ( SIL 95 ) go ahead 用吧 Thanks. I wonder if I could use your phone. Sure. Go ahead. (SIIL 5 ) go bad (食物)变坏、坏掉 食物)变坏、 Around 1850, a terrible disease hit the potato crop, and potatoes went bad in the soil. (SIL
  87) go off 离开,走开 离开, When are you going off to Guangzhou ? ( SIL 13 ) In the afternoon, we all went off separately to look for new plants. (SIIL 35 ) go on doing sth. 继续干某时、不停地干某事 继续干某时、 Sometimes we go on working after dark by the lights of our tractors. (SIL 2 ) go on with 继续 With the pay that he received and saved, he went on with his studies at university, where he received a doctor's degree in 19
  05. (SIIL50 ) go up 上涨、上升 上涨、 I believe prices might go up next week. ( SIL 33 ) grow up 生长
Or do they grow up by themselves ? ( SIL 17 ) hand in 交上来、递交 交上来、 The report Mr Turner handed in was about the motor race. (SIL 39 ) hand out 分发 It seems necessary to hand out the listening text to the students. (SIIL22 ) have a good trip 一路顺风 Of course. Good luck. Have a good trip. ( SIL 13 ) have a talk with 与…谈话 谈话 Yang Mei is having a talk with her teacher Sara about learning English. ( SIL
  81) have a seat 坐下 Come in and have a seat. ( SIIL 57 ) have a test 参加测验 I had a test last week and got a full mark. ( SIIL 85 ) have a word with 和…说句话 说句话 Please, could I have a word with her ? ( SIIL 89 ) have difficulty in ( doing ) sth. (做)…有困难(麻烦) 有困难( 有困难 麻烦) Others may have difficulty in moving. (SIIL 79 have... on
  1. 戴着、穿着
  2.有事、有约会 戴着、 有事、 有事 Having a black hat on, Chaplin carried a stick, which he used to swing in the air. ( SIIL 19 ) I've already got something on that evening. (SIIL 89 ) have sports 进行体育活动 Do you often have sports at



   高中英语教材常见重点动词短语集agree on 商定,决定,达成共识 商定,决定, The building of a new car factory was agreed on last month and a new company has been started. SIL22) agree to do sth. 同意做某事 Do they agree to sow wheat close together? ( SIL 95 ) add... to... 把…加到 上 加到…上 加到 ...


   高中英语教材重点动词短语例析 agree on 商定,决定,达成共识 The building of a new car factory was agreed on last month and a new company has been started. SIL22) agree to do sth. 同意做某事 Do they agree to sow wheat close together ? ( SIL 95 ) add ... to ... 把…加到…上 Chaplin's e ...


   高一上 be fond of 喜欢;爱好 hunt for 搜索;追寻;寻找 in order to 为了 care about 担心;关心 such as 例如 drop sb a line 给某人写信 make oneself at home 别客气 in total 总共 mother tongue 母语 except for 除了……之外 stay up 不睡;熬夜 end up with 以……告终 bring in 引进;引来 a great many 许许多多;极多 get a ...


   Langlang English Lesson One 一. 为每个新同学起一个英文名字。 英文 汉语 性别 Alice 爱丽丝 女 Anna 安娜 女 Arvid 阿维德 男 Bruce 布鲁斯 男 Cathy 凯西 女 Eva 伊娃 女 Emma 艾玛 女 Hoyt 霍伊特 男 Rudy 鲁迪 男 Stan 斯坦 男 二. 问候: 1. A: Hello,Linda! B: Hello,teacher! 2. A: Good morning .Eric B:Good morning te ...


   高考英语常见动词短语积累归纳总结 look 的常用短语: 的常用短语: look up … in 查找 look sb. up and down 上下打量 look back to/ upon 回顾 look upon…as 把… 看作 look forward to 期待 look through 浏览; 看穿 take a new look 呈现新面貌 fear 的常用短语: 的常用短语: in fear 害怕地 (be) in fear of 害怕 for fear of/ that ...


   ! 暑期讲义( 暑期讲义(六) 短语动词和句型 【考点直击】 1. 短语动词的辨析; 2. 英语句子的基本句型结构; 3. 初中阶段主要句型的用法。 【名师点睛】 短语动词是中考的重要内容之一。在初中阶段,我们已经学习了不少短语 动词,把他们加以归纳总结,进行重点复习是十分必要的。英语中有许多短语 动词在意义上是一个整体,其用法有的相当于及物动词,有的相当于不及物动 词,有的兼有及物动词和不及物动词的特征。 1. 短语动词的分类 (1)动词+介词 动词+ 动词 常见的有 look for, ...


   Alecyan 英语课堂 2011 高考英语动词短语汇总 +about 1、动词+about speak/talk about 谈论 think about 思考 care about 关心,对……有兴趣 bring about 引起,使发生 set about 着手,开始 come about 发生 hear about 听说 worry about 为……担心 +away 2、动词+away throw away 扔掉 blow away 吹走 carry away 拿走,使入迷 cle ...


   高考英语复习冲刺:常考动词短语汇总 作者:赵晓栋 来源:济南新东方   (一)   1.make sure确定;   2.find out弄清楚;   3.turn off关掉(灯、水龙头、煤气等);   4.turn on打开;   5.follow one’s instruction听某人的指点;   6.come about产生(近义词come into being; give birth to);   7.askfor向要/请求;   8.change into变成;   9.expl ...

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   高考英语常考动词短语集锦 高考英语常考动词短语集锦 英语常考动词 agree agree vi.同意;持相同意见 I cannot agree with you on this point.在这一点上,我不能同意你的 意见。 sb agree with sb 同意某人的话,意见 sth agree with sb 某物,某事适应某人 agree to sb 建议 agree on sth 在某一点上取得一致意见 agree up sth 在某一点上取得一致意见 agree to do sth ...


   选校网 www.xuanxiao.com 高考频道 专业大全 历年分数线 上万张大学图片 大学视频 院校库 高考英语动词短语强化记忆 一、动词 be 构成的短语动词 1.be known as/be famous as 作为……而闻名 be known for 因……而出名 be known to 为……所知 be known by 凭……而知 The hill is known for the temple. LuXun is known to us as a writer. One ca ...



   疯狂英语总部讲师亲临衢州讲授高分突破考试的秘诀! 李阳疯狂英语强化集训营 疯狂英语专项突破考试课程特色 特色一:让每个学生课上掌握疯狂英语高分突破的秘诀, 读题、翻译、讲答案” 特色一:让每个学生课上掌握疯狂英语高分突破的秘诀, 读题、翻译、 讲答案” “ 。 近年来疯狂英语通过对两万多学生的训练总结出了突破中高考的秘诀,即从“练”题角度入手,让每个学生自发的做到 “读题、翻译、讲答案” 。这样一来语感、题感一同训练,而且学生是自己讲出的解题思路,真正做到“掌握一套练习题胜 过迷迷糊糊做十套 ...


   17535447.doc Book III Unit 8 Winners, Losers or Just Kids 1. envy: v. wish(ing) that you had someone else’s possessions, abilities, etc. 羡慕 Linda was good-looking, rich and intelligent everyone envied her. Linda 漂亮, 有钱而且聪明 人人都羡慕她. He envied Mary ...


   外贸单证英语 分析证书 certificate of analysis 一致性证书 cettificate of conformity 质量证书 certificate of quality 测试报告 test report 产品性能报告 product performance report 产品规格型号报告 product specification report 工艺数据报告 process data report 首样测试报告 first sample test report 价格/销 ...

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   ●高考英语作文完美行文四步骤 高考英语作文完美行文四步骤 1:确定文章框架,包括:时态、语态、格式、展开方式、开头结尾等。 :确定文章框架,包括:时态、语态、格式、展开方式、开头结尾等。 2:确定内容要点,包括:主要人物、时间地点、重要细节、合理发挥等。 :确定内容要点,包括:主要人物、时间地点、重要细节、合理发挥等。 3:正式开始写作,整理思路成篇,行文连贯。 :正式开始写作,整理思路成篇,行文连贯。 4:检查全文,主要检查语法以及粗心犯下的错误。 :检查全文,主要检查语法以及粗心犯下的错 ...


   面试英语 第一讲-面试开场白 1 第二讲-面试自我介绍 2 第三讲-个人和家庭情况 3 第四讲-描述教育背景 5 第五讲-工作经验和成就 7 第六讲-表达语言能力 8 第七讲-展示个人能力 10 第八讲-性格和兴趣爱好 ...