BECAUSE OF MERCURY POLLUTION Department of Land and Forests
  1. We can infer from the notice that A. there isn’t much pollution in the water B. there are many fishermen fishing in the water C. fish eating the mercury would die D. the department of Land and Forests is very responsible
  2. The function of the notice is A. to give a piece of information B. to give an order C. to warn people
  3. The notice warns people A. not to fish here B. not to cook the fish they catch here C. not to drop mercury into these waters D. not to fish in troubled waters 答:
  1. D
  2. D
  3. B 解析:
  1.此属为推理判断题。从文中可推断出 D 项。土地和林业部张贴广告警示人们水银对水的污染,吃了 水里的鱼,危害健康。说明很负责任。
  3.此题为事实理解的题.由 DO NOT FSH FORFOOD 一句可知答案。 12 The worst forest fire this year, which broke out in North China’s Inner Mongolia Au-tonomous Region last Wednesday, was still spreading late on Monday. However, the strength of the fire had been reduced, an official from the Beijing-based State Forestry Administration (SFA) said. According to the latest proved report said on Monday by the SFA, the bright flame broke out at a forest farm in Xing’an League (盟) in the central part of the Greater Xing’an Range (岭). It spread rapidly northwest to the neighbouring Hulun Buir League. The official gave no details (细节) about possible reasons and results.
  1. When the reporter reported the news, the fire had lasted days. A. three B. four C. five D. six D both A and C

  2. The word “late” in the first paragraph means. A. morning C. evening
  3. B. afternoon D. night
As we know in the article that. A. Xiang’an League is on the southeast of Hulun Buir League. B. Xiang’an League is on the northwest of Hulun Buir League. C. Xiang’an League is the biggest one in Inner Mongolia. D. Xiang’an League is the smallest one in Inner Mongolia.

The result of the fire is in this article. A. unknown C. the worst B. very clear D. not serious

  5. The title of this news article is probably. A. The Worst Forest Fire in North China B. Forest Fire is Still Spreading C. The Fire Broke Out D. Something Wrong in Inner Mongolia 答:
  1. D
  2. C
  3. A
  4. A
  5. B 13 Lillian Carter, mother of the former President Jimmy Carter, once set up an inter view with a reporter without benefit from the press office. “Your son,” the reporter said, “has been travelling the country, telling people not to vote for him if he ever lies to them. Can you, knowing a son as only a mother can, honestly say he’s never lied?” “Well, perhaps a little white lie now and then,” Jimmy Carter’s mother replied. “And what,” asked the reporter, “is the difference between a white lie and any other? Define (解释) white lie for me.” “I’m not sure 1 can define it,” she said sweetly. “But I can give you an example. Do you remember when you came in a few minutes ago and I told you how good you looked and how glad I was to see you?”
  1. We know the interview must have taken place . A. shortly after the general election B. before the general election C. when Carter was elected President of the USA D. when Carter had just told a lie
  2. Jimmy Carter travelled the country in order to . A. know the country better B. find out what the public was thinking C. win over votes for the coming general election D. tell people that he never lied
  3. The reporter believed . A. the mother surely knew about her son’s lies B. if the mother was dishonest, her son would tell lies C. no one but the mother knew the son D. the mother knew her son best
  4. From the story we can see that the mother was . A. stupid C. clever B. honest D. dishonest

  5. Perhaps you can define a white lie now. It’s a lie . A. which is worthy of attention B. told for particular reasons such for politeness C. that no one will ever believe D. which means little harm and therefore is unimportant 答:
  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. C
  5. B 解析:

  2,卡特走遍全国的目的就是为了拉选 票。
  4.此属是推理判断题.根据卡特母亲的回答可知 C 项。
  5.a white lie 如善意的谎言。 14 Dear Earthmen, I have enjoyed my stay on your interesting unusual planet. I think I understand the life on earth now and 1 would like to give you my impressions. First of all you live in boxes. Every morning you leave your big boxes and get into smaller boxes on wheels. All these small boxes race around and around, and finally stop to rest. You then leave these boxes on wheels and go to very large tall boxes. After testing all days you get back in your little boxes and return to your big boxes. There you sit and stare at tiny glowing boxes with moving pictures on the front. Only one thing puzzles me. One day I went to a football game. A hunch of angry boys fought over a little round ball. Everyone yelled for them to stop but they kept on fighting. They were angry, I suppose, about being cooped up in boxes all day. Thank you earthmen for this chance to get to know you. Gratefully, The man from the Mars
  1. The small boxes on wheels are. A. toys C. houses that can be moved D. boxes in which there are wheels
  2. The tiny glowing boxes with moving pictures on the front are. A. cameras C. TV sets B. cinema screens D. telescopes B. ears

  3. In the football game. A. the players were very angry because there was only one ball on the playground B. the man from the Mars thought the players were fighting C. the man from the Mars saw a fighting among the angry boys D. the players were very angry because everyone yelled at them
  4. The best title of this passage is. A. The Man from the Mars B. Something about Boxes C. A Letter from the Mars D. A Football Game
  5. The man from the Mars thinks. A. it interesting to tire on our unusual planet B. there are so many boxes on the earth C. the tiny glowing boxes are moving pictures D. the angry boys are too foolish to fight over a little round ball 答:
  1. B
  2. C
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A 解析:
  1.small boxes 就是指 cars。
  2. ting glowing boxes 就是指 TV sets。
  3. 火星人认为地球上的足球赛是队员 们在打架。
  4. 文章的标题从书信的格式可知。
  5. 从文章开篇可知。



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