21 ... and we were sorry to hear about the accident. Anyway you mustn’t feel too anx-ious about work. A lot of people are away on holiday this month, so there’s not as much business as usual. When you are feeling a little better we’d llke to come and see you, we’ll bring you some of your favourite chocolates promise. Don’t think too much about the accident. Take the medicine the doctor gives you and have a good rest. Now for office news. Have you heard that the boss is getting married again next month? She tried to keep it quiet but one of the secretaries heard her talking about wedding arrangements over the phone, so now of course everyone knows. We’re collecting money to buy her a pres ent. It’s really difficult to know what to get her as she has most things. Someone has suggested theatre or concert tickets, which is a good idea. We can find out from her per-sonal assistant what her plans are and when she has a free evening. The only problem is that although we know what she likes, we don’t know whether her future husband shares her tastes. All being well, we’ll see you sometime next week. Until then we all send our good wishes and hope you recover quickly.
  1. What is the writer trying to do in the text? A. To give some cheerful news. B. To suggest ways to recover. C. To describe her office work. D. To offer professional advice.
  2. The writer wrote the text . A. to find out about a wedding present B. to arrange to see friends C. to learn about a person’s accident D. to help him stop worrying
  3. What does the writer suggest about one of the secretaries? A. She’s hard-working. C. She likes secrets. B. She talks too much.
D. She enjoys weddings.

  4. Which of the cards below do you think is the one the writer sent?
  1. B
  2. D
  3. B
  4. C 解析:
  3,从秘书的谈话中可 知老板的秘密在公司被公开,由此推断出 B 项。
  4.从文章内容可知作者是安慰同事,使其早日康复。卡片上 的内容?宿是祝愿早日康复的话,故判断 c 项。 22 To the American visitor Iceland is a very interesting country, partly because it is dif-ferent in so many ways from what he or she is used to seeing at home. There are quite a few things that are not done, or that do not exist on the island?quite a few “nos”. There is no pollution, for example. No dogs are permitted in Reykjavik, the capital. There is no television on Thursdays or during the entire month of July, and only three hours of black-and-white TV the rest of the time. There is no hard liquor on Wednesdays and no beer at any time. There are no handguns; only one jail of 35 cells in the entire land?an admirable figure, even for a small country of 222000 people. There is no army, air force or navy. There is no tipping for anything. There are no large stores open on Saturdays and Sundays. Since Iceland is located just under the Arctic Circle, there is no darkness in summer and no daylight in winter. But thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate is rather mild, with temperatures ranging from 34
degrees Fahrenheit to 52 degrees in July. The rules on television, liquor, and guns are the result of governmental decisiorn But the absence of pollution is due in great part to the fact that Iceland get its power from the enormous geysers [间歇(喷)泉] and the thousands of hot springs that come out of ground. They provide all the energy needed by the country. In fact, Iceland uses only 3 percent of all its available power. Iceland has been described as a democratic independent country where more fish are caught and more books published per person than anywhere else in the world. The Ice-landers have always felt a particular love for literature. They composed their first works in the ninth and tenth centuries AD. These works were poems and tales about the kings, heroes, and heroines of Iceland and Norway. At first the stories were memorized and pas-sed from generation to generatiom They were finally written down between 1140 and 12
  20. The Icelanders have never stopped writing ever since. “Rather shoeless than book-less,” they proudly say.
  1. The American visitor enjoys visiting Iceland because . A. no dogs are permitted in the capital B. the police do not carry handguns C. the climate is rather mild D. it is very different from America
  2. The following statements are true EXCEPT . A. there are no soldiers in Iceland B. the Icelaoders don’t drink beer C. there is no service fee of any kind D. there are no crimes in Iceland
  3. It can be inferred from the passage that . A. in winter the sun doesn’t set in Iceland B. the sun rises and sets regularly in Iceland C. the climate in Iceland is rather mild because there is no daylight in winter D. the sun never rises in winter and never sets in summer in Iceland
  4. There is no pollution in Iceland mainly because . A. Iceland uses only 3 percent of all its available power B. the leelanders use hot water from under ground as their energy C. it is located just under the Arctic Circle D. it is a democratic, independent country
  5. “Rather shoeless than bookless” means . A. They prefer not to have shoes or books B. They would rather have shoes on than write books C. They prefer shoes to books D. They regard books more important than shoes 答:
  1. D
  2. D
  3. D
  4. B
  5.D 解析:
  1.从第一段 partly because it is different in so many ways...可知。
  2.此题为事实理解属。在冰岛的几天中, 没有提到 D 项。 从第三段可知 Since Iceland is located just under the Arctic Circle, there is no darkness in summer
  3. and no daylight in winter。
  5.此句童为“宁可无鞋,不可无书”,说明冰岛人把书看得十 分重要。 23 “High tech” and “state of the art” are two expressions that describe very modern technology. High tech is just a
shorter way of saying high technology. And high technol-ogy describes any invention, system or device that uses the newest ideas or discoveries of science and engineering. What is high tech? A computer is high tech. So is a communications satellite. A modern manufacturing 业的) system is surely high tech. High tech become a popular expression in the United States during the early 1980’s. Pk, cause of improvements in technology, people could buy many new kinds of products in American stores, such as home computers, microwave ovens (微波炉), etc. “State of the art” is something that is as modern as possible. It is a product that is based on the very latest methods and technology. Something that is “state of the art” is the newest possible design or product of a business or industry. A state of the art televi sion set, for example, uses the most modern electronic design and parts. It is the best that one can buy. “State of the art” is not a new expression. Engineers have used it for years, to de-scribe the best and most modern way of doing something. Millions of Americans hegan to use the expression in the late 1970’s. The reason was the computer revolution. Every computer company claimed (声称) that its computers were “state of the art”. Computer technology changes so fast that a state of the art computer today might be old tomorrow. The expression “state of the art” has become as common and popular as computers themselves. Now all kinds of products are said to be “state of the art”.
  1. What is the purpose of the passage? A. To tell how “high tech” and “state of the art” have developed. B. To give examples of high tech. C. To tell what “high tech” and “state of the art” are. D. To describe very modern technology.
  2. What can we infer from the passage? A. American stores could provide new kinds of products to the people. B. “High tech” describes a technology that is not traditional. C. “State of the art” became popular later than “high tech”. D. A wooden plough pulled by oxen is “state of the art”.
  3. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A. Since the computer revolution, the expression “state of the art” has become popular. B. “State of the art” means something that is the best one can buy. C. With the rapid development of computer technology, a state of the art com-purer may easily become out of date. D. All the producers claim that their products are “state of the art” nowadays.
  4. The best title for the passage is. A. Computer Technology B. High Tech and State of the Art C. Most Advanced Technology D. Two New Expressions 答:
  1. C
  2. B
  3. D
  4. B 解析: 抓住文章的大意:如第一段总体介绍了 high tech 和 state of the art 是用来描述现代技术的词语,第二段 主要解释了 What is high tech? 第四段主要介绍了什么是 state of the art。只要抓住这样的信息.相关一些题, 如第 1 和 4 题便迎刃而解。第 3 题中提到 Every computer company claimed that its computers were “state of the art”。指每家电脑公司而不是所有的产品,故选 D 项。 (制造
24 There is a very simple way of measuring the height nfa water-tower, which we can-not measure by climbing. Suppose, for example, that we wish to find out the height of the water-tower, AB, in a factory. We first of all go to where the water-tower is stand lng and measure a distance of, say 90 feet from it, in a straight line, marking the spot that is 90 ft from the water-tower. Then we take a stick. CD, and stand it in the ground at the spot we have just marked. Let us suppose the stick we’re using is 4 ft in height. We now walk farther away from the water-tower in the same straight line as we measured off the distance of 90 ft. We go from the watchtower until we come to a point E, where with our heads on the ground we see the top of the stick and the top of the water-tower in the same straight line ?that is, the top of the stick just covers the highest part of the water-tower. We now have two triangles (三角形) and the proportion (比例) of the side CD to the side CE in the smaller triangle. CDE. is exactly the same as the proportion of the side BA to the side BE in the larger triangle BAE. It is clear from this that every scbool boy or school girl can work out the height of the water-tower. Suppose that the line CE is 5 ft. We know that the stick is 4 ft high and the length BE is 9
  50. From these measurements we have the simple proportion sum (算题) S is to 4 as 95 is to AB. Trees and other high buildings, of course, can he easily measured by using the same way.
  1. According to the passage, the height of the watchtower is . A.76 ft
  2. Els . A. a point on the ground B. a straight line on the ground C. the top of the stick D. the top of the water-tower
  3. The triangle CDE must be . A. below the triangle BAE B. in the triangle BAE C. out of the triangle BAE D. over the triangle BAE
  4. The proportion of the side CD to the side CE is the proportion of the side BA to the side BE. A. bigger than C. not as big as B. equal to D. smaller than B. 95 ft C. 90 ft D. 180 ft

  5. From the measurement, we have the simple proportion sum . A. BA is to four as five is to ninety-five B. BA is to ninety-five as is to five C. five is to ninety-five as BA is to four D. four is to five as BA is to ninety 答:
  1. A
  2. A
  3. B
  4. B
  5. B 解析: 做好阅读理解需要考生有较综合的知识和能力。 上述短文内容较长,且描述较为复 若将文章内容加以分析整理,使抽象的 杂、抽象,若仅靠想象作 A 答后面的题目势必非常困难, 文字具体化,周答案就一目了然了。
由图可以看出,正点是在地面上(与 C、B 在同一直线上),故第 2 小题答案为 A,三角形 CDE 在;角形 BAE 里面,故第 3 小属答案为 B。根据图示可以看出,CD 与 BA 是平行的,故△CDE 与△BAE 是相似三角 形,因此:CD:CE=BA:BE。所以第 4 小题选 B。根据相似三角形对应边比值相等定理,假设 BA 为 xft,则
  95,x=76 ft。所以第 1 题答案选 A,第 5 小题是让考生列出其比例关系。其中 B 项 BA:
  95=4:5 符合题 意,为正确答案。 25 Shu Pulong has helped at least 1000 people bitten (咬) by snakes. “It was seeing people with snake bites (伤口) that led me to thiscareer,” he said. In 1963, after his army service, Sbu entered a medical school and later became a doc-tor of Chinese medicine. As part of his studies he had to work in the mountains. There he often heard of people who had their arms and legs cut off after a snake bite in order to save their lives. “I was greatly upset by the story of an old farmer I met. It was a very hot afternoon. The old man was pulling grass in his fields when he felt a pain in his left hand. He at once realized he had been bitten by a poisonous snake. In no time be wrapped a cloth tightly a-round his arm to stop the poison spreading to his heart. Rushing home he shouted ‘bring me the knife!’ Minutes later the man lost his arm forever.” “The sad story touched me so much that I decided to devote myself to helping people bitten by snakes,” Shu said.
  1. The best headline (标题) for this newspaper article is . A. Astonishing Medicine B. Farmer Loses Arm C. Dangerous Bites D. Snake Doctor

  2. The farm



   36 There are three separate sources of danger in supplying energy by nuclear power (原子能). First, the radioactive material must travel from its place of production to thc power station. Ahhough the power statkms themselves are strongly built, the co ...


   所周知,考研是人生的一次重新洗牌和重大机遇,而在考研的四门课程中,英语成了许多考 生前进征途上的一只凶猛拦路虎和十分困难的羁绊与障碍。 详细分析历年考研英语试卷, 又 可以发现主要矛盾在于阅读(占 60%的分数),故可谓:得阅读者得天下。阅读的 60 分细 分为 Part A、Part B 和 Part C,其中 Part A 为四篇阅读理解,占 40 分,是阅读理解考试 中的主战场。那么,阅读 Part A 有没有什么技巧呢? 技巧一:看懂 阅读理解其实主要考的是“阅读”之后的“理解”,所 ...


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   阅读理解题的命题特点 阅读理解能力的培养是中学英语学习的一项重要任务,也是中考的一项重要内 容.中考阅读理解题主要考查学生的语篇阅读能力,分析和判断能力.要求学生 能较快地通过阅读理解短文大意,获取其中的主要信息,能做出正确判断,然后 根据试题的要求从 A, B, C, D 四个选项中选出最佳答案或做出正误判断.文章 的难易程度和初三课文基本相同,要求阅读速度为每分钟 40-50 个词. 中考阅读理解的阅读材料的选取一般遵循三个原则: 1. 2. 3. 阅读文章不少于三篇,阅读量在 1,00 ...


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   型堕脚旦一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一I职教新观察 谈英语考试阅读理解题的解题技巧 河北省衡水职业技术学院外语系 杨永健 【摘要】英语考试中的阅读理解题是对学生语言知识、语言技能和智力综合的测试.许多学生解答此题感到难度大,笔者通 过多年英语教学经验,摸索出一套训练学生提高阅读技巧的方法. 【关键词】英语考试 阅读理解 解题技巧 英语应用能力测试(Practical Eng- lish Test for college,简写为PRETCO)是 away form nei ...


   年英语试题阅读理解部分( 06 年英语试题阅读理解部分(A)解析 时间:2007-03-24 来源:大学生考研网 打印本文 时间:2007-03来源: 06 年英语试题阅读理解部分(A)解析 第二部分阅读理解试题分析 Part A 第一篇 一、文章结构分析 本文介绍了美国社会强大的“融合”能力。文章先介绍了美国大众文化的特点、起源和 影响,接着从多个角度说明美国移民不排斥同化过程,然后提到美国文化对全世界的影响, 最后总结指出美国社会的发展依然是光明的。 二、试题具体分析 21. The w ...


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   英语口语连读技巧--连读和不完全爆破:)~~ 在连贯地说话或朗读时,在同一个意群(即短语或从句)中,如果相邻的两个词前者以辅音音素 结尾,后者以元音音素开头,就要自然地将辅音和元音相拼,构成一个音节,这就是连读.连读 时的音节一般不重读,只需顺其自然地一带而过,不可以加音,也不可以读得太重. 如:not at all 这个短语.连读时听起来就像是一个单词.注意:连读只发生在句子中的同一个意群中.在 两个意群之间即使有两个相邻的辅音和元音出现,也不可连读.如:Please take a loo ...


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