26 Chinese president Jiang Zemin held talks with US President George W. Bush in Shanghai Friday morning, saying that China attaches great importance to the Sino-US re-lationship. This was the first meeting between the two leaders. The presidents had an in-depth exchange of views on Sino-US relations, antiterror-ism, maintenance of world peace and stability and other major issues. The talks were constructive and fruitful. Jiang said that China attaches great importance to the Sino-US relationship and has al-ways held that China and the US develop a constructive, cooperative relationship. Bush said that he takes the opportunity of coming to China this time to reaffirm that the US government pursues the one-China policy and adheres to the three-Sino-US joint communiques (公报). Bush said that he has been strongly supporting China’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO). Extending his congratulations on China’s itramnent entry into the WTO, Bush said that China’s accession to the WTO will be favorable to both China ami the United States. He also expressed congratulations on China’s successful bidding of hosting the 2008 Olympic Games. Bush thanked China for its quick response to the terrorist attacks in the United States on Septemher 11 and its clear and firm support of the US people in fighting terrorism as well as China’s cooperation in this regard. Bush said that while differences may exist between the US and China, the two coun-tries will deal with the differences in the spirit of mutual respect and frankness. (Reports from China Daily, Oct, 19, 20
  1. What issue is excluded among the two leader’s talks? A. Sin-US relations. B. Antiterrorism. C. Drug strike. D. Maintaining world peace and stability.
  2. Bush’s attitude towards China’s entry into WTO is A. rejection C. supportive B. no opinion D. objection

  3. From the text, we can conclude that two nations leader’s talk is . A. having no impact on their relationship B. promoting the relationship of China and US C. exposing too many differences D. the conclusion is unclear 答:
  1. C
  2. C
  3. B 解析:
  1.考查对知识细节的把握,A、B、D 选项均为中美首脑会谈的内容,唯独 drug strike(打击毒品)文 中没提到。
  2. 从 Extending his congratulations on China’s immi-nent entry into the WTO...可知 Bush 对中中入世 的态度。
  3. 从文章提到会谈是 con-structive and fruitful 这一主要信息可知该题的选项。 27 The temperature of your body should always be the same if you are fine, no matter whether the weather is hot or cold. That is why the doctor test your temperature with a thermometer when you are sick. Normally, your body temperature is ninety-eight point six degrees Fahrenheit (华氏的). If it is higher than that, it is a sure sign that some thing is wrong with your body. Your body keeps the same temperature all the time, because it balances (平衡) the heat it produces and the heat

it gives off. It is always burning up food and producing heat. It can produce heat faster when the body needs or gives off heat faster when the body be-comes too warm. Let’s see how this works. The heat of your body is given off chiefly through the skin. When you feel cold. your skin is tight and shows “goose flesh”. When you feel chilly (寒冷的), you must jump around to keep warm. Then your muscles begin to work, burn up fuel and produce more heat. It is not pleasant to shiver (颤抖), so you usually prefer warming up by tak-ing exercise, or put on more clothes to keep warm. When you get warm, the skin is loose and soft. It is so supplied with blood that heat is given off rapidly. If you get too warm. you begin to sweat and more body heat is used in evaporating (蒸发) the moisture (水分) in your body. In warm weather or warm rooms, you wear less clothing, so that heat can be given off freely. You prefer less exer-cise because your body is warm enough, and the extra heat produced by taking too much exercise makes you uncomfortable. Now you see why you feel differently in different kinds of weather. In summer. when it is hot, you feel tired and lazy. You do not care to work or play, but enjoy lying down and doing nothing. When you get out of door in winter, the cold air makes you feel lively. You want to run and play.
  1. How does the body keep the same temperature all the time? A. It balances the heat it gets and loses. B. It is always producing heat from food. C. It gives off the heat that the body produces. D. It stops producing heat when it needs to.
  2. When a person gets chilly, which of the following will NOT happen to him? A. His skin will become tight in order to keep warm. B. He can exercise to make his muscles produce more heat. C. He can put on more clothes to keep warm. D. He will certainly shiver to produce more heat.
  3. When a person gets too warm, he brings to sweat in order to . A. evaporate the moisture B. give off heat quickly C. make the skin soft and loose D. get the blood to move faster
  4. From this passage we know that we feel differently in different kinds of weather because . A. our bodies deal with different kinds of weather in different ways to keep the same temperature B. we feel tired and lazy in summer and lively in winter when we are outside in cold air C. we have different emotions in different kinds of weather D. the body temperature is always changing in different kinds of weather 答:
  1. A
  2. D
  3. B
  4. A 28 Bicycle tour (旅行) and race A bike tour and race will be held on August 26 and 27 (Sat&Sun) At 5:30 mm. , and the riders will leave Tian’anmen Square and ride the first 35 kilometres as a training leg. Then the next 55 kilometre leg, from Yanjiao to Jixian, will be the first competitive (竟争性的) part of the tour. The riders and their bikes will then be taken from Jixian to Changli. The second racing leg of the tour will be from Changli to the seaside of Nandaihe, covering a distance of 20 kilometres. Saturday night includes the stay at Nandaihe and supper. Sunday morning is free for play at the seaside. At noon all the people and their bikes will be taken back to Beijing.

Cost: 200 yuan Telephone, 4675027 Brazilian footballers The Brazilian Football Club will play Beijing Guo’an Team at the Workers’ Stadium on August
  26. The club has four national team players. Also coming is 1994 US World Cup star Romario who has promised to play for at least 45 minutes. Ticket prices: 60, 100, 150 yuan Time/Date: 4:30 p.m., August 26 (Sat.) Telephone, 501 2372 Rock climbing The Third National Rock Climbing Competition will be held on August 26 ? 27 at the Huairou Mountain-climbing Training Base. More than 10 teams from Baijing, Wuhan, Dalian, Jilln and other places will take part in it. A Japanese team will give an exhibition climbing. Free for spectators (观众). Take a long-distance bus from Dongzhimen to Huairou, Time/Dates: 9 12 a. m. , August 26 and 27 Telephone: 7143177, 7144850, Wang Zhenghua
  1. The main purpose announcing the above events is to give information about . A. visiting teams B. famous players C. things to do for the weekend D. prices to pay for the sports events
  2. If you take part in the bike tour, you will ride for . A. 35 kilornetres C. 75 kilometres B. 55 kilometres D. 110 kilometres

  3. The underlined word “leg” in “Bicycle tour and race” probably means . A. race C. part of the training B. practice D. part of the tour

  4. What is special about the rock climbing competition? A. A foreign team takes part in it. B. You can watch it without paying. C. You don’t have to be a sportsman to take part. D. The bus trip to the place of the competition is free.
  5. If you want to find something to do for saturday afternoon, which telephone num-bet will you call? A. 4675027 C. 5012372 解析:
  1. 只要抓住三项赛事的时间 August 26 and 27 和第一段括号中(Sat, Sun)等关键信息,就能判断出答案。
  2. 计算题。从第一个赛事中的第三个数字可知答案。
  3. 为独测词义题,在读完第一个广告之后,可猜出 leg 的同义。
  4. 细节理解题。若抓不住 competition 一词,就会误选 A 项。文中是指日本队攀登表演而不是比赛。 29 At 2:30 December 5, 1945, five US Navy training planes took off in clear weather from the base Lauderdale, Florida. The planes flew over the coast.., and disappeared. Tbe group was Flight 19, on a run between Florida and Bahamas, Tailor was the group leader. At aboul 3: 40, Tailor reported that his compasses (指南针) were not reading B. 7143177 D. 7144850
  1. C
  2. D
  3. D
  4. B
  5. C

properly. The other planes followed their leader’s aimlessly, first east, then west, then norlheast over the ocean, as Tailor tried to make sure of the direction by radio. Then, suddenly Tailor was heard to give orders to dive... Quickly, two giant Martin seaplanes were up to search for Flight
  19. Several hours later, lhe wind become strong and visibility (能见度) dropped. A return to base was or dcrcd. But only one of the Martin seaplanes landed. Four days later, lhe Navy and Coast Guard combed a 100 000 square-mile area with more than 100 planes and ships. No sign was ever shown of the missing planes. Today. people have noted (留心) the disappearance of many ships and planes in the southwest part of the North Atlantic and began to call this area the Bermuda Triangle (百慕大三角区). The points of the triangle are Bermuda, Puerto Rico and a particular place in the Gulf of Mcxico, west of Florida. It is a two-faced water world of tiny islands, bright beaches ami heautiful waters. Yet thick fogs, powerful currents (激流) and sudden storms are hidden behind this smiling surface.
  1. In what position did Flight 19 disappear? A. In the southeast part of the Atlantic Ocean. B. In the northeast part of the Atlantic Ocean. C. To the southwest of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean. D. To the northeast of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. How many planes disappeared altogether that day? A. Five. C. Two. B. Six. D. Only one.

  3. The word “combed” in the passage means . A. cover with B. fly over
C. do up one’s hair with a comb D. search all over
  4. Which of the following shows the correct position of the Bermuda Triangle.9 (F = Florida, Bm = Bermuda, PR = Puerto Rico, Bh?Bahamas, MG = the Gulf of Mexico. Atl=the Atlantic Ocean, B=Base)
  1. C
  2. B
  3. D
  4. A 解析:
  1. 最后一段描述了百慕大三角区的方位。 points of the triangle are Bermuda, Puerto Rico and a particular The place in the Gulf of Mexico, west of Florida.表明了百慕大三角区三个顶点分别是 Bermuda, Puerto Rico, a particular place(位于佛罗里达半岛以西的墨西哥湾)。
  3. combed 搜寻。
  4. 根据文中描述百慕大三角区的三 个顶点 Bermu da, Puerto Rico and a particular place in the Gulf of Mexico, A 图符合文中的描述。 30 The World Trade Organization (WTO). founded on January 1, 199S, aims to en courage international trade to flow as freely as possible, making sure that trade agree-ments are respected and that any disputes (争端) can be settled. In the five years since its founding, the WTO has become well-known as one of the world’s most powerful economic (经济的) organizations, taking its place alongside the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The system (制度) of global rules for international trade, however, dates back half a century to 1948 when the General Agreement on Tariffs (关税) and Trade (GATT) was formed after World War II. As time went by it became clear that the GATT had two major drawbacks?the limit-ed areas of trade it covered, and the lack of an effective system to settle disputes. After seven years of trade talks ending in 19
  94. the so-called Uruguay Round finally gave birth to the WTO,

complete with an effective system to settle disputes and new rules covering trade in services and intellectual property (知识产权). Even after seven years of talks and 22500 pages of agreements there were still prob-[ems, especially the difficult-to-deal-with areas of agriculture and services. The WTO. with its head office in Geneva, has 135 members with 30 more waiting to join.
  1. From the passage we know that the GATT stopped wording . A. Soon after World War II ended B. just in the year 1994 C. a little more than 50 years after World Waf II D. seven years before the Uruguay Round talk
  2. Conpared with the GATT, the WTO . A. can do better to settle disputes in more areas of international trade B. got its members to sign the agreements more easily C. has got too many areas of international trade to deal with to work effectively D. didn’t pay enough attentiion to services and intellectual property
  3. In the new century the WTO will . A. take the place of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund B. have new rules covering trade in services and intellectual property C. make complete new rules in every area of international trade D. have more members and do much more to settle more problems
  4. The underlined word “drawbacks” probably means . A. weak points C. strong points B. changes D. improvements

  5. The best title for the passage is . A. WTO?Another Name for GATT B. WTO?an International Service Organization C. WTO?One of the World’s Strongest Economic Organizations D. WTO



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