高中英语经典作文范文手册集: 高中英语经典作文范文手册集:表格提示性作文
优秀范文 Our School Life 学校生活 Studies:12 hours 20 minutes Sports:45 minutes Meals:55 minutes Sleep:7 hours Leisure time:1 hour Other activities:2 hours The above chart shows that the students of a middle school are living a busy life. The average time they spend on their studies is 12 hours and 20 minutes while the time for sports is only 45 minutes. For the three meals a day, most of the students have only 55 minutes. And they even do not have enough time for a good sleep, either, because of7 hours on average. They hardly have any leisure time from the chart show. It’s a pity that they have no more than 2 hours each day for other activities, such as watching TV, playing with their friends, reading some extra books, and developing some other abilities an d so on. How wonderful it will be, if the chart could be changed soon! live a busy life 过着繁忙的生活 the average time 平均时间 the three meals a day 一日三餐 on average 平均 leisure time 空闲时间 It’s a pity that... ……真遗憾 no more than 不超过,仅仅[来源:学|科|网 Z|X|X|K] A Visit to A Senior Middle School 参观一所高中学校 参观地点 → 学生活动 教学楼 → 上课 实验楼 → 做实验 图书馆 → 看书报 艺术中心 → 练乐器[来源:学科网] 报告厅 → 听报告 操场 → 足球赛 Yesterday I paid a visit to a senior middle school. We started our visit from the teaching building where many students were having classes. Then we went to the lab building and saw some students doing experiments. Opposite to the lab building was the library in which lots of students were reading books and newspapers. Next we entered the art center behind the library. There we watched groups of students playing musical instruments. Later on, we came to the lecture hall on the other side and plenty of students were listening to a lecture given by a professor. Finally we arrived at the playground at the far back of the school. Some boys were having a football game. It was really an impressive visit. That’s all. Thanks for your listening.
pay a visit to a senior middle school 参观一所高中学校 the teaching building 教学楼 opposite to the lab building 在实验室的对面 the art center 艺术中心 Later on 后来 It was really an impressive visit. 真是一次印象深刻的参观。 公交车的利与弊 利 票价;环保;缓解交通拥堵;泊车压力小 弊 候车;路线(route)固定、缺乏灵活性;拥挤、不舒服[来源:学,科,网 Z,X,X,K] The main advantage of using public transportation is that it’s cheap and generally much better for the environment, because you are only using one vehicle instead of many. Especially if your buses run on clean air, you can reduce a lot of emissions. Another advantage o f public transportation is that it reduces traffic jams. I think public transportation is less stressful because you don’t have to worry about parking and all that kind of things. The big disadvantage of public transportation is the wait. It’s much more convenient to just jump in your car and take off. Also, you have to follow a route and you have no flexibility with public transportation. Sometimes i t can be very uncomfortable, especially during rush hours. the main advantage of using public transportation 使用公交车的主要优势 in stead of 代替,顶替 reduce a lot of emissions 减少(车辆释放的)气体 traffic jams 交通拥堵 worry about parking 担心泊车 follow a route 依照线路 rush hours 车辆高峰期 Attitude Towards Building A Chemical Factory[来源:学科网 ZXXK] 人们对修建化工厂的态度 赞成者的观点:
  4.可以吸引更多的外资 反对者的观点:
  4.占用耕地 A German company wants to build a chemical factory in Zhenhai District. But not all people are for the plan. Some people think the chemical factory should be built. If it is completed more jobs will be provided and the local people will make more money. What’s more, the ch emical factory will bring in new technology and machinery. If the factory works well our city will attract more foreign investment. On the other hand, some people think the chemical factory shouldn’t be built. It will take up much farming land and, when completed, the machines will make a lot of noises.
Besides, it will send off a great deal of poisonous gas, smoke and waste water, which will pollute the air and rivers in our city. To our joy, the two sides finally agreed on building the chemical factory after A heated discussion . Not all people are for the plan. 并非所有人都赞成这个计划。 make more money 挣更多的钱 bring in new technology and machinery 引进新技术和设备 attract more foreign investment 吸引更多的外资 take up much farming land 占用很多农田 send off a great deal of poisonous gas 释放出有毒气体 to our joy 令我们高兴的是 a heated discussion 一场激烈的讨论[来源:学科网] A Heated Discussion On Keeping Pets 关于饲养宠物的热烈讨论 反对饲养宠物的同学认为
  2.吵闹声,甚至伤人 支持饲养宠物的同学认为
  2.人与动物和谐相处,增添生活情趣 Recently we have had a heated discussion on whether p eople should keep pets at home in cities. Some students think it’s a good idea to keep pets because many old people who live alone at home can get some comfort from pets. Besides, getting along well with animals will make our life interesting. On the contrary, the other students are against the idea. In their opinions, if too many people keep pets at home, it is bad for the environment. What is worse, pets may make too much noise and even attack people. I like animals, so I don’t think it’s bad to keep pets at home. But we must take some measures to prevent them from polluting our environment. get some comfort from pets 从宠物身上得到安慰 get along well with animals 和动物相处得很好 on the contrary 相反地 be against 反对 be bad for... 对……有害 take some measures to prevent them from polluting our environment 采取措施阻止他们污染环境 A Heated Debate About Developing Car Industry 关于发展汽车工业的热烈讨论 60%的同学认为:
  4.提高生活质量;方便、省时 40%的同学认为:

  4.空气和噪音污染 About the d iscussion we’ve had about whether China should devote major efforts to developing car industry, opinions are divided on the question. 60% of the students think China should fully develop car industry. They believe this will speed up the development of the national economy. More workers will be employed. With cars the people’s life quality will be raised. They will save time and be more convenient in their life an d work. On the other hand, 40% of them think China should control its car industry development. Otherwise, the city traffic will be even heavier and more traffic accidents will take place. At the same time, more land will be used for the new roads. What is more, air and noise pollution will become more serious. devote major efforts to developing car industry 致力于发展汽车工业 opinions are divided on the question 在这个问题上观点有分歧 speed up the development of the national economy [来源:学科网] 加速国民经济的发展 people’s life quality 人们的生活质量 control its car industry development 控制汽车工业的发展 more traffic accidents will take place 更多的交通事故将会发生 描写本类主题常用语言集锦 常用句式: The table/chart/diagram/graph show (that)... As (is) shown in the... As can be seen from the... The figures/statistics show (that)... We can see from the... It is apparent from the table/chart/diagram/graph/figures (that)... The diagram shows/describes/illustrates how... From the figures/statistics given in the table it can be seen/noticed that... From the graph/table/diagram/chart above, we can see that...obviously. As show in the chart/by the graph... Have you ever anticipated the prospects of...in the coming decades? Let us just take a look at the figures of...as shown in the graph above. The gap between...and...will be further widened. In face of increasingly serious shortage of energy, we should take effective measures./which of the measures we should take?[来源:学&科&网] It is clear that the increase of percentage gets greater and greater. By..., the number of...had less/more than doubled/tripled compared with that of... 常用词汇: 总计:add up to, total, made up about...,the figure amounted to 上升:rise, increase, climb, improve, reach a peak, will rise to,will reach,will double that,will trip 下降:fall, decrease, decline, go down, drop, slip back 平稳:remain stable
回升:recover(recovery) 波动:fluctuate 同时,可以用如下副词修饰: slowly, gradually, slightly, sharply, dramatically, steadily, suddenly 图表作文可参考下面的模式: 模式 1 第1段 ...is know as one of the most serious problems in today’s world. As is shown in the graph, /according to the figures shown in the graph,(表述图表中的数字) 第 2 段: (陈述理由)Furthermore, (继续陈述理由) As a result, (引起的 后果是……的减少或增长) (...experiencing a decrease/ an increase.) 第3段 So I believe...will be achieved through efforts of every person.[来源:学科网] 模式 2 第1段 From...we can see the increase... (描述数字的句型)...was /added up to(数字)in (时间), while it increased/decreased to (数字) in (时间)respectively. Therefore, it can be predicted that...will furthermore increase/ decrease (is /are to be on the rise/decrease) in the future. 第 2 段: There are chiefly three reasons for the rise/decrease. Firstly.... Secondly.... Apart from the above reasons... 第3段 In spite of what is mentioned above, there are still.... The graph/table in dicates.... Hence, the situation is still serious and how to...is still a challenging task



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