Unit 3 Travel journal
Language points

  1. since 的用法
从句(主句用完成时 从句用一般过去时) ①since+从句 主句用完成时 从句用一般过去时 从句 主句用完成时,从句用一般过去时
● ●
I have been at his bedside since he became ill. He has never called on me since he moved to the country.
造句:自从他离开以后 这里发生了巨大的变化 造句 自从他离开以后,这里发生了巨大的变化 自从他离开以后 这里发生了巨大的变化. Great changes have taken place here since he left.
② It has been/ is +段时间 + since 从句 (从句用一般 段时间 从句用一般 自从??????至今已经多久了” 至今已经多久了” 过去时 ) “自从 自从 至今已经多久了

It is/ It has been two years since I left high school.
造句:自从我上次见他以来已经有三年了。 造句 自从我上次见他以来已经有三年了。 自从我上次见他以来已经有三年了 It has been three years since I met him last time.
③ since + 点时间 ● He got a job with the company in 1997 and has worked there since then. 造句: 我从早上七点起就一直在办公室工作。 造句 我从早上七点起就一直在办公室工作。 I have worked (I have been working) in the office since seven o’clock in the morning.

  2. It was my sister who first had the idea to cycle along the entire Mekong River from where it begins to where it ends. It is/ was + 被强调部分+ that/who +其余部分 被强调部分+ +其余部分 (如果被强调部分是人,用 who或that, 其他情 如果被强调部分是人, 如果被强调部分是人 或 况用that. 即使被强调部分是时间或地点也不 况用 能用when, where 只能用 只能用that.) 能用

All the members held a meeting in the club yesterday. 强调all 强调 the members → It was all the members who/that held a meeting in the club yesterday. 强调 in the club → It was in the club that all the members held a meeting yesterday. 强调 yesterday → It was yesterday that all the members held a meeting in the club.
我看这部电影是在上海。 我看这部电影是在上海。 上海 It was in SH that I saw the film.
我在这家工厂工作是在1998年。 年 我在这家工厂工作是在 It was in 1998 that I worked in the factory.
我才是你真正的朋友。 才是你真正的朋友。 It is I who/that am your best friend.

强调句的陈述句语序: 强调句的陈述句语序:
It was … that/who…

去掉it 句子仍然完整 强调句的特点: 强调句的特点 去掉 was ???that句子仍然完整
I saw you last night at the concert. 强调句的疑问句语序是什么


A Was it that I saw last night at the concert? A. you C. your B. not you D. that yourself

D Was It because of bad weather the match had to be put off? A. so C. why B. so that D. that
思考:怎样用强调句翻译下面的句子呢? 思考:怎样用强调句翻译下面的句子呢?
Joe在洗手间发现的到底是什么? 在洗手间发现的到底是什么? 在洗手间发现的到底是什么

What did Joe find in the washroom? → What was it that Joe find in the washroom?
直到十二点我才做完作业 直到十二点我才做完作业. 我才做完作业 ● I didn’t finish my homework until 12 o’clock. → It was not until 12 o’clock that I finish my home work.

  3. insist 坚持做某事” ① insist on/upon doing sth. “坚持做某事” 坚持做某事 她坚持要乘飞机去北京因为这样更舒服. 她坚持要乘飞机去北京因为这样更舒服 She insisted on/upon going to Beijing by air as it was more comfortable. ② insist that sb. (should) do sth. Insist后从句中用虚拟语气, should+动词原 后从句中用虚拟语气 后从句中用虚拟语气 动词原 可以省略. 形,其中 should可以省略 可以省略 She insisted that she (should) go to Beijing by air as it was more comfortable.
对比: 对比

We insisted that she (should) give up smoking.

She insisted that she heard somebody in the house.
Insisit后从句所表达的内容若没发生 则用虚拟 后从句所表达的内容若没发生,则用虚拟 后从句所表达的内容若没发生 (should+动词原形 +动词原形); Insisit 后从句所表达的内容若已发生 则不必虚 后从句所表达的内容若已发生,则不必虚 主从句时态一致即可. 拟,主从句时态一致即可 主从句时态一致即可
对比: 对比

He suggested that we (should) go there at once. His expression suggested he was angry.

Suggest表“建议”时,其后从句用虚拟 表 建议” 其后从句用虚拟 其后从句用虚拟(should) do Suggest表“表明,暗示”时,主从句时态一致 主从句时态一致. 表 表明,暗示”
练习: 练习
D ★I insist that a doctor immediately. A. has been sent for C. will be sent for B. sends for D. be sent for
★He came to my class every week, but his C attitude suggested that he really interested. A. should not be C. was not B. should be D. was

  4. When I told her the air would be hard to breathe and it would be very cold. “主语 be +adj.+ to do”结构,其中主语是不 主语+ 结构, 主语 结构 定式的逻辑宾语,不定式不用被动语态 定式的逻辑宾语,不定式不用被动语态.

The problem is really hard to solve. = To solve the problem is really hard. =It is really hard to solve the problem.

The article is not easy to understand. =…

  5. Once she has made up her mind, nothing can change it. Once 连词, 表示“一旦…就…”(只要条件一 连词 表示“一旦 就 只要条件一 成 立,就会出现后面的结果.) 就会出现后面的结果 你一旦懂得规则,就不会感到困难了。 你一旦懂得规则,就不会感到困难了。 Once you understand the rule, you will have no further difficulty.
区别: 区别
强调时间上的紧接 时间上的紧接, ★ as soon as 强调时间上的紧接,而 once 强调的是一种条件关系 条件关系. 强调的是一种条件关系. he sat down, the telephone As soon as rang. you study hard, you are Once sure to make progress.

  6. Have you ever seen snowmen ride bicycle? 感官动词see, watch, hear, notice, observe 感官动词 + sb. doing sth. “动作正在进行” 动作正在进行” 动作正在进行 + sb. do sth. “动作全过程” 动作全过程 动作全过程” + sth. done “看见被动 完成的动作” 看见被动 完成的动作 看见被动/完成的动作” going ① I saw her (go) into the school when I passed the school gate. ② They knew her very well. They had seen grow her (grow) up from childhood.
注意: 注意
Though he had often made his little sister cry, today he was cry by his sister. C A. made crying B. made cry C. made to cry D. made to crying 提醒:当感官动词、 提醒:当感官动词、使役动词 (make, have, let)用于被动结构时,要还原to. )用于被动结构时,要还原 make sb. do sth. → sb. be made to do sth.

  7. To climb the mountain road was hard work but to go down the hills was great fun.
  1) To do sth. is + adj./n. for sb. → It is+ adj./n. for sb. to do sth. 对于我们来说,每天早上读英语很重要。 对于我们来说,每天早上读英语很重要。 It is very important for us to read English every morning.

  2) Fun (u.) 乐事,有趣的事,不可数名词 乐事,有趣的事,不可数名词.
Have fun=enjoy yourself It is much/great fun to do sth “做…很有趣” 做 很有趣 很有趣” 热天游泳很爽. 热天游泳很爽 It is much/great fun to swim in hot days. What fun it is to have a swim on C a hot day in summer. A. a B. the C./ D. of
Dream ① Dream about/of + sth./ doing sth. 她实现了做一名优秀模特的梦想. 她实现了做一名优秀模特的梦想 (realize one’s dream) She realized her dream of becoming a good model. 同一动词变来的名词) ② dream +adj. + 同源宾语 (同一动词变来的名词 同一动词变来的名词 做个好梦 勉强一笑 熟睡一觉 dream a good dream smile a weak smile 过幸福/简朴的生活 live a happy/ simple life 过幸福 简朴的生活 sleep a sound sleep
Persuade 劝说成功 ① persuade sb. to do sth=persuade sb into doing sth. persuade sb not to do sth=persuade sb out of doing sth. 那位销售员说动我们购买他的产品。 那位销售员说动我们购买他的产品。 The salesman persuaded us to buy/ into buying his product. ② persuade sb that… 他设法使我相信他是诚实的。 他设法使我相信他是诚实的。 He tried to persuade me that he was honest.
  1) I was at last able to him to follow my advice. A. persuade C. hope B. advise D. suggest

  2) While doing shopping, people sometimes C can’t help into buying something they don’t really need. A. to persuade B. persuading C. being persuaded D. be persuaded can’t help doing sth 禁不住做某事
determine (vt.)
① detemine+ n. Weather determines the crop. ② determine + to do He determined to go there by bike. ③ determine+ 从句 She determined that she would never see him again. ④ determine+疑问词 + to do 疑问词 Have you determined where to spend the holiday?
使某人下决心做…” ⑤determine sb to do sth “使某人下决心做 使某人下决心做 什么使她下决心嫁给他? 什么使她下决心嫁给他? What determined her to marry him? ⑥be determined to do sth=make up one’s 下定决心做某事” mind to do sth “下定决心做某事” 下定决心做某事 她坚定不移要上大学。 她坚定不移要上大学。 She was determined to go to university.



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