An Earthquake
Pre-reading Discussion
What kind of natural disasters (自然灾害 have you known? 自然灾害) 自然灾害
Natural disasters
Natural disasters
Natural disasters
Natural disasters
forest fire
Tsunami (海啸) 海啸)
Tangshan earthquake and San Francisco earthquake
5:13 a.m. April 18th,1906, San Francisco
Today’s San Francisco
a big city, many tall buildings, large population
  8.2 earthquake
July 28th, 1976
Today’s Tangshan
a beautiful city, beautiful gardens, broad roads, tall buildings.
It is always calm before a storm !
(暴风雨前夕总是平静的 )

  1.Look at the pictures and describe what you see.
  2.What do you think may happen before an earthquake?
What do you think may happen before an earthquake?
Find out the warning signs before an earthquake
Signs before the earthquake:
The water in the wells and. And some rose fell deep cracks could be seen in the well walls. A smelly gas came out the cracks.
Signs before the earthquake:
Mice ran out the fields looking for places to hide. jumped Fish out of bowls and ponds.
Signs before the earthquake:
The chickens and too even pigs were nervous eat. to The dog was barking loudly again and again.
Signs before the earthquake:
bright People could see lights in the sky.
Imagine your home begins to shake and you must leave it right away. You have time to take only one thing. What will you take? Why?
Possible items for you to take bottle of water bowls and chopsticks umbrella fruits scissors 剪刀) (剪刀) map candles (蜡烛) 蜡烛) important papers book pen & paper radio computer money food and sweets torch (手电筒) 手电筒) 手电筒 shoes blanket pictures of family identity card (身份证) 身份证) personal washing things clothes knife mobile phone medicine
What shall we do if an earthquake happens?
Don’t be nervousand keep calm. Don’t try torun out of the classroom. Protect your head by putting your bag. Squat (蹲)or sit on your head down. under the desk Leave the classroom the earthquake. after
How to protect yourself during an earthquake?
Ways on self-rescue
drop onto the ground
keep away from the power lines
keep away from the signs
keep away from the buildings

  1. Finish exercise 1 and 3 on P27


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