English Around the World
Unit 6
Warming Up
Debating: Do you think whether it is important for us
to learn English or not? Why? Positive
Because lots of people speak English all over the world English is used in our daily life, such as signs on switches, traffic signs and so on Other reasons
we need first to learn our own language?Chinese, because its our native language. more and more foreigners start to learn Chinese Other reasons
Text Structure
  1. English is a language spoken all around the world. Para
  2. A lot of people learn English as a foreign language. Para
  3. English has developed into the language most widely and used in the world .
Paragraph 1
English serves as the first language or the second language in different countries.
India, Pakistan, Nigeria and the Philippines.
UK, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and New Zealand
English is a language spoken all around the world.
Spoken: adj. 口头讲的, 口头的; 具...说话特点的; 口语的 spoken English Speak 的过去式spoke过去分词spoken 动词过去分 词修饰名词,隐含有被动意义
There are more than 42 countries where the majority of the people speak English. more than: 超过;多于 more than happy (to do sth) 非常乐意(做某事): I'm more than happy to take you there in my car. 我非常 愿意用汽车把你送去. majority:大多数; 大半; 大多: A/The majority of people seem to prefer TV to radio. 大 部分人似乎喜欢看电视而不喜欢听收音机. The majority was/were in favour of the proposal. 多数 人赞成这个建议. be in the/a majority大部分[大多数]
In total, for more than 375 million people English is their mother tongue. mother tongue:母语 native language=native tongue
Paragraph 2
People learn English as a foreign language, for example students in China start to learn English early in Primary school.
…except for those in Hong Kong, where many people speak English as a first or a second language except for :除了…以外 except for speak I Why do people in Hong Kong sb./sth. can answer all thefirst or second language last. 所有的 English as a questions except for the
题我都会答, 只是最後一题不会.
except sth./that… Everyone except me got an invitation. 除了我以外, 所有人
She remembered nothing (about him) except that his hair was black. 她(对他)什麽都不记得, 只记得他的头发
Paragraph 3 English is the most widely spoken and used language in the world. For example, the Chinese businessmen and taxi drivers and students can talk with foreigners. English is also the language of global culture, such as popular music and the Internet.
In only fifty years, English has developed into the language most widely spoken and used in the world. develop (sb./sth.) (from sth.) (into sth.) (使某人[某事物])发展
The argument developed into a bitter quarrel.
这场辩论逐渐变成了激烈的争吵. .
The place has developed from a fishing port into a thriving tourist centre. 这地方由原来的渔港发展成一个繁荣的旅游胜地. develop:冲洗(已曝光的底片) take a film to be developed 将胶卷送去冲洗 developed:先进的; 发达的developed country 发达国家
With so many people communicating in English every day…: 随着人们每天用英语交流……
表达“随着…”的句型有两种: with + v.-ing, 介宾短语 as +从句 : As so many people communicate in English every day …
Key phrases
Be more than 多于 The majority of 大多数,大半,大多 mother tongue 母语 Except… for 除了…之外 Develop into…发展成为… Working language 工作用语 International organizations 国际组织 on the radio /through the Internet 通过收音机/网络 Communicate with sb. 与某人交流 Have a good knowledge of English 学好英语
Presentation Time Let’s welcome Xiao Yun to tell us her prepared short story about the origin of the 26 English letters.
Review what we have learned today. Prepare the next context.
Have a good weekend!
Cherish Each Opportunity.



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