Unit 19 Language
Lesson 1 Language learning
Get ahead with your English
Lead- in

  1.Do you like learning English? Why?
  2.How do you learn English? I like learning English because or I don’t like learning English because We learn English by (doing)
Pre-reading: How important is English Learning?
Fast reading: Read the text fast to find in which paragraphs we can find the information about the importance of English. (2’)
Careful reading: answer the question:
  1. How important is English learning?

  1. English has become the language. In global more than today’s world, being able to speak one language, including English, is how you stand out and get ahead and English holds the a brighter future and a world of key to . possibilities

  2. What can we do to improve our English?

  2. We can improve our English by ten learning new words a day, listening to , reading the news in English English songs after it in our own language, watching watching English DVDs and studying with our . friends
Guess the meanings of these words:
Including the whole world trend decade global enlarge target inform guarantee adjust to make something bigger 全球的 放大
general direction; tendency 趋势 goal 目标
a period of ten years 十年 officially tell someone something 告知 to change something slightly 调整 to make something happen 保证
Reading Comprehension

  1.Learning English as a foreign language has become a trend . A. because it has become the global language B. because of the growth of international companies C. because of the great advances in communications D. because of all the above

  2. Learning English as a foreign language is very difficult because . A. we don’t have enough time B. we don’t have a native language environment C. we don’t have the opportunity to live in an English-speaking country D. most of us can only learn at school

  3. Language input includes . A. reading and writing B. reading and listening C. listening and speaking D. listening and writing

  4. Experts advise us to do the following extra work outside of classroom except . A. enlarge our vocabulary by 10 new words every day B. watch the news in our own language and then read the news in English C. study with friends D. read English novels

  5. Putting extra 15 minutes a day in English takes the following except . A. effort B. time C. money D. dedication
Match the words with their meanings:
attain 环绕,围绕
Careful reading: answer the questions:

  1.According to the text, what is the best way to learn a foreign language?
  2.How can teachers try to create a rich language environment in the classroom?

  1)The best way to learn a foreign language is to surrounded be by it, probably by in a living language country where the is spoken. environment
  2)To create a rich language in make sure the classroom, teachers need to adequate that there is an amount of input in English conveyed through various mediums.
Post-reading interview
Have an interview in groups of 4: one acting as Deng Yaping answering Ss’ questions, the other three as students asking questions about learning English Individual work: Your questions
  2. Pair work: ask and answer Group work: help each other and discuss
Grammar Noun Clauses
Read and translate these sentences from the text and figure out the function of the underlined part in each sentence:

  1.It was predicted as early as the 1700s that English would one day be the global 主语 language…
  2. But sadly, the chances that we will all have the opportunity to live in an English-speaking country are small. 同位语
  3. Wheat this means is that they make sure there is an adequate amount of input in English … 表语
  4. Experts say that just 15 minutes of extracurricular study a day can really accelerate foreign language learning. 宾语
Read and translate the following groups of sentences.
Group1 (
  1) What I feel like doing most now is going out for a drive. (
  2) Whether he will take the job is still unknown. (
  3) When he will leave for New York hasn’t been decided. 主语 从句 Summary: 从句 通常位于句子的 从句, 前面 。 。
  1.I hope that people will spend more money on education.
  2. Do you know which football team Bill supports?
  3. He asked if I could show him how to operate the air conditioner. 宾语 从句 Summary: 从句 通常位于句子的 从句, 谓语动词的后面 。 。
  1.His suggestion is that we should hire more experienced people.
  2.That is what we should do.
  3.That is why he was late for school.
表语 从句 Summary: 从句 通常位于句子的 从句, be 动词的后面 。 。
  1.I had no idea when the train crash happened.
  2.The question whether it’s going to last a lifetime remains unanswered. 同位语 从句 Summary: 从句 通常位于句子的 从句, 名词的后面,解释名词的内容 。 。
Grammar Summary
  1) 名词性从句在句子中起 名 词作用,在句中可 词作用, 以作主 语、宾语、表语或同位语。
Practice 1 Underline the noun clauses and say whether they are subject clauses (S), object clauses (O), predictive (P) or appositive clauses (A).

  1.The suggestion that I walk rather than drive was completely ridiculous.
  2. The boy knew what I was doing.
  3. Have you noticed who the actor is?
  4. What we need now is a rope.
  5. My explanation is that I was out when you called.
  6. The fact that he was late made me angry.
  7. It was obvious that this was their last concert.
  8. This is what we are strongly against.

  1.The suggestion that I walk rather than drive A was completely ridiculous.
  2. The boy knew what I was doing. O
  3. Have you noticed who the actor is? O
  4. What we need now is a rope. S
  5. My explanation is that I was out when you called. P
  6. The fact that he was late made me angry. A
  7. It was obvious that this was their last concert. S
  8. This is what we are strongly against. P
Practice2 Complete the sentences in Column A with the most suitable endings in Column B.
  1)It was reported in the news that
  2)The manual for the new mobile phone informs us
  3)The belief of doctors that
  4) His idea is that
B a) the less you smoke the better your health will be is obvious. b) we should buy more computers to save time. c) there was a storm in Hawaii last night. d) what we should do in case it does not work.
Language in use: Write a short passage according to the following questions. Try to make as many sentences with noun clauses as possible.

  1.Do you think learning English is important? Why?
  2.How long have you learned English?
  3.Is it difficult to learn English well? Why?
  4.What’s your problem with English study?
  5.What will you do to improve your English?



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