Unit 1 Laughter is good for you
Do you think laughter is good for us? Laughter can help us forget about worries. Keep us in a good mood. Have positive attitudes towards our lives Enjoy life better and live longer.
what kind of things can make you laugh?
What’s this poster about? Can you tell something about the Chinese crosstalk?
What does the poster tell us? What’s the book about? What do critics say about the book? Can these remarks attract you?
What is this poster about? What can we see in a circus?
Take it easy, Miao~~~ baby!
Dad, cat! Run, run, run!
I see, dad.
I have told you thousands of times to learn a foreign language is very important!
Brainstorming What makes people laugh?
interesting books…
jokes comedie s funny movie s
humorou s stories
How can we put more laughter in our lives? read funny stories, watch funny movies and … surround yourself with funny people develop your own sense of humor …
Who are they? Comedians.
Unit 1
Stand-up for your health
Stand-up for your health!
Types of stand-up
four How many?
A famous comedian
Laughter is good for your health
Billy Crystal Who?
Types of stand-up

  2. What are the four main types of stand-up? They are observational, prop, physical and impressionist.
Match each type of stand-up with an appropriate example.
Observational A comedian stands on stage and holds a banana to his ear. He Prop says, ‘ Hello? Hello? I’m sorry I can’t hear you. Something must be wrong with my phone!’ A comedian says, ‘ My grandmother started walking 1 km a day when she turned
  60. She’s 89 now, and we don’t know where she is!’
A comedian puts on glasses, changes his or her voice and pretends to be someone else.
A comedian walks on stage. As she introduces herself, she falls down.
A famous comedian

  3. When did Bill Crystal begin practising stand-up?
  4. What is one reason Billy Crystal has become famous?
  5. How many times has Billy Crystal hosted the Academy Awards?

  3. When did Bill Crystal begin practising stand-up? He began practising stand -up when he was a child.

  4. What is one reason Billy Crystal has become famous? His outstanding ability to improvise.
  5. How many times has Billy Crystal hosted the Academy Awards? Eight times.
Laughter is good for your health

  6. What does your brain do when you laugh?

  7. What is the English idiom about laughter mentioned in the text?

  6. What does your brain do when you laugh? When we laugh, our brains send chemicals around our body that are good for us.
  7. What is the English idiom about laughter mentioned in the text? Laughter is the best medicine.
True or false.
F 1 A stand-up comedian is not allowed to make fun of an audience member. F 2 If the comedians act or speak like a well-known person, this is called observational comedy. T 3 What the physical comedians usually do is tripping over chairs, walking into doors and falling down on stage.
F 4 Quite a few stand-up comedians have become
famous as television and film actor later on in life.
T 5 The fact that when Crystal hosts the Academy
Awards, he always keeps a toothbrush in his pocket for good luck is only known to a few people.
F 6 Billy Crystal has no plans to go on making
films or to go on telling jokes.
T 7The reason why people who laugh a lot live
longer is that when you laugh, your brain sends chemicals around your body that are good for you.
Laughter is a bridge that can lead people to health, happiness and peace. It is a good therapy to help people get rid of bitterness and forget all the problems.
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  1. What is special about stand-up comedy? Stand-up comedy is special because the comedian is right there in front of the audience and may talk directly to audience members.
Which of the events above do you think will be the funniest? 你认为上面那件事最 有趣? 有趣 句法分析:此句为复杂疑问句 其结构为: 此句为复杂疑问句,其结构为 句法分析 此句为复杂疑问句 其结构为 疑 问词+do you think +其余部分 陈述语序 其余部分(陈述语序 问词 其余部分 陈述语序) Who do you think is the tallest in your class? Why do you think the earth’s temperature keeps rising?


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