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  1. People My Best Friend John is my best friend. We have known each other for more than five years. He is sixteen years old. He is tall, handsome and healthy. He is fond of music, art and sports. He often sings at school evenings and has won several prizes at the school singing competitions. In the last sports meet, he set a record in the high-jump. John’s family is a happy one. He is the only son in the family but he is usually plainly dressed. He works hard at his lessons and never leaves today’s work for tomorrow. So he gets good marks in all subjects. John is strict with himself but kind to all his classmates. He is modest and always ready to help others. No wonder he is admired by all. With his help, I have made rapid progress in all my subjects, especially in mathematics. I have learned a good deal from him. I will always remember him as one of my best friends.
  2. People My Father My father is a doctor. He is fifty years old. He usually gets up at six and leaves home at seven. He always goes to work by bike and comes home very late. My father is very good natured. He has a lot of patience. He often says when people are ill, they feel lonely and cannot keep up with the world. So my father is always ready to help the sick persons to pill through and return to life again. We often call my father a bookworm. Very often he reads late into the night. While reading he makes notes. He wrote a book and got it published last year. Not only does my father like reading but also he takes interest in music. How joyful and relaxing it is to listen to music after a day’s hard work! I love my father very much.
  3. People Walt Disney Walt Disney was born in 1901, and died in 1966 at the age of
  65. He is a well-known American cartoon film maker whose characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck re known all over the world. As a child, Walt Disney was very fond of drawing. When he grew older, he decided to make art his work. In 1925, aged 15, Walt went to Los Angeles alone. Later a friend of his lent him 500 dollars, with which he produced his first cartoon film. One day while he was drawing in his office, a mouse came close to his desk. He caught it and kept it as a pet. A few years later, Walt decided to make a cartoon about it. He told his wife what he was planning and asked her about the name. And his wife said Mickey Mouse would be a good name. So Mickey Mouse appeared and Walt Disney became famous.
  4. People A Good Teacher
Teachers are compared to “Engineers of Man’s Soul”. Teaching is a glorious job. To be a teacher is easy, but to be a good teacher is difficult. So we should learn how to be a good teacher. A good teacher must have a wide knowledge. He should have the ability of controlling the class. A well-trained teacher is able to make his lessons lively and interesting, and arouse the students’ interest of learning in or after class. He is never nervous, because he has the confidence which comes of knowing that he is fully prepared for his work. He can help all his pupils, whether they are the brightest or the stupidest. When he realizes, from the silence of the class when he asks a question, that they have not understood what he has explained, he is able to repeat her explanation in different ways. Above all, he must never cause his pupils to lose their confidence. He must always speak to them encouragingly. When one of them turns red with shame at having answered a question after a long delay instead of easily and quickly, he should be able to make him or her feel at ease again and never scold or be angry with them. Instead, he should be kind and patient to them. So a good teacher is usually respected by his students for his personal character and fine quality.
  5. People A Portrait of Our English Teacher Not tall, yet not short; not fat, yet not thin; always spectacled, that’s what Mr. Li, our English teacher, is like. Mentioning Mr. Li, everyone will hold up his thumb, saying, “Never have I seen such a good teacher as Mr. Li.” Yes, Mr. Li is a lovable and respectable teacher. His lessons are always full of humour and liveliness. He tells us humorous stories and draws funny pictures on the blackboard. He is firmly against just having the students recite the text mechanically. He wants to improve our abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing by all possible means. We remember clearly that one day there were only two minutes before the class started, but our teacher hadn’t turned up yet. When the bell rang, Mr. Li hurried into the classroom, out of breath. “I...I’m sorry for being late. I’ve got a bad cold and I can hardly speak.” To our surprise, though in poor health, Mr. Li made the class just as lively as usual. “Now,” he said faintly. “I will play the part of a very good recorder. Please read after me.” But he coughed badly, “Oh, there is something wrong with the recorder.” We all laughed. He read and explained the text, and at the end of the class, Mr. Li was too tired and too weak to say a word. Such is Mr. Li, our beloved English teacher.
  6. People My Neighbour Mr. Going-to-do The Browns are the Smiths’ neighbours. Mr. Brown’s name is john. Bur when his neighbours talk about him, they call him “Mr. Going ?to ?do”. Do you know thw reason? Mr. Brown always says he is going to do something, but he never does it. Every Saturday Mr. Brown goes to the Smiths’ back door and talks to Mr. Smith. “I’m going to clean my house today,” he says, or “I’m going to wash my car tomorrow,” or “The trees in front of my house are too big. I’m going to cur them down next week.” Mr. Smith usually says, “Are you, john?” He knows his neighbour is not going to clean his
house, or wash his car, or cut down any trees. Then he says, “Well, excuse me, John, I’m going to do some work in the houses.” Mr. and Mrs. Smith often say to their only child Dick, “If you want to do something you must do it! Don’t be another ‘Mr. Going-to-be’!”

  7. Place The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China is the longest wall and one of the wonders in the world. It has a history of over twenty centuries and is more then 6,000 kilometres long, 6?7 metres high and 4?5 metres wide at the top. The walls were first put up during the Spring and Autumn Period to protect their countries from being attacked. Then in Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qing Shi Huang had all the walls joined up. The entire wall was built over wild and distant country without any modern machines. During its construction, a lot of people died and were buried under the wall they built. So the Great Wall was made not only of stones and earth, but also of blood and flesh of millions of men. Much repair work has been done to the wall since it was built, especially after liberation. Today the old Great Wall has taken on a new look. It has become a world-famous place of interest. Every year thousands of foreign friends come to visit it. And many of them have come to know the famous Chinese saying: “He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a True man.”
  8. Place My Home Town My hometown is a beautiful place, but it is not very big. It stands by a wide river at the foot of green hills. The streets are wide and straight, and there are many new houses and shops alone the streets. There is a modern hospital and fine schools. You can see trees and flowers everywhere. In the old days, my home used to be a dirty small town. Life was good for the few rich families. The working people were living a miserable life. They lived in dark huts on narrow muddy streets and many of them had no work and often went hungry. Now, great changes have taken place in my hometown. Everyone is living a happy life. Schools, theatres shops and other buildings have been put up. Along the river there have been hotels and parks. Streamers and boats come and go busily day and night. They carry our industrial products to all parts of the province. Such is our hometown. I hope it will be more beautiful tomorrow. I love my hometown!
  9. Life How to Make the Best Use of Your time Time is precious. So we should make good use of our time, bur how can we do so? The following suggestions may be useful to you:
  1. Plan the use of your time beforehand. Without planning, you will probably do too many things at the same time, yet achieve nothing or little. Careful planning is the key to saving time.
  2. Avoid idle waiting, which can eat up our precious hours and days. Try to get into the habit of carrying a book with you. When you sit in the waiting room at the railway station or the
hospital, you can read a few pages of the book.
  3. Keep things in their places so that you can find them easily. Looking for your book or pen for an hour is a painful experience.
  4. Never leave today’s work for tomorrow. Always finish it in time, because you’ll have more for tomorrow and still more for the day after tomorrow. Remember “Time waits for no man.” Arranging your time properly will do you much good.

  10. Life The Danger of Reading Bad Books It is known to all that we can indeed increase our knowledge by reading, but what books should we read? Reading bad books will do us harm rather than good. If we wish to get real knowledge, we must read the books which are healthy and helpful. Reading bad books, as should be remembered, is worse than reading nothing. There is nothing so dangerous and harmful as a bad book. Bad books contain evil thoughts. They are our enemies. Such books will poison our mind with unhealthy ideas. They will weaken our character, and mislead us in our life. We often hear that nowadays criminals are becoming younger and younger. Many of the young criminals, I think, are caused to be on the way of crime by reading bad books. So before reading or buying a book of any kind, we must first make sure the contents are good and healthy. If not, we must avoid it.
  11. Life The Proper Use of Money Everyone knows the value of money. Money is very useful and helpful in our life. We cannot buy anything without money. But what should we do if we have a lot of money? We should use it in the right way. If we use our money properly, we will feel happy and gay. But when it is wrongly used, it may be an evil to us. If we waste our money smoking, drinking or gambling, it may bring us misery and even disaster. We often read articles about broken families because of their gambling or taking drugs. Money should not be wasted. It should be spent for some purposes and in doing something beneficial. Young people must form the good habit of saving money. Remember money does not mean everything. we should make money honestly, keep it safely, and spend it cleverly. The proper use of money may bring you a cheerful heart and a peaceful mind.
  12. Life
Learn How to Study School education is very important and useful. Yet no one can learn everything at school. A teacher can teach his students much knowledge of textbooks, but he cannot teach them everything they want. Much more is to be learned outside the school by the students themselves. A good teacher must try to teach his students how to learn and how to think, while the students should not just read, recite and remember the rules or sentences of the textbooks. They should
learn to observe and think themselves. They should be taught how to study and how to make their way after they have graduate from schools. Many great scientists didn’t get everything from school. But they were all so successful. The reason for their success is that they knew how to study. One who knows how to study are sure to be successful in his life.
  13. Nature (News) River Pollution River pollution ,as China Daily says, exists not only in Jiangsu but also in many other places of our country. Pollution has become a problem all over the world. As we know, River pollution, which does great harm to us, has become more and more serious. The rivers, which used to be clean enough for fish to live in, are now getting dirtier and dirtier. The water in them are no longer fit to drink and fish are seldom seen in them. Fortunately more and more people have come to realize how serious this problem is. The Chinese government is doing its best to take measures to prevent the rivers from being polluted any more. Some factories that produce waste water are forced to do something to stop pouring polluted water into the rivers. If not, the factories will be obliged to close. Though a lot has been done, there’s still a long way to go. We must keep on fighting against pollution until we have won the battle.
  14. Nature (Animal) Koala Koalas are really animals called marsupials( 有 袋 动 物 ). They carry their young in pouches(袋), as kangaroos do. Koalas live in the forests of Australia. They spend most of their lives in trees. They hardly ever come down even for a drink of water. That’s why their name means “No drink”. The koalas have a way of knowing which trees they feed on safely, and they eat each leaf the same way. First, they bite the leaf off at the stem and then chew it from base to tip. When a koala is born, it is less than an inch long. The baby crawls into the mother’s pouch right away and stays there for six months. After that, it rides on its mother’s back or hangs on between the mother’s front paw and legs. Young koalas stay with their moth



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