一 高考开放性作文要求 开放性作文字数不少于 50 个单词,要求文章扣题,内容充实、健康; 思维活跃,逻辑清晰;语言规范,交际得体。这对学生构思、表达以 思维活跃, 语言规范,
二 高考中常见的开放性作文文章类型有: 高考中常见的开放性作文文章类型有:

  1. 复述故事 . One day, we were having an English class when suddenly there was a knock on the door(西城一模 20
  04) One day, we were having an English class when suddenly there was a knock on the door. Our teacher went out and soon returned with a smile on her face. She told us that a group of American students were visiting our school and they would like to chat with us in English. We were very glad to have this opportunity to practise our English. Soon pleasant conversations began. Today is March 5th. To learn from Lei Feng, at 3:30 p.m., my classmates and I went(西城二模 20
  04) Today is March 5th . To learn from Lei Feng, at 3:30pm, my classmates and I went in groups separately to visit some old teachers who had retired from our school. We chatted with them for a while, and then began to do some cleaning for them. Everyone worked very hard and we really felt glad we were able to do something for the old teachers. We hoped to have more chances to take part in such activities.
  2. 解决方案 . On the morning of June 7, Li Ming is taking a bus on his way to take the entrance examination. Unfortunately, he is caught in a traffic jam because of an accident. How can he manage to get there in time? Please think out two or three different ways for him. (海淀一 模20
  04) First of all he can persuade the bus driver to allow him to get off so that he can walk out of the heavy traffic jam to take another bus or a taxi. Or he can get off and ask an assistant in a nearby shop to lend him a bike. Since it is an important day for the high school graduates, dialing 110 and getting help from the police is one of the choices as well.
May 31, No Smoking Day, is drawing near. Now what do you want to say to the smokers to help them get rid of the bad habit? 东城二 ( 模 20
  04) Today more and more people care for the problem of smoking because it is polluting the air, also it’s harmful to the people’s health and will cause lung cancer. When you want to smoke, you can eat something delicious or do some sports instead. Also you can ask the doctor for help. What’s the important, I think you should make a plan to get rid of the bad habit. It’s our hope that we all take an active part in the activity. I’m sure you’ll succeed in giving up smoking.
  3. 设计活动 . You are talking with one of your close friends about your plans for the summer vacation. You say to him, “ I’m going to enjoy myself in the summer vacation.” He asks, “ what exactly are you going to do to have fun?” You tell him what you want to do to make your vacation great fun. Be sure to use one or more examples to show what you mean. (2003 北京) I’ll go to a beach to see the seabirds flying in the dark-blue sky and drive a motorboat, sailing through clear water toward the rising sun. Then I’ll surf the “nba.com” website, play games on “ FreeEnglish.com, or chat with friends online about hot movies like “ The Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter”.
  4. 解释原因 . Tell your friends why you are looking forward to the weekend.(宣武 一模 20
  04) Having a good rest and reading some books are the most important weekend activities. Besides these two, I sometimes go shopping with my parents. Sometimes I go to visit my friends. I can also do something I like, such as watching TV, playing ping-pong, etc. I enjoy weekends very much because only on weekends can I find myself a true person but not only a student.
  5. 发表评论 . What do you think of going online in our spare time?
I think we can go online in our spare time. Through the Internet, we can gain plenty of the newest knowledge and the latest news at home and abroad. What’s more, network offer us a convenient way to communicate with each other. The Internet makes our lives outside class colourful and various. But I don’t think it is right that a lot of precious time is spent in playing computer games, or even some students are often absent from school for days. I think we should control the time online.
China should devote major efforts to developing car industry. Do you agree?(上海20
I agree that China should devote major efforts to developing car industry.
Now more and more families have their own cars. It’s very convenient for the people to go to work. In holidays, all the families can travel to some place or go to visit exhibition far away by car. They save a lot of their spare time. With the development of car industry, the economy in china is developing rapidly too.
But a lot of problems are coming about. Traffic in cities is getting heavier and heavier. The city is being polluted more and more seriously. To solve these problems, something must be done.
三 学生习作存在的问题

四 解决方案

  1. 熟悉英语文章结构特点
  2. 朗读课文,背诵范文,大量课外阅读
  3. 强化基本句型的学习以及好词好句的积累

  1. One of you close friends tells you : “ I am suffering from depression(沮 丧、消沉). I have trouble sleeping. I’m often tired. When I think about the future I feel hopeless about it. I don’t enjoy anything. I am never happy. I don’t laugh or smile any more.” You would like to help him/ her to find one or more solutions.
Tell him or her what he/ she should do. (崇文一模 20
  04) Mary, don’t be upset. I have some pieces of advice for you. First of all, whenever you feel blue, try listening to some songs with beautiful melody (旋律). If you still feel depressed, look at yourself in a mirror and smile for no less than 30 seconds, then you’ll believe that nothing is serious and have a good mood. Of course, you’d better try to find an adult you can trust to talk to. I do hope these help and next day will be better.
  2. You want to buy a computer. Tell your parents why you need a computer. As we all know, computers have been of great use and will be used more and more in our daily life. Computers are useful in my English learning. There are piles of learning software I can use. Besides, we can gain plenty of the newest knowledge and the latest news at home and abroad through the internet. I don’t see anything wrong for me to spend some time playing games. After all, we need something to enjoy ourselves.
  3.The football match between Class One and Class Three was going on. You were one of the players of Class One. In the first half, your team lost a goal. What happened in the second half? Although we lost a goal in the first half, we didn’t lose heart. We encouraged each other and determined to win the second one. After it began, we did our best to take every chance. About 15 minutes later, I shot the ball passed by Xiaoming. We got it. With more enthusiasm(热 情),finally we defeated them at the score 2:
  1. We became the winners. Although we were nearly worn out. We were extremely excited and happy.
  4.The International Youth Art Festival is about to be held in our city. As a young volunteer, I’m going to do a lot of good deeds for it. What will you do? ( 上海 2001 春 )
The International Youth Art Festival is about to be held in our city. As a young volunteer, I’m going to do a lot of good deeds for it. During the International Youth Art Festival , I will do my best to work for the festival. For example, I will help to keep orders, help the actors, clean the spots, and so on. It is a pleasure to do a lot of things for the the International Youth Art Festival. I think I can do the best.
  5.Nowadays, doing part-time jobs has become a fashion to us students. What’s your opinion? There are many advantages in doing part-time jobs while you are in school. It can offer you a chance to make money. You can also gain some working experience from it. Therefore, you will be able to prepare yourself for the future. However, part-time jobs also have some disadvantages. On one hand, it might occupy some of your time. On the other hand, if you don’t know how to deal with the money, it can have a bad influence on you. Because of the advantages and disadvantages, you should maintain a correct attitude and choose jobs properly. Then you can benefit from it.
书面表达讲解与训练??如何写好情景写作 写作体裁训练
考题的设置和要求: 教学大纲的要求:书面表达是来考查学生是否能够运用所学过的英语知识和掌握的技巧进行 思想交流,也就是说考查综合运用英语的能力。 试题的设置: 更贴近实际生活,与日常生活息息相关,让考生有话可说,更能充分的考察出 学生的语言交际能力。 考查目标和要求: 要求考生根据所给情景,用英语写一篇 100 个单词左右的短文。 (北京试卷要求字数不少于 60 字)情景包括目的、对象、时间、地点、内容等;提供情景的形式有图画、图表、提纲 等。 近年来的书面表达一览表: 2000 全国卷---根据目击的交通事故给警察局写一份材料 2001 全国卷---根据表格所提供的内容谈一谈减负给你的学习和生活带来的变化 2001 春---邀请你的美国朋友 Peter 来你校在下月举办的美国电影节上给学生讲一次关 于美国电影方面的讲座 2002 全国卷---根据表格所提供的内容谈一谈公园要不要收门票
2002 北京卷---写一篇野外生存训练的日记 2002 春 给你的美国朋友写信介绍你们是如何庆祝申奥成功的,并邀请他 2008 年来中国 2003 全国卷---写信给你的朋友介绍为他找的住房情况 2003 北京卷---记述一次配合迎奥运宣传学雷锋活动 2003 春---向一外教请求有关选择剧目方面的帮助,请他给予一些建议 2004 北京卷---根据图表说明学生课外生活并谈谈你的看法。 出题方式:文字,表格,图画,图表 出题趋势:叙述加议论,说明加议论 如何写好情景写作
  1. 认真审题,确定体裁及篇章结构或提纲(包括开头点题句,中间具体内容以及结尾(包 括再现主题,感想和希望)。记叙往往和议论密不可分,说明也会包含于议论中,成为它的 支撑论据。
  2. 再读细节,确定人称、时态、主要情节、句式等。尤其要考虑动词:搭配(动词与名词的 搭配、动词与介词的搭配),相关同义词或词组(例如,visit, have a visit, pay a visit, on a visit to)。
  3. 成文(10 句左右),囊括要点,按照文体和篇章要求组织语篇。
  4. 润色,注意措辞、复杂句式及承上启下的自然衔接,校对细节。 写作体裁练习: 学习如何写记叙文: 记叙文主要是记述所发生的事情和经历。常见的形式有:故事、传记、游记、日记、新闻报 道等。 记叙文的写作要素:
  1. 要交代清楚五要素的内容即:where, when, what, who, how。
  2. 事件可按时间或空间顺序叙述。
  3. 时态通常是与过去有关的时态。(如果是当前的经常性事件,自然,社会现象。通常用 与现在有关的时态。) 记叙文的篇章结构: 开头 the beginning交代必要的背景,如:时间,地点,人物等。 中间 the middle交代故事情节(事情的主体)。如:事件的发生,发展和前因后果 结尾 the ending事情的结果或感想,愿望等(the result or feeling) 在记叙文中常用到的连接词: First ... Then ... Next ... Finally Some ... Some ... Others; The boys ... The girls ...; Some Ss ... Tome others ... The rest of us / them .... 时间顺序: Early in the morning / In the early morning;
In the middle of the day / At noon; Late in the afternoon / In the late afternoon; Far / Deep into the night; In the past / At present / In the future ; First, second, next, then, finally; At first, in the beginning; at last, in the end; Shortly afterwards, at once, immediately, all of a sudden, suddenly, soon; The moment…, as soon as, the first time…, not … until…, next time, before, after, etc; 2002 年高考书面表达(北京卷) 你和李明参加一次野外生存训练。 以下 5 幅图画表现了野外训练活动的过程, 请根据图示写 一篇英文日记。 注意:1 词数 100 左右 2 日记的开头与结尾已为你写好。 生词:指南针:compass 手电筒:flashlight 急救包:first-aid kit 宿营地:campsite
Saturday,May4,2002 Cloudy Li Ming and I took part in a wilderness survival programme yesterday, and it was one of the most unforgettable experiences since high school. The two of us spent the night in the forest. We learned to use knowledge gained in classroom training to solve problems in the field. It was quite an experience for us both, which I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. 20



   高考开放性作文分析与练习 一 高考开放性作文要求 开放性作文字数不少于 50 个单词,要求文章扣题,内容充实、健康; 思维活跃,逻辑清晰;语言规范,交际得体。这对学生构思、表达以 思维活跃, 语言规范, 及语句的组织运用能力有很高的要求。 二 高考中常见的开放性作文文章类型有: 高考中常见的开放性作文文章类型有: 1. 复述故事 . One day, we were having an English class when suddenly there was a knock on the ...


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   Writing 新航中学 乔伟晓 书面表达是中考中的主观题。 书面表达是中考中的主观题。培 养写作技能, 养写作技能,训练语言表达能力是新教 材英语语言教学的主要内容之一。 材英语语言教学的主要内容之一。《新 课标》要求学生能在所学词汇、 课标》要求学生能在所学词汇、语法和 句型的基础上造简单的句子; 句型的基础上造简单的句子;能仿照学 过的题材和所给的范例写简单的书信、 过的题材和所给的范例写简单的书信、 便条、通知等。 便条、通知等。书面表达是中考英语测 试的一个重要方面, 试的一个重要 ...


   重要性 历年分值与要求 时 间 MET1991 MET1992 MET1993 分值 15 15 词 数 80-100 100左右 题 材 内 容 人物介绍;介绍体育明星孙淑伟 看图;六图说明探望祖母的经过,日记 看图;六图讲述动物故事(阿福救人) 广播通知;通知参加欢迎美国朋友的晚会 看图;给Peter信,指明野餐(picnic)道路 看表格;介绍自己基本情况,书写申请 看图;六图违反交通法规,被惩罚值勤 看图;六图参观农场,写日记 看图;分析学校三年平面图,写信谈变化 看图目击交通事故, ...


   书面表达:网上购物 随着电脑和因特网的普及,网上购物 也进入了人们的日常生活,有人支持 网上购物,也有人对其持保留态度, 你的看法是什么?根据下表写一篇 文章。 支持者 反对者 1. 节省时间、精力,对忙碌 1. 网上所见的商 的人、老年人或一些不方便 物不一致,质量 的人更是如此 2. 网上有大量的商品信息, 可以买到当地没有的东西 你的看法? 〖写作注意〗1.不要逐条翻译;2.词 2. 网上欺诈造成 数 120 左右。 〖 参 考 词 汇 〗 投 诉 complain v. / comp ...


   基本句型 汉译英练习 主谓结构 说明:本结构是由主语加不及物的谓语动词构成, 常用来表示主语的动作。如, The sun rises. 主语可有修饰语定语,如,The red sun rises. 谓语可有修饰语状语,如,The red sun rises in the east. 翻译练习: 1. 你应当努力学习。 2. 她昨天回家很晚。 3. 那天早上我们谈了很多。 4. 会议将持续两个小时。 5. 在过去的十年里,我的家乡已经发生了巨大的变化。 6. 这种事情全世界各地每天都在发生。 ...


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   !!" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 一、 关于高考书面表达的命题分析 #$%& 中的书面表达是高考英语试题中的一项重要测试内容。书面表达主要是考查考生用英语 表达自己思想的能力, 即考查考生是否能够运用所学的英语知识及合乎英语习惯的表达方式来传递 信息, 进行思想交流。书面表达属于控制性写作, 它是根据文字提示、 图画或表格等, 利用所学的词语 和句式表达一定的意思。书面表达区分度较高, 可以拉开考生的档次。 " " 近年来, 书面表达 ...


七年级 英语选择题 复习 有答案

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新视野大学英语听力原文UNIT 1

   应用物理 1001E-116 UNIT 1 II. Listening Skills Listening for Names 1. Doris: Good morning. Can I help you? David: Yes. I need to change one of my courses. Doris: I’ll see what we can do. What’s your name, please? David: My name’s David Brown. Doris: Yo ...


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