Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my great pleasure to be here sharing my lesson with you. The content of my lesson is ( ) book 一、 二、 三、 四、 五、 六、 七、 八、 教材分析 analysis of the teaching material 教学目标 teaching aims and demands 教学重难点 teaching keys and difficulties 教学方法 teaching methods 教学工具 teaching aids 教学过程 teaching procedures 板书设计 blackboard design 教学评价与反思
Now, let me talk about the teaching material first. 本课时所 教的是 外研 社高一上 学期使 用的 必修 2 mudule6 。本 模块介绍了 这节课学习的是 listening and vocabulary 和 speaking 部分 的内容,是本模块的第三课时,要求通过听的活动了解和学习有关 的词汇,培养表达结果,做总结的逻辑思维能力和获取信息的 能力。Speaking 讨论了在这节课之前,学生学习了 reading and vocabulary, 通过阅读文章,已经掌握了部分的词汇,本课由复习 旧课入手,引入新课的新词汇,并以听说为主线,对这一主题进 行了延伸和拓展。 Therefore, on studying the teaching material and analyzing the regulation of students growing of mind, I put forward the teaching objectives according to English syllabus and new lesson standard. I will talk about it from knowledge objects, ability objects and emotion objects: 知识目标:见教参 能力目标: 见教参 德育目标见教参 (
  2)Next, according to the new teachingstand and the teaching content, I made out the key points and the difficult points of this lesson. (
  1) 掌握重点词汇与短语,如(
  2) 语法方面掌握以及一些有用的表达式和句子结构。 (
  3) 加深学生对于文章的理解,发展学生听、说、读、写的基本技能,提高初步 应用英语进行交际的能力,侧重提高阅读能力。 Well, how to achieve the teaching objectives better, to stress the key points and break through the difficult points? The key is how to make use of the proper teaching methods; I’ll talk about my teaching methods below. According to the modern perception theories and social intercourse teaching theories, I adopt the TSA method in my teaching, namely Total Situational Action and Task-based Language Teaching.
They offer the Ss an opportunity to complete the tasks in which Ss use language to achieve a specific outcome. The activity reflects real life and learners focus on meaning, they are free to use any language they want. At the same time, make use of the modern electricity teaching equipments and all kinds of teaching means, it can mobilize the Ss’ enthusiasm and creativity in learning English. Studying methods: Let Ss study in a relaxed and agreeable atmosphere. Ss understand the new knowledge in certain degree through the mental process of seeing, hearing , saying, observing, imagining, thinking etc. and make preparation for completing the new study task.
  1、 速读法:根据高中英语教材侧重阅读理解这一特点,让学生快速阅读,以尽快了解文章 的大意。
  2、 问答法:帮助学生理解文章的细节
  3、 翻译法:适当地应用翻译可帮助学生理解文章的特点
  4、 讨论法:通过 pair work, group work 让学生都得到一次口语训练的机会,教师应设计一 些适当的话题。
  5、 快乐教学法:即教师在教学过程中,要尽可能地利用多媒体技术、图片、课件等刺激学 生的感官系统,创造一种和谐的学习氛围,让老师教得开心,学生学得开心。 【本课时主要以听说教学为主线, 以导学式模式培养学生的听力理解策略。 以听力技能训练 和口语表达训练为主线,贯穿听说读写综合技能的培养,针对学生听力理解障碍,在教学中 遵循“循序渐进”的原则,进行知识的输入,技能的培养,和文化知识的渗透,良好学习策 略的培养。本课时采用多媒体教学,给予学生更直观的感受,也加快了教学的节奏。课前教 师要从网上下载一些相关的图片和资料。】
Teaching aids: (教学辅助手段)
Multi-media computer: OHP(overhead projector), tape recorder, software, PowerPoint or authorware
Teaching process:
In order to realize the teaching process systematically, properly and efficiently, under the principle of “regard Ss as the corpus, the teacher inspires for predominance”, I divide the teaching process into six steps.
Step1 revision and lead-in Step2 presentation and practice.
It contains some small steps such as listening, reading, discussion etc.
Step3 task time
This step gives the students 5-8 minutes to make a similar dialogue using the phrase and sentences learned in this passage and everyday life experience according to
the given situation (show it on the screen using a multi-media computer). This step is employed to create a language environment for students’communication in the class: if the students can finish this task well, they will benefit a lot in their spoken English.
Step4 consolidation and extension.
Finish exx1 and 3 orally, left ex 2as written work. Ex1 revises the object clause(宾语从句)。When transforming the structures, the student are required to pay attention to the change of the verb tenses, personal pronouns and word order. Ex2 is a revision of the modal verbs(情态动词) and some useful expression. Let the Ss work in pairs and then check the answers with the whole class.
Step5 homework
do ex2 in the exercise books. This is used to make the students have a further understand of the modal verbs. write a short passage about the dialogue learned . this is used to practice writing ability of the students.
Step6 blackboard design.( show on the CAI)
在整个课程中,我的思路是这样的:教学之初,给学生呈现一些图片, 让学生首先从视觉的角度对要学习的内容有一个深刻的认识; 在进入课文的学习 之前,先粗略地复习上一节课所学的相关的词汇,要求学生用简单英语解释,但 允许学生自主选择想解释的词汇。这样,既减少了学生的胆怯心理,又达到了运 用语言的目的: 通过对于本文的语言片段的学习, 以及围绕着它所作的拓展训练, 培养学生理解含有所学生词的句子和段落并获取信息, 找出段落和文章的从属关 系,培养学生对因果关系的判断分析能力,归纳分析能力和表达能力。 Anyway, the teaching of this lesson aims to develop not only the Ss’language technical abilities, but also the diverse intelligence by integrated teaching methods. As teachers, to make our English classrooms shine with vitality, we are laid with heavy burden, and we still have long way to go. Above is the lecture notes of my lesson. Thank you!



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   Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my great pleasure to be here sharing my lesson with you. The content of my lesson is ( ) book 一、 二、 三、 四、 五、 六、 七、 八、 教材分析 analysis of the teaching material 教学目标 teaching aims and demands 教学重难点 teaching keys and difficult ...


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   一、Introduction(导言) 英语说课是英语教学中的重要一环,也是衡量一位英 语教师对教材的把握、分析及教师本人对上课进程的 宏观控制能力的有力手段,能从理论上指导教师贯彻 教学大纲,真正做到教与学相结合,将教材、大纲、 教师、学生、课堂融为有机整体,对不断提高教师教 学能力和教研能力,有着突出的作用。 二、说课的基本原则 1. 遵循教学大纲要求,明确说课内容。把握说课与上 课的区别与联系,正确理解教材、教案说课、上课之 间的层进关系,走出说课即是“说教案”的误区。 2. 以教师为主 ...


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